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There are 11 objects for which Shape_description contains "center"
26.7.2 The handles are riddled, of ellipsoid cross-section and incurving. The stem is high and thick and the foot is disk-shaped, while the concave area of the base forms a conical center. 2003.09.0004.jpg
45.6.68 Small circular body with convex shoulder and reservoir meeting at the widest point to form an angular girth. Large filling hole in the center of the body, encircled by a small depression of the discus. Nozzle is flat with slightly curved sides. The tip of the nozzle is flat with rounded, but unequal sides with an oval wick hole. Small shallow circular foot in the center of the body. 2005.01.0074.jpg
45.6.69 Restricted lateral ellipsoid body, long convex shoulder shallow lower body. Large filling hole in the center of the body. Beginnings of a flat nozzle with concave side and a circular wick tube. Moderate straight sided foot with concave base, leading to a 'kick' on the internal side of the base. 2005.01.0048.jpg
78.12.11 Circular body, flat moulded shoulder, small concave discus with a small off center filling hole. Short flat nozzle, rounded tip with a slightly irregular wick hole that cuts into the shoulder area. Vertical handle which reaches down towards the base and attaches around the shoulder. Circular delineated base, slightly concave. 2008.99.0049.jpg
78.12.9 Large, deep, circular body, small convex shoulder, concave discus with a small filling hole at the center. Medium flat nozzle (broken) concave sides with a small air hole at the base of the nozzle, the start of a rounded tip with a circular wick hole. Space for handle. Circular flat delineated base. 2005.01.0115.jpg
79.1.12 Circular shallow body, concave discus with a small circular filling hole in the center. Small demarcated base, slightly concave. Long nozzle with concave sides and a rounded tip with a circular wick hole in the center of the tip. Two lines run down either side of the nozzle at the termination of volutes. 2005.01.0036.jpg
79.1.6 Circular body with slightly convex shoulder and a slightly concave discus, two holes of differing size are in the discus. The nozzle is small and rounded with an oval wick hole just off center. Vertical handle which reaches to the base which is demarcated with two concentric circles. 2005.01.0083.jpg
E.63.21 Flat lanceolate with a ridge down the center on each side.
REDMG:1953.25.32 Kalathos-shaped body, with a flaring rounded rim, to the top of which are attached the looped ends of a pair of strap handles, concave on their exterior surfaces; the tubular ends of the loops rejoin the middle of each handle, and below the bottom of each handle, attached at the bottom of the cup, is a spur. Below a carination, the bottom of the cup narrows to a nearly cylindrical stem, ridged at the center, below which it widens, and smoothly curves into the top of a moulded foot, with three ridges, of increasing diameter, on the exterior surface. Within the narrow resting surface is a concave underside, with a conical hollow at centre. 2005.89.0006.jpg
REDMG:1961.150.1 Spreading lip, flat, with rounded rim, above tall, cylindrical neck, with ridge at center, just above attachment of l-shaped strap-handle, joining at centre of shoulder; squat piriform body, nearly flat base, ridge at exterior, groove just within. 2004.99.0833.jpg
REDMG:1964.1661 Everted rounded rim with flat upper surface, tapering to a narrow neck that broadens to a piriform body, conical in the lower part, on a tall, slightly flaring foot, with a flat resting surface and conical depression with a nipple at the center. 2004.99.0605.jpg
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