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There are 3 objects for which Shape_description contains "carved"
2016.5.4 Ovoidal body with round base. The shoulders are carved with vestigial tiny lugs handles. Short neck. Half section of the neck is broken off. 2016.01.0046.jpg
E.23.38 Coffin lid ornament: backbone of Osiris. The object is a cross shape. The horizontal piece of the cross is a square with three horizontal lines carved across it. This is placed about nine-tenths of the way up the vertical piece. Just below the horizontal square are three finer carved lines. 2002.98.0077.jpg
E.65.6 Long, thin ornament from a coffin lid: the centre appears to have a kind of knot carved into it with three ridges on either side of this. 2002.98.0076.jpg
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