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There are 13 objects for which Shape_description contains "all"
13.10.2 Nearly rectangular piece, lentoid in section, narrowing gradually on all sides, raised more prominently on one side, which has a ridge down the centre of the lower part. 2010.99.0129.jpg
2007.9.5 One long, straightish edge, the other edge in a convex curve, over all forming the vague shape of a semi-circle.
35.5.27-29 Fragments, 1 consisting of seven pieces joined, 2 of two, 3 of three, probably all from one cup. 2003.21.0073.jpg
39.1.1 Vertical ring handles, spurred, start directly from rim and finish at the moulded rim around the body, and tilt slightly upwards. Moulded foot, all black, conical inside with narrow, slightly concave, resting surface. 2003.97.0706.jpg
53.8.1 Mesomphalos phiale with a thickened rounded lip, with a slight carination on the inside edge, with convex walls, sloping down to a flat plate, at the centre of which is an omphalos (raised central boss), decorated in relief all around. 2010.98.0071.jpg
79.1.14 large circular shape with a short rounded nozzle. Three bisected un-pierced lugs placed on the shoulder of the lamp equidistantly. The discus is sunken and there is a moulded rim to the discus which runs all the way around the wick hole in a continuous form. The wick hole and the filling hole are the same size and are in line with each other, there is also what appears to be an air hole in-between the channel of moulding. There is a ring base. 2005.01.0290.jpg
79.1.17 'Bird-head' lamp, shallow body with one hole nearly at the centre of the discus. nozzle is flat with a splayed tip and concave sides, the smoke hole is circular and almost in the centre of the nozzle. the handle is transverse and has a hole in the centre. The holes all appear to be of the smae size and are all just of centre to the left. 2005.01.0321.jpg
E.23.41.1-25 Beaded necklace, not on original string, consisting of 25 beads. All are circular but some are broader, bigger, rounder than others. Two small beads, one on each end which string is tied too. 2005.88.0084.jpg
L.2011.1.59 Marked ridge at the junction of the narrower part with the wider one; ridges all over. 2011.97.0001.jpg
L.2011.1.60 Ridges all over. 2011.97.0014.jpg
L.2011.1.61 Ridges all over. 2011.97.0022.jpg
L.2011.1.62 Ridges all over. 2011.97.0025.jpg
REDMG:1935.87.23 Two handles, all black and one either side which start at base of body and curl up and over, higher than mouth with small spurs at the base. Mouth has wide rim.
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