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There are 21 objects for which Shape_description contains "band"
2016.5.2 Open rim separated from the body by a grooved band. Shallow body. Slightly oblique handles of the stick type. Conical hollow foot with flexed walls.
22.3.42 Open lamp with wide, shallow, circular body, with curved shoulder and a down turned rim. covered flat nozzle with a large oval wick hole. Horizontal band handle which follows the back of the body. Foot is shallow and slightly concave 2004.95.0093.jpg
45.6.70 Circular shallow body with flat shoulder and a concave discus with small filling hole towards the right edge of the discus. Body shallower at the front end and the widest part of the body has a raised band around it. Short rounded nozzle and circular smoke hole. Vertical handle with a circular hole which runs down towards the base. Base demarcated but not raised and slightly off centre. There are two small shoulder lugs on opposing sides. 2005.01.0007.jpg
51.4.7 Fragment of a Little Master band cup 2006.77.0007.jpg
56.8.8 The body is conical, widening towards the top. The rim has horizontal sides and a small lip at the top. The band handles are almost ellipsoid, with peaked terminations. Ribbon handles. The base is in the shape of an inverted echinus (a conical stand?). 2003.95.0104.jpg
61.6.5 Lid: Short button knob, with flat band, beveled interior edge, and slightly convex top, curving smoothly to a nearly flat underside that smoothly joins a short, slightly concave stem, that again smoothly joins a flat, tapering smoothly to a short vertical rim, rounded at both edges. The underside is hollowed under the knob. One-handler: shallow bowl with a short nearly vertical flange, rounded at the lip, straight but tapering walls curving into a convex lower portion then a very short stem, on a rounded disk foot, with a flat resting surface, beveled on the interior, and slightly convex on the underside. A single, recurved horizontal handle, round in section, rises above the rim. 2002.97.0677.jpg
78.12.20 Circular body, concave discus with a mall circular filling hole in the front, right portion of the discus. Long flat nozzle, rounded tip with small circular which hole. Base is defined by a single band and is slightly concave. 2009.99.0093.jpg
78.12.5 Shallow circular body, slight shoulder leading to a large concave discus with a filling hole on the central axis, but further forward. Medium nozzle with concave sides leading to a rounded tip with a circular wick hole. Delineated base, slightly concave. Vertical band around the edge of the whole lamp, probably from joining. 2008.99.0037.jpg
79.1.5 Circular body with convex shoulder and a concave discus with small filling hole. Small raised protruding foot with flat base. Large vertical handle with one incised line along the length of it and a second band laying across the handle at the highest point, also with an incision along it. Long spout with irregular splayed tip, large oval wick hole. joining lines of the handle and the nozzle are apparent. 2005.01.0336.jpg
E.23.32 Undulating lip, long neck, bulbous shoulder tapering to a pointed base. Two opposing handles emerge on the sholder just below the band decoration. 2002.98.0198.jpg
E.62.44 Lid is oval with a central circular knob and traces of an incised band on top. (Lid is missing!) Body has a flat rim, same shape and size as lid so they sit together, but with a central circular opening. Thin neck leading to shoulders. Four oblong feet at each 'corner' and the base between is flat. Flat rim on top of body is reserved. The inside is a cylindrical well, not matching the contours or shape of the outside. Heavy object.
L.2016.3.31 Ceramic figure of a camel, with raised head and straight posture. He is slightly craning his straightened head upwards, so that his broad neck is a little bent backwards. His eyes appear to be triangular but the iris is round. The mouth is slightly open. The saddle is just schematically depicted with a broad band surrounding the humps, both slightly tapering; the back hump is bent to the left, the front hump to the right. The tail leads down closed to his left leg. His legs are long and thin. There is a hole at the bottom of his rounded belly.
REDMG:1935.87.9 Little Master band cup
REDMG:1951.160.1 Large krater with everted mouth and downturned rim, two recurved horizontal round handles attached to the upper part of the cylindrical body, which narrows to ashort, broad stem that curves into a pedestal foot, with a recessed band above slightly tapering sides, hollowed within. 2003.95.0072.jpg
REDMG:1953.25.2 Rounded, slightly everted rim, below which are attached two horizontal handles, rounded on the outsides and slightly flattened on the insides, slightly canted and rising above the rim. Body bulges slightly below handles but otherwise tapers gradually to a thick raised base, which is slightly broader than the lowest part of the body. The underside is circumscribed with a lightly gouged band. 2005.99.0144.jpg
REDMG:1953.25.62 Broad mouth with thickened downturned rim. Slender neck sloping to a nearly horizontal shoulder, from which emerge two lug handles, just below a moulded band; finely ribbed body that tapers to a short raised base.
REDMG:1953.25.78 Circular shallow body, concave shoulder leading to a large filling hole. Beginnings of a band handle. Wide shallow nozzle tilts slightly upwards, large oval wick hole. flat unlimited base. 2003.93.0127.jpg
REDMG:1964.1603.1 Circular deep body with lower body wider than the upper. Flat , slightly concave rim to a large circular filling hole. nozzle is long and flat with small oval wick hole at the tip and a small depression at the end of the tip. Base is flat and circular, wheel or wire marks still exist on the base. Band handle is attached across the back of the lamp. 2003.93.0122.jpg
REDMG:1964.1604.1 Circular body with small convex shoulder leading to a large circular filling hole. Nozzle is straight sided with a slightly dipped tip, level top and a oval wick hole. Handle was a horizontal band handle around the back. Base is circular, large and has a very slight depression. 2005.01.0201.jpg
REDMG:1964.1617.1 Circular shallow body, concave shoulder with large circular filling hole. Flat, slightly upward tilting nozzle narrowing towards the rounded tip; large oval wick hole. Beginnings of a band handle. Base not outlined, very slightly concave. 2003.93.0169.jpg
REDMG:1964.1631 Very thin walls, with rounded rim, just below which are attached horizontal handles. Walls slightly concave, divided from a spreading, lipped torus ring foot, with a pointed resting surface, by a pair of grooves. This example corresponds to Ure's Class II.C skyphos, particularly (ii) which includes reddish-purple bands just below the level of the handles, perhaps a band at the bottom of the body where it joins the ring foot, and concentric purple bands on the underside (or plain black or reserved undersides). See Ure 1927, 24.
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