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There are 14 objects for which Shape_description contains "bird"
2003.3.37 fragment of bird kylix rim and part of body
2005.3.28A-B Two fragments from a bird kylix
2005.3.29 Fragment of a bird kylix 2006.20.0385.jpg
2005.3.31 Fragment of a bird kylix rim 2006.20.0380.jpg
2005.3.32 fragment of a bird kylix 2006.20.0378.jpg
2005.3.33 Fragment of bird kylix - base of the bowl and join of stem 2006.20.0370.jpg
2005.3.34 Fragment of bird kylix
2005.3.35 Fragment of bird kylix rim and handle
2005.3.36 Fragment of a bird kylix handle and rim 2006.20.0391.jpg
2005.3.38 Fragemnt of bird Kylix rim 2006.20.0393.jpg
2005.3.39 Fragment of bird kylix rim 2006.20.0395.jpg
2005.3.40 Fragment of bird kylix 2006.20.0398.jpg
2005.3.41 four handled bird kylix
47.2.30 Cylindrical, wheelmade with moulded head and handmade arms. Holds offering (bird?) in arms, although damaged so identification uncertain. 2010.99.0194.jpg
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