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There are 14 objects for which Provenance contains "perhaps"
14.9.82 Perhaps from Gela 2003.08.0096.jpg
14.9.83 Perhaps from Gela 2003.08.0009.jpg
22.3.22 Perhaps from Ruvo 2006.20.0109.jpg
22.3.26 Perhaps from Ruvo 2003.97.0922.jpg
22.3.32 Perhaps Ruvo 2003.74.0005.jpg
25.8.4 Perhaps from Keratia, Attica 2003.03.0093.jpg
26.2.1 Perhaps from Naucratis 2005.88.0008.jpg
45.6.70 Perhaps from Tunisia 2005.01.0008.jpg
47.2.10 Thought to be from Cyprus, perhaps Poli, T.75.I (cf. Reading 47.2.11). See JHS 1890 2008.10.0009.jpg
48.12.1 Perhaps from Cyprus or Rhodes 2003.92.0247.jpg
50.10.6 Perhaps from Canosa 2003.98.0143.jpg
59.2.7 Enclosed note in pencil reads "Head of cat mummy ex cargo arrived from Egypt to Liverpool in the year ... see article in all year Round?" A later note, in black ink, encircled, perhaps written by Annie Ure, reads "Probably about 1890 imported for making artificial fertiliser H.B. 5.12.58." This note seemingly refers to Professor Henry Bassett, University of Reading Professor of Chemistry 1912-1946 and Dean of the Faculty of Science 1926-1930, who donated this and other Egyptian artefacts, some of dubious antiquity, in 1958. Perhaps from Cerveteri 2005.91.0037.jpg
REDMG:1961.150.2 Perhaps Mycenae
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