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There are 2 objects for which Shape_description contains "1/3"
13.10.23 Elongated ovoid body, tapering at the bottom to a convex but nearly flat base and at the top, more gradually, to a very short neck with concave sides, then a broad rim, slightly concave on upper and lower sides, with a narrow mouth; two lugs (with wavy ridges), parallel to eachother, on either side of the vase, approximately 1/3 below the rim. 2008.03.0042.jpg
48.12.9 Projecting rounded rim with a lip that is flat on the upper surface; ribbed vertical strap handle extending 1/3 down the length of the vessel; slender neck widening to a cucumber shaped body. Flat concave base, the underside of which is outlined with a groove. 2008.99.0514.jpg
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