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There are 6 objects for which Shape_description contains "angle"
14.9.61 Small curved rim fragment. Underside has small ridge about halfway into the fragment to the inside of which the fragment has a pronounced change of angle. 2006.20.0320.jpg
26.4.2 The handles are almost a rectangle shape, and are shaped to angle straight out from the edge of the Kylix, turning up slightly at the end. 2002.97.0264.jpg
50.4.25 Circular body, concave discus with a circular filling hole to the frontal left hand side. Flat nozzle with concave sides and single ended volutes, the tip is splayed and ends in an obtuse angle, the wick hole is circular. There is a base demarcated but not raised, the base is slightly concave. 2001.99.0018.jpg
79.1.10 Circular shallow body, concave discus with a small filling hole in the centre. Long flat nozzle with concave sided which meet the tip of the nozzle at an acute angle, the tip is rounded, large circular wick hole. Base is concave with a moulded ring. At the back are the remains of a handle. 2005.01.0087.jpg
REDMG:1951.132.1 Guttus type askos: swelling rounded body with bearing at the top a large relief medallion (frontal female mask with puffed cheeks and a lock of hair knotted over the forehead) offset and raised from the body; at a distance of ca. 0.5 cm are two incised lines beyond which the body is covered with fine vertical fluting down to its midpoint. A long diagonal spout with slightly concave sides rises obliquely from the shoulder below the medallion, and terminates in a three-stepped flanged mouth. A loop handle (semicircular in cross section) rises from the shoulder at a right angle to the spout. A tall thick foot, offset from the body, with a ridge at the halfway point broadens toward a ring base, slightly rounded on the exterior, with a concave underside offset from a concave element within the narrow resting surface. The foot is particularly tall, and is ridged in the middle: otherwise in shape this askos corresponds to Morel's type 8141h 1 (Morel 1981, pl. 209). 2004.99.0752.jpg
REDMG:1964.1610.1 Ovoid body, convex shoulder, medium rounded filling hole in the centre at the highest point. Nozzle is part of the body and is the most acute angle, elongated oval wick hole piercing the body. Irregular flat lateral pinched handle, base is a slightly raised ring mirroring the ovoid shape of the body. 2003.93.0118.jpg
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