Ure Museum Database

There are 81 objects for which Shape contains "bowl"
13.10.13 Bowl 2008.99.0131.jpg
13.10.16 Bowl 2008.99.0169.jpg
13.10.18 Bowl 2003.98.0278.jpg
13.10.19 Bowl 2008.99.0139.jpg
13.10.26 Bowl 2003.92.0071.jpg
14.9.1 Bowl 2002.98.0197.jpg
14.9.106 Bowl 2003.97.0523.jpg
14.9.114BIS Bowl; cup 2003.30.0099.jpg
2008.7.113 Bowl
23.11.1 Bowl 2003.35.0082.jpg
25.8.2 Bowl 2003.97.0771.jpg
26.12.33 Bowl 2008.10.0003.jpg
26.2.10 Bowl; cup 2003.45.0050.jpg
26.2.11 Bowl 2013.04.0028.jpg
26.2.17 Bowl 2003.45.0073.jpg
26.2.18 Bowl 2005.02.0430.jpg
26.2.19 Bowl 2003.45.0076.jpg
26.2.20 Bowl 2013.04.0048.jpg
26.2.21 Bowl 2013.04.0049.jpg
26.2.22 Bowl 2013.04.0052.jpg
26.2.23 Bowl 2005.02.0425.jpg
26.2.25 Bowl 2003.45.0092.jpg
26.2.5 Bowl 2005.02.0428.jpg
26.2.6 Bowl 2003.45.0053.jpg
26.2.8 Bowl 2003.45.0095.jpg
26.2.9 Bowl 2003.45.0052.jpg
45.6.21 Bowl 2006.20.0039.jpg
47.12.15 Bowl
47.2.12 Bowl 2008.98.0420.jpg
47.2.15 Bowl 2008.99.0110.jpg
47.2.17 Bowl 2010.99.0089.jpg
47.2.22 Bowl 2003.92.0103.jpg
47.2.23 Bowl 2010.99.0035.jpg
47.2.24 Bowl 2003.92.0158.jpg
47.2.6 Bowl; one-handler 2001.99.0123.jpg
47.2.7 Bowl; one-handler 2008.98.0404.jpg
47.2.8 Bowl 2001.99.0128.jpg
47.2.9 Bowl 2008.98.0431.jpg
48.12.1 Bowl 2003.92.0249.jpg
48.12.2 Bowl 2003.98.0127.jpg
50.10.2 Bowl 2008.98.0344.jpg
50.12.3 Bowl 2003.98.0221.jpg
50.4.17 Bowl 2010.98.0045.jpg
50.4.3 Miniature bowl 2003.92.0312.jpg
51.1.1 Bowl 2002.97.0233.jpg
54.2.3 Bowl 2007.03.1152.jpg
58.2.6 Bowl 2003.92.0112.jpg Tripod bowl 2008.99.0454.jpg
70.3.2 Bowl 2003.98.0234.jpg
74.7.3 Bowl; one-handler 2002.97.0556.jpg
83.9.2 Bowl
83.9.3 Bowl 2006.20.0926.jpg
83.9.4 Bowl 2006.20.0923.jpg
83.9.5 Bowl 2006.20.0127.jpg
83.9.7 Bowl 2006.20.0307.jpg
E.62.26 Bowl 2002.98.0124.jpg
E.62.37 Bowl 2002.98.0085.jpg
E.62.59 Bowl 2002.98.0087.jpg
E.62.8 Bowl 2005.88.0070.jpg
E.63.13A Dish; bowl 2002.98.0221.jpg
E.63.13B Bowl 2002.98.0959.jpg
E.63.13C Bowl 2002.98.0954.jpg
E.63.13D Bowl 2002.98.0098.jpg
E.63.29 Bowl 2002.98.0041.jpg
E.65.3 Bowl 2002.98.0091.jpg
L.2016.3.9 Bowl
REDMG:1926.99.59 Pyxis; handleless bowl 2004.99.0779.jpg
REDMG:1934.51.8 Bowl 2004.99.0795.jpg
REDMG:1935.87.30 Bowl pyxis
REDMG:1951.1714 Cup; handleless bowl
REDMG:1951.1715 Bowl 2008.99.0268.jpg
REDMG:1951.1716 Bowl 2008.99.0264.jpg
REDMG:1951.1717 Bowl 2008.99.0262.jpg
REDMG:1951.1718 Bowl 2008.99.0259.jpg
REDMG:1958.13.1 Bowl
REDMG:1958.16.1 Bowl
REDMG:1964.1710.1 Bowl 2008.99.0253.jpg
REDMG:1964.1713.1 Bowl 2003.93.0171.jpg
TEMP.2002.7.1 Bowl 2002.97.0223.jpg
TEMP.2002.9.1 Bowl
TEMP.2005.8.1 Bowl 2007.03.1160.jpg
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