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There are 3 objects for which Shape_description contains "arranged"
13.10.6 Flat bronze heart-shape piece, flaring at the pointed end, with a spool-shaped element (reel-shaped, according to Catling, as recorded in the Ure archives), horizontally arranged and attached at the centre of the upper part; Each end of the spool comprises a flat disk, while at the centre the surface is curved and narrower, so that a vertical space is revealed between the heart and the spool. 2008.03.0009.jpg
50.10.2 Slightly everted lip with nearly flat rim, on a cylindrical bowl with concave sides, divided with a a sharp carination from a convex lower that smoothly curves into a short stem on a rounded foot ring, with rounded resting surface, tapering inner wall, and nearly flat underside. Two suspension holes are arranged horizontally just below the rim on one side. 2008.98.0344.jpg
50.4.4 Female mask (hollowed at back), with gaping mouth, hollowed eyes, hair arranged in thick ridges, at side of head and above brow (fringe). 2004.07.0007.jpg
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