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There are 30 objects for which Shape_description contains "broken"
13.10.17 Barrel-shaped jug, deep-spreading lip, half has broken away. One handle, with a raised area along the middle. Clay on body rounded into a point in the middle of either side. 2003.92.0048.jpg
13.10.33 Female head, broken at neck, with oval eyes, prominent ears and slight smile. 2005.02.0173.jpg
13.10.5 Hexagonal fragment perhaps broken at both ends. Dagger with angular shoulder and straight butt; ogival outline, lower end flattened. 2008.09.0013.jpg
14.9.119 Female head, appearing to wear sakkos, but now broken at back with a row of curls at the front. 2008.99.0080.jpg
14.9.52 Two fragments forming an irregular shaped piece from handle zone of three-handled jar, with the stump of broken handle. 2003.01.0002.jpg
2006.12.103 4 small protrusions, roughly evenly spaced. 2 seem to be from a broken handle. 2007.03.1001.jpg
2006.12.115 Fragment with part of broken handle 2007.03.1059.jpg
2006.12.125 Fragment possibly of handle; long thin shap which branches into two thinner broken, curved projections.
2006.12.32 Two bumps possibly from broken handle 2007.03.0490.jpg
2006.12.7 Fragment of rim, possibly with broken off handle 2007.03.0861.jpg
2006.12.93 Very small open vessel with single handle, another handle has been broken off. Size suggests unlikely to have been functional.
2007.4.124 Fragment with part of broken handle 2007.30.0047.jpg
2007.4.201 Fragment with small part of rim and broken handle attached
2007.4.94 Axe head like shape, could be broken off handle 2007.03.0681.jpg
2008.7.130 Long rim fragment, slightly curving but steeply angular on exterior of fragment. Almost a long pyramid in shape, with a curved base.Small rounded handle on one broken edge.
2008.7.35 Irregularly shaped rim fragment; fragment is narrowest up near the rim, then broadens down towards the shoulder, and has broken off near the transition from shoulder to body. Possible point where handle was attached
2008.7.41 Rim fragment with 4 broken edges; Exterior: LH side has a ridge toward base of fragment
2008.7.49 Small base fragment broken on 5 sides with part of the stand broken on one side
2016.5.4 Ovoidal body with round base. The shoulders are carved with vestigial tiny lugs handles. Short neck. Half section of the neck is broken off. 2016.01.0046.jpg
25.4.2 Four-handled. Kylix style, stemmed and hollow inside stem. Handles round. At halfway points between handles are two more sets of handles but these have broken off. 2003.58.0009.jpg
50.12.33 Fragment of a small jar, handmade, with broken stump of handle 2006.20.0154.jpg
52.3.4 Slightly convex, slanted, overhanging lip, rounded at the edge, on a slightly concave tapering rim, slightly offset from the lower bowl that curves sharply to a tall conical foot, rounded at the edge, with flat resting surface and a slightly convex underside. On either side of the rim is attached a horizontal, u-shaped ribbon handle, between a pair of lugs (handle and lugs broken off on one side). 2007.99.0153.jpg
78.12.9 Large, deep, circular body, small convex shoulder, concave discus with a small filling hole at the center. Medium flat nozzle (broken) concave sides with a small air hole at the base of the nozzle, the start of a rounded tip with a circular wick hole. Space for handle. Circular flat delineated base. 2005.01.0115.jpg
83.2.2 Wide at the bottom and short. At the top left long peice of terracotta extends outwards to a narrower point. To the right is the same apart from it has been broken. On top another peice of terracotta extends but again is broken. 2006.20.0531.jpg
E.23.47.1 A string of random beads placed together. The string consists of two Horus amulets, two lotus petal amulets, two scaraboid amulets, several single beads of circular shapes, one shell, one broken unidentifiable amulet and one cylindrical bead. 2002.98.0232.jpg
L.2011.1.10 Circular pot fragment, maybe a knob, broken at the junction with the lid. 2011.97.0114.jpg
REDMG:1935.87.35 Female head with melon coiffure, broken off a stone statuette of a woman.
REDMG:1953.25.103 Moulded female figurine with extended arms, wearing headdress. Flat, roughly worked back. Arm position suggests she may have been a singer, forming parts of a ring and is now broken from her base. 2007.12.0056.jpg
REDMG:1953.25.44 Flaring rim, with concave profile, joining bulging body at a carination, below which are attached two u-shaped horizontal handles, rounded in section, canted slightly up; below handles body curves sharply towards stem, broken off. 2004.99.0501.jpg
REDMG:1958.113.1 Ovoid aryballos, with a rounded mouth (now broken), small round vertical handle reaching from just below the mouth to the bottom of the high shoulder, which curves continuously into the body, with convex side walls, narrowing to a slightly flaring raised base, bossed on the underside.
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