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There are 4 objects for which Shape_description contains "bell-shaped"
45.6.34 Bell-shaped mouth tapering to a short neck that broadens to an ovoid body. High swung strap handle joins from neck to shoulder. Conical foot. 'Pagenstecher lekythos' type. Cf. CVA Michigan 1, pl. 27.11 (smaller but similar shape and surface, said to have been found at Taranto) and Lentini inv. 61597: Lagona 1973, no. 85, pl. 11 (more slender). Both of these examples have smaller handles. For Sicilian vessels of this shape (decorated with bands or undecorated) see examples from Selinunte (Anne Kustermann Graf, Selinunte. Necropoli di Manicalunga. Le tombe della Contrada Gaggera [2002] 181 inv. nos. 113/0 952 and 953, pl. 57 [tomb 113]); Camarina (MonAnt 54 [1990] 25, pl. VIII [tomb 590.2]; 54, pl. XXVI [tomb 799.1-2]; and pl. LXXXIII [tombs 1222.5-6 and 1232.2, which are taken to be (imitative of) Corinthian lekythoi). 2002.97.0017.JPG
50.4.8 Bell-shaped mouth with convex lip and high out-turned rim; tubular neck joined to ovoid body; short thick stem curving out to a carinated moulded foot, concave on the underside; vertical strap handle curves up from the middle of the neck and rejoins at the base of the shoulder. 2003.97.0814.jpg
60.1.5 Bell-shaped mouth with high outturned rim and broad, slightly convex lip;long neck widens to shoulder with smooth contour to ovoid body; vertical strap handle rising from top of neck and rejoining at bottom of shoulder; short ring foot. 2008.99.0786.jpg
REDMG:1953.25.35 Chimney mouth, bell-shaped, flaring at the top, with a broad rim, convex on the upper surface, and sloping in; the mouth is offset from a short neck that broadens toward the barrel-shaped body, from which it is also offset; thick disk foot, rounded in profile, with a thin resting surface, concave on the underside, pointed at centre; strap handle (missing) rose from the side of the neck and rejoined at the lowest part of the shoulder. 2001.99.0036.jpg
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