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There are 3 objects for which Shape_description contains "archaic"
REDMG:1953.25.13 Globular oinochoe of Archaic shape. Trefoil lip attached at the back to a broad strap handle, high swung and descending vertically to the middle of the shoulder; slight step at top of shoulder, below sharp join with cylindrical neck; squat body; broad, angled ring foot, with flat resting surface; slightly convex underside.
REDMG:1953.25.20 Globular body of Archaic shape, with trefoil lip, high swung, broad ribbon handle, moulded ring just below neck, and shallow flaring ring foot.
REDMG:1953.25.53 Incurving rim with concave lip, narrowing to a short neck at the top of which is attached a small vertical strap handle that extends the the shoulder; wall curves continuously from neck, widening to an ovoid body atop a disk foot; underside concave with a slight circular protruberance at centre. Tapering 'cucumber', survival of the Late Corinthian Archaic type (see Corinth 13, 140-41, fig. 15), but with a disk foot. E.g. Corinth T1317: Corinth 13, 222 no. 277-4, pl. 37. Cf. also Rhitsona 50.273. 2002.97.0005.JPG
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