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There are 7 objects for which Shape_description contains "beneath"
13.10.21 Course jug with fat body, thick rim. The single handle reaches from the neck beneath the rim to the shoulder of the jug. The neck is as wide as the mouth, then tapers inwards slightly to meet the body, the ring foot is short and quite wide. 2010.99.0070.jpg
13.10.22 Fat Body, narrow neck leading to an out turned rim. One handle join the shoulder of the vase to the neck directly beneath the rim. Low ring foot 2003.92.0062.jpg
35.4.5 Wide overhung rim; handles come up to beneath the overhang in a right-angle shape; body tapers to small thin stem; very thick footring; underside recedes in almost conical shape. 2001.99.0031.jpg
45.10.1 High, curved, thick, black handle which bends back on itself to attach to mouth and at the back to the lower part of the shoulder. At the mouth attachment are two moulded heads; spout has central channel and two ridges at moulded rim. The cylindrical neck becomes bell shaped in its lower part, and a ridge marks its attachment to the shoulder, which is slightly concave. Beyond the handle attachment is a flat rim, offset from the shoulder and, more sharply, from the body beneath it, which is upright but slightly convex. The very short ring foot, with broad resting surface, is as broad as the rim around the shoulder. 2004.99.0028.jpg
51.7.16 Wide cup mouth with a reserved, flat rim. Two tripartite strap handles rise up from the neck and join the body at the shoulders. Ovoid body tapers to a thick disk foot, beneath a short (restored) stem. Base is concave 2001.99.0160.jpg
E.23.40.1-4 Three pieces unattached but found together. The panels are very thin and the ring does not meet beneath them but is attached either side.
REDMG:1951.1716 Rounded rim on incurving lip, curves into a top heavy bowl, with a slight carination in the lower third, beneath which the walls become slightly concave, above a flat base; rounded interior. 2008.99.0264.jpg
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