Ure Museum Database

There are 15 objects for which Shape contains "mug"
2007.1.2A Mug 2007.7.0002.jpg
2007.1.2B Mug 2007.7.0008.jpg
23.11.15 Miniature mug 2004.98.0019.jpg
23.11.16 Miniature two-handled mug 2004.98.0016.jpg
23.11.18 Miniature two-handled mug 2004.98.0002.jpg
25.9.3 Mug 2003.31.0095.jpg
34.10.10 Mug 2003.97.0476.jpg
49.8.1 Mug 2008.98.0423.jpg
50.4.18 Mug 2010.98.0291.jpg
51.7.3 Face mug 2008.98.0371.jpg
55.1.1 Mug 2003.92.0184.jpg
REDMG:1950.25.1 Mug 2003.93.0334.jpg
REDMG:1951.137.1 Mug lid 2004.73.0004.jpg
REDMG:1951.138.1 Mug lid
REDMG:1953.25.54 Mug
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