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There are 28 objects for which Shape_description contains "bulbous"
13.10.26 Shallow bowl; horizontal rim with two holes for suspension at one side, one of the holes has a thin piece of rope in it (modern?)and clay; the base is slightly bulbous (the shape is slightly irregular leading to an incline of the rim to one side); interior smooth; 'ridges' can be felt on the exterior where the clay was turned on the potter's wheel; short, wide resting surface. 2003.92.0071.jpg
22.9.7 Broad concave rim; short neck flowing into bulbous body; crude, thick strap handle joins body from rim and shoulder; short foot; broad, flat base. 2003.97.0099.jpg
23.11.10 Flat base, bulbous lower body to which are attached two horizontal strap handles, which rise slightly; flaring upper body and plain, rounded lip. 2004.98.0008.jpg
23.11.8 Flat base; bulbous lower body from which emerge two horizontal handles, circular in cross-section, which rise slightly; carinated at join to upper body which flares broadly to a plain, rounded rim. 2004.98.0024.jpg
26.12.13 Trefoil lip from which a handle curves down to the top of the bulbous body. Deep groove separates body from wide foot. Resting surface slightly concave. 2003.97.0873.jpg
26.12.14 Trefoil lip. Strap handle curves down from rim to shoulder. Bulbous body. Resting surface slightly concave 2003.44.0005.jpg
26.7.8 Bulbous body, wider in the lower part. Projected rim with a very small discus area leading to an irregular filling hole. Long nozzle with a wide, flat, oval wick hole. Applied strip handle attached to the rim and reaching down to the base. Flat unmarked base. Tall indentation on the left side of the body. 2002.97.0553.jpg
47.2.1 Type B, formerly known as 'Glaux'. Rounded, incurved rim, below which are two round handles, one horizontal and one vertical; tall bulbous body tapering towards torus ring foot. 2003.97.0563.jpg
48.12.13 Short straight tapering neck; shoulder meets the body at a corner point; two small handles are attached to the upper body; the body is bulbous and has no foot. 2008.99.0242.jpg
49.8.10 Trefoil lip; short neck; Ring in the junction of neck and body; thick rounded handle curves up from top portion of bulbous body to back of neck; outturned conical footring; convex underside. 2003.93.0309.jpg
49.8.8 Trefoil lip; large handle with high sides making central channel curves up from rim, then down to top of body; bulbous body; small, flat base with central sunken disk 2003.97.0621.jpg
50.4.9 Trefoil lipped; rounded handle curves up from the rim to the upper part of the body; short neck curves sharply into shoulder and bulbous body; small footring; flat underside. 2008.10.0031.jpg
50.5.1 Trefoil lipped oinochoe with rounded protrusions either side of neck-handle join. Single curved handle that reaches over into mouth, appears to have had an oblong pattern, and is flanked by moulded protrusions at the top and bottom. Wide neck with a groove at juncture with bulbous body. Ring foot reserved and base raised. 2006.20.0092.jpg
54.2.2 Everted lip; thin, tapering neck; strap handle curves down from rim to spherical, bulbous body; slightly raised flat foot. 2008.98.0329.jpg
60.1.4A-B Pyxis: inverted rim slightly hanging over bulbous body; small, ring torus foot above a slight groove; convex underside Lid: Gently slopes up to stem and donut shaped knob. 2004.05.0002.jpg
85.3.1 High, vertical sided neck joins sharply at shoulder with bulbous body; two-stepped base, bottom step rounded; concave base. 2007.01.0097.jpg
85.3.2 Wide, concave rim; short strap handle from bottom of lip to shoulder; thin short neck curves uninterrupted into bulbous body; slightly concave underside. 2003.97.0051.jpg
E.2002.8.1 Pronounced thick lip, no neck, bulbous body tapering to a pointed base.
E.23.25 Slightly everted lip, wide neck, bulbous body, and everted pedestal foot with concave base. 2006.20.0003.jpg
E.23.32 Undulating lip, long neck, bulbous shoulder tapering to a pointed base. Two opposing handles emerge on the sholder just below the band decoration. 2002.98.0198.jpg
E.62.50 The mouth is wide with no neck. The body is bulbous tapering to a flat base. 2002.98.0172.jpg
L.2011.1.26 Fragmented neck with remnants of a handle. Bulbous neck, wider near the outturned rim. 2011.97.0177.jpg
REDMG:1951.142.1 Trefoil mouth attached at the back to a small strap handle that reattaches at the bottom of the shoulder; short cylindrical neck curves into a baggy, bulbous body; broad, angled ring foot, rounded at the bottom, thin resting surface, slightly convex on underside. 2004.99.0702.jpg
REDMG:1951.151.1 According to Trendall and Cambitoglou, RFVA 1.278.149, this is a special lekythos shape. Cup mouth, slightly flaring at the top, with a broad rim, convex on the upper surface; the mouth is offset from a short cylindrical neck that broadens toward the bulbous squat body; short ring base, rounded in profile, with narrow, flat resting surface and recessed underside; strap handle rises from the upper part of the shoulder, along the side of the neck and curves to rejoins at the lowest part of the shoulder.
REDMG:1958.19.1 Jug with tall narrow tapering neck, beak spout, and bulbous body. Vertical strap handle joins the base of the neck near the spout and a thrid where the neck and body are joined.
REDMG:1958.33.1 Jug with bulbous body with delineated flat base. Single strap handle joins the upper body to the centre of the long neck with a funnel-shaped mouth ending with an everted rim.
REDMG:1961.199.1 Very narrow neck, from which loops up a small, narrow strap handle, which rejoins at the middle of the broad shoulder. The shoulder curves into a bulbous body, grooved just above a slightly raised base. The underside is slightly concave at its centre. Some circular ridges (comb ot wire marks) remain on the underside. 2004.99.0879.jpg
REDMG:1997.209.2 Bulbous vase, with rounded outturned rim, a tall cylindrical neck tapering down and then broadening to a baggy body with a narrow, flat base. Striations on the exterior indicate where the vase was scraped by the pottery during creation.
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