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There are 2 objects for which Shape_description contains "26"
29.11.2 Cup mouth. The top of the rim slightly curving upwards. Cylindrical neck. Strap single handle connecting the beginning of the neck with the shoulder. Shoulder curves slightly down to straight body. Broad torus ring foot. Underside flat except conical center. Cf. Smith 2003, BSA 98, p.360, footnote 26, pl. 59 a-b (see also 'Comments'). 2003.97.0743.jpg
REDMG:1934.51.8 Nearly conical shallow bowl, with a slightly incurving rounded rim, slightly convex side walls, and a thick, small foot, with straight sides on the exterior, tapered on the interior; pointed underside. For shape cf. CVA France 6 (Ensenere) pl. 22 and Lamboglia (Atti di I congr. Intrem di Studi Liguri (1950) 39, forma 26. 2004.99.0795.jpg
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