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There are 5 objects for which Shape_description contains "becomes"
14.9.38 Fragment with long section of rim attached. Clay becomes thicker at rim because it is slighlty offset. 2003.01.0093.jpg
2003.7.77 Close to rectangular with curving surface. Fragment progressively becomes thicker. 2006.20.0556.jpg
45.10.1 High, curved, thick, black handle which bends back on itself to attach to mouth and at the back to the lower part of the shoulder. At the mouth attachment are two moulded heads; spout has central channel and two ridges at moulded rim. The cylindrical neck becomes bell shaped in its lower part, and a ridge marks its attachment to the shoulder, which is slightly concave. Beyond the handle attachment is a flat rim, offset from the shoulder and, more sharply, from the body beneath it, which is upright but slightly convex. The very short ring foot, with broad resting surface, is as broad as the rim around the shoulder. 2004.99.0028.jpg
68.12.2 Short cylindrical knob, flat-topped and double-recessed in centre. The short concave stem connects the cylinder to the short domed lid, in a continuous curve. Beyond a gouge the outer 1.8 cm of the lid becomes slightly concave and after two ridges terminates in a slightly rounded edge.The underside is hollowed just below the knob, and has a short flange intended to sits inside the rim of the pyxis to which it would have belonged. 2002.97.0272.jpg
REDMG:1951.1718 Rounded rim on incurving lip, curves into a top heavy bowl that becomes slightly concave above the flat base; rounded interior. 2008.99.0259.jpg
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