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There are 10 objects for which Shape_description contains "bell"
22.3.22 Rim fragment of a bell krater 2006.20.0109.jpg
26.7.11 There is a single strap-handle at the top. There is a small ball of clay, on the interior, which appears to plug up a hole at the top of the bell. Cf. especially Wolters-Bruns pl. 43.13 2002.97.0314.jpg
45.10.1 High, curved, thick, black handle which bends back on itself to attach to mouth and at the back to the lower part of the shoulder. At the mouth attachment are two moulded heads; spout has central channel and two ridges at moulded rim. The cylindrical neck becomes bell shaped in its lower part, and a ridge marks its attachment to the shoulder, which is slightly concave. Beyond the handle attachment is a flat rim, offset from the shoulder and, more sharply, from the body beneath it, which is upright but slightly convex. The very short ring foot, with broad resting surface, is as broad as the rim around the shoulder. 2004.99.0028.jpg
45.6.29 Bell mouth with rounded upper rim and offset neck. 2006.20.0006.jpg
45.8.1 Bell krater 2003.23.0005.jpg
47.2.21 Bell, with a rounded lower edge, narrowing sharply and then tapering slowly to a rounded shoulder, where it is attached to a round knob, hollowed on one side, thickened on the other, pierced with a hole; there is another hole in the top of the bell, just below the hollowed part of the knob. A hand-modeled striking ball is attached, with a thin piece of jute string, knotted through the top hole and lowered through the bottom hole. 2010.99.0080.jpg
50.5.2 Large bell krater with a downturned rim, two recurved handles on the upper part of the body, lower body sloping to a thick stem and a molded pedestal foot. 2004.04.0004.jpg
51.7.11 A large bell krater with a downturned, rounded rim, two recurved horizontal handles high on the body, the lower body sloping sharply to a thick stem, and a thick, molded, angled pedestal foot. 2010.99.0139.jpg
51.7.5 Bell mouth, flaring at the rim, with a convex upper surface, offset from a narrow neck, broadening and curving sharply into the ovoid body; strap handle rises from the top of the neck and joins the lower part of the shoulder; molded ring base, divded into two concave parts, divied by a ridge at the middle; convex underside. 2008.99.0557.jpg
TEMP.2003.6.4 Bell Krater 2006.20.0469.jpg
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