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There are 5 objects for which Shape_description contains "beads"
E.23.41.1-25 Beaded necklace, not on original string, consisting of 25 beads. All are circular but some are broader, bigger, rounder than others. Two small beads, one on each end which string is tied too. 2005.88.0084.jpg
E.23.42.1-4 Group of four red beads, unattached but found together. Two are long and thin, one is a shallow but complete circle and the fourth is an incomplete circle and thick.
E.23.47.1 A string of random beads placed together. The string consists of two Horus amulets, two lotus petal amulets, two scaraboid amulets, several single beads of circular shapes, one shell, one broken unidentifiable amulet and one cylindrical bead. 2002.98.0232.jpg
E.23.60 A long necklace comprising of hundred of very small shell beads. 2002.98.0235.jpg
E.63.17 Faience beads in half an oval shaped shell. Approximately 150 circular beads and 7 long beads (of varying lengths). 2005.89.0036.jpg
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