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There are 48 objects for which Shape_description contains "aryballos"
11.10.10 Round ('ball aryballos') 2003.92.0232.jpg
11.10.11 Round ('ball aryballos') 2003.05.0005.jpg
11.10.20 Ball aryballos 2003.97.0027.jpg
11.10.6 Ball aryballos 2003.97.0002.jpg
11.10.7 Round ('ball aryballos') 2003.05.0006.jpg
11.10.8 Round ('ball aryballos') 2005.05.0049.jpg
11.10.9 Round ('ball aryballos') 2005.05.0052.jpg
2005.3.10 Fragment of aryballos mouth 2005.05.0067.jpg
2005.3.11 Fragment of mouth and rim of aryballos 2005.05.0065.jpg
2005.3.12 Fragment from body of aryballos, part of same vessel as 2005.3.8 2005.05.0064.jpg
2005.3.24 Flat-bottomed aryballos 2005.05.0063.jpg
2005.3.7 Fragment of aryballos 2005.05.0066.jpg
2005.3.8 Mouth of aryballos, part of same vessel as 2005.3.12
2005.3.9 Fragment of aryballos mouth 2005.05.0072.jpg
2005.6.1 Fragment; shoulder, neck and mouth section of aryballos
2005.8.10 Flat-bottomed aryballos
2006.12.100 A small, almost certainly non functional aryballos
2006.12.102 Extremely small and squat aryballos 2007.03.1062.jpg
2006.12.95 Shaped like a very small aryballos, but seems unlikely to have been functional. 2007.03.1019.jpg
2007.4.111 Fragment is an aryballos. 2007.30.0005.jpg
25.6.1 Round ('ball aryballos'). 2003.98.0205.jpg
26.12.4 Round ('ball aryballos') 2003.97.0034.jpg
26.2.87 Ball aryballos 2013.04.0201.jpg
26.2.88 Fragment; mouth of aryballos with flanged rim. 2013.04.0204.jpg
26.7.4 Round ('ball aryballos') 2003.97.0053.jpg
26.7.5 Round ('ball aryballos') 2005.05.0043.jpg
26.8.2 Round ('Ball aryballos') 2002.97.0056.JPG
27.3.7 Scale aryballos (pointed/piriform). Referred to as lekythos in CVA. 2003.57.0096.jpg
27.4.9 Round ('ball aryballos') 2003.57.0089.jpg
29.5.3 Ball aryballos with a disk-shaped wide rim, a vertical banded handle and a spherical body. 2003.57.0088.jpg
30.4.2 Round ('ball aryballos') 2003.97.0018.jpg
34.10.1 Round ('ball aryballos') 2003.04.0002.jpg
34.10.2 Round ('ball aryballos'). Wide flat rim to mouth with thin neck. Single handle. 2003.04.0086.jpg
34.10.3 Round ('ball aryballos') 2003.05.0009.jpg
34.8.9 Round ('ball aryballos') 2003.97.0006.jpg
37.11.1 Scale Aryballos (pointed/piriform) 2003.32.0002.jpg
37.11.2 Round ('ball aryballos') 2003.04.0093.jpg
37.11.3 Round ('ball aryballos'). Slightly flattened base. 2003.97.0046.jpg
44.1.1 Ring-shaped aryballos. The rim is disk-shaped, the handle is banded and the body is inflated and there is no base. 2003.06.0006.jpg
49.8.11 Ball aryballos. Wide concave rim, thin strap handle projecting from the rim and connecting it to the shoulder. Round body, slightly concave underside of the base. 2003.97.0013.jpg
49.8.4 Flat-bottomed aryballos. Broad, flat rim; tall thin neck; vertical strap handle; rounded body; small footring; slightly convex base. 2008.99.0371.jpg
49.8.9 Scale aryballos (pointed/piriform). The vessel has a flat, wide, disk-shaped rim, a banded handle and a slim, cylindrical neck. The body is ovaloid (inverted egg) and the base is ring-shaped.
51.7.15 A small mouth, with flaring lip, on a short concave stem, is joined smoothly to a ring aryballos, rectangular in section, approximating a sharp-edged donut, with beveled edges on the inside. A short strap handle rises slightly from the rim and curves smoothly to adhere to the exterior surface of the aryballos. Ure 57: 'Rectangular in section, as is normal in Boeotia'; cf. P.N. Ure, Hesperia 15 (1946) 45-50. Small mouth and handle. Angular shape with side and edge flat 2010.98.0234.jpg
69.7.1 Foot-shaped aryballos; Dohan Morrow's Group II, 'network sandals' (Dohan Morrow 1985, 6-9) or Ducat's type B foot-shaped vases (Ducat 1966, 182-84). Foot-shaped aryballos with a broad rim, short vertical strap handle, squared, offset neck; the body of the vase in the shape of a left foot, including ankle, with relief decoration that gives the effect of a sandal enclosing it, and a flat, reserved base. 2005.88.0054.jpg
REDMG:1935.87.19 Round ('ball aryballos')
REDMG:1935.87.22 Round ('ball aryballos')
REDMG:1958.113.1 Ovoid aryballos, with a rounded mouth (now broken), small round vertical handle reaching from just below the mouth to the bottom of the high shoulder, which curves continuously into the body, with convex side walls, narrowing to a slightly flaring raised base, bossed on the underside.
REDMG:1997.209.3 Ovoid aryballos, with a rounded mouth, narrow cylindrical neck, pinched round vertical handle reaching from just below the mouth to the middle of the high shoulder, which curves continuously into the body, with convex side walls, narrowing to a slightly flaring raised base, flat on the underside.
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