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11.10.21 If the foot is restored correctly this is a variant of Ure's type K 2 (Ure 1927, 68), which is the most common Haemonian skyphos, as judged by the Agora material: cf. Agora 23, 60, esp. no. 1516, pl. 103 (with the same type of foot); ABV 565-71, 598-710 Slightly concave black rim; shallow bowl with flat underside; moulded ring foot, with concave inner surface. 2008.99.0780.jpg
34.10.13 Squat lekythos. Flared mouth with flat rim. Thin neck with single curved handle attached at top and finishing at shoulder. Ridge separates the neck from the shoulder. Cf. Agora 12 part 2, no. 1138, pl. 38 2003.97.0474.jpg
46.9.1 'Little lion' shape. Shallow, flaring mouth; thin neck from the top of which a single strap thin handle curves down to the flat shoulder; slight ridge between neck and shoulder; body tapers down to disk foot; base flat with central concave circle. Cf. Agora 12 part 2, no. 1115, pl. 38 2003.92.0149.jpg
50.4.11 Castulo cup. Cf. Agora 12, 101-2 2010.98.0312.jpg
50.4.13 Attic type skyphos (cf. Agora 12, no. 341) except for plain underside, size (somewhat smaller than Attic examples), and perhaps breadth of handles. Rounded rim, below which are two horizontal round handles, horseshoe shaped. Walls continuously curve into a deep bowl, divided from the short torus ring foot by a groove. 2003.97.0646.jpg
51.4.9 The rim is conical, strap small handle connecting the enck with the shoulder, is banded with an inflated back, shoulder curving slightly upwards, the body is ovaloid, tapering down to a torus foot, conical underneath. Cf. Agora 12 part 2, no. 1117, pl. 38 Cf. "Sixth and Fifth Century Pottery", P.N.Ure (ed.), p43 shape class E, pl. 14 nos. 130.108 & 127.59 2013.99.0165.jpg
REDMG:1953.25.21 Beazley's shape 3 oinochoe (the commonest of black oinochoai) and Gill's shape 3. Cf. Agora P 10114: Agora 12, no. 115 (pl. 6) 2003.93.0037.jpg
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