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There are 7 objects for which Shape_description contains "before"
37.11.5 Straight sided, fairly deep, rimless bowl; two horseshoe-shaped horizontal handles attached just below the thin rim; thin groove before base. Flaring ring foot. 2008.10.0004.jpg
47.2.9 Small bowl, 'later and light', according to Gill. Cf. Reading 14.9.106 Shallow bowl with incurving rim, concave on inner face, torus ring foot, circular ridge in middle of underside before convex centre. 2003.37.0007.jpg
48.12.1 Deep bowl; almost vertical sides; two rounded handles progress straight upwards from the middle of the body; slight groove before small foot; concave base 2003.92.0247.jpg
48.5.2 Mouth has thin rim and near vertical walls tapering down to neck; two upside down U-shaped handles start mid-neck and curve upwards before joining the shoulder; inverted ovoid body; near conical foot with mirrored concave base. 2010.98.0078.jpg
50.5.3 Rounded mouth, thin lip. Thick strap handle curves up from bottom of neck before descending to shoulder. Ring at the junction between neck and shoulder. Curivng shoulder towards the neck. Body inverted pear shape. Thin foot. Base convex underneath. 2007.01.0012.jpg
56.8.1 Rim is flat and the neck blends into shoulder. Body descends into a thin groove before a sloping foot. 2003.97.0946.jpg
60.1.2 Pagenstecher lekythos. (Restored rim); thin neck from the middle of which handle protrudes horizontally before sloping down to rounded body; broad foot; concave underside 2003.99.0039.jpg
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