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There are 5 objects for which Shape_description contains "boss"
23.11.31BB Warrior facing right, holding a round shield with a design of spokes radiating from a central boss, and a diagonally-hefted spear. 2005.06.0013.jpg
23.11.31HH Circular shield with raised rim and large domed central boss. 2003.96.0014.jpg
23.11.31RRRR Crested figure facing right holding a shield and a spear. The shield is decorated with a rosette and boss design, and a straight but separate element runs down from the left of the shield and across near the base. 2005.06.0119.jpg
26.2.16 'Ioninan'. Lower part of body and beginning of foot, including central boss. 2003.45.0056.jpg
53.8.1 Mesomphalos phiale with a thickened rounded lip, with a slight carination on the inside edge, with convex walls, sloping down to a flat plate, at the centre of which is an omphalos (raised central boss), decorated in relief all around. 2010.98.0071.jpg
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