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There are 65 objects for which Shape_description contains "central"
13.10.27 'Cocked hat'; open lamp consisting of a shallow circular bowl; two folded in edges which form a wick rest; small rim visible at back; small central circular foot. 2005.01.0001.jpg
14.9.58 Conical with narrower neck at one end and widening to a lip at the other like a miniature vase. End with lip slopes inwards to a raised central circle. 2006.20.0325.jpg
2016.3.2 Ovoid body with convex shoulders and wide central filling hole. Body tapers directly into the nozzle with rounded tip, ovoid wick hole at centre and convex sides. Flat ring foot on the base. 2016.99.0250.jpg
23.11.31BB Warrior facing right, holding a round shield with a design of spokes radiating from a central boss, and a diagonally-hefted spear. 2005.06.0013.jpg
23.11.31HH Circular shield with raised rim and large domed central boss. 2003.96.0014.jpg
23.11.31NNNN Single fragment consisting of the head and shoulders of a figure facing right. Wearing a large knobbed headdress which is decorated with tall vertical loops with a central line, over long styled hair
25.6.3 Chimney mouth with flat rim; single curved handle; base has central concave section; foot double stepped. 2011.98.0106.jpg
25.9.2 Central hole opening to inside of plemochoe with a ledge to receive a lid. 2003.97.0811.jpg
26.12.19 Single curved handle. Foot in two degrees, top; base has central concave section. 2003.12.0082.jpg
26.2.16 'Ioninan'. Lower part of body and beginning of foot, including central boss. 2003.45.0056.jpg
26.4.1A-B Lid: central 'pagoda-like' knob. Pyxis: feet are grooved horizontally; raised base is slightly convex. 2003.17.0001.jpg
26.8.1 Central vertical handle reaches across middle of vase. 2003.97.0768.jpg
26.8.3 Chimney mouth. Base has central concave circle. 2007.01.0092.jpg
28.9.1 Mouth flares out and rim is flat. High vertical handle joined to rim with surs either side. Body has two horizontal handles. Base has central convex circle. 2005.90.0004.jpg
34.8.4 Flared mouth with flat lip. Base is flat with concave central circle. 2003.12.0077.jpg
34.8.5 Chimney mouth. Base flat except for a central concave section. 2003.97.0434.jpg
34.8.7 Flared cup mouth. Base has central concave circle. 2003.13.0007.jpg
39.8.2 Fragment; central part of kylix with short stem, foot lost. 2003.21.0014.jpg
45.10.1 High, curved, thick, black handle which bends back on itself to attach to mouth and at the back to the lower part of the shoulder. At the mouth attachment are two moulded heads; spout has central channel and two ridges at moulded rim. The cylindrical neck becomes bell shaped in its lower part, and a ridge marks its attachment to the shoulder, which is slightly concave. Beyond the handle attachment is a flat rim, offset from the shoulder and, more sharply, from the body beneath it, which is upright but slightly convex. The very short ring foot, with broad resting surface, is as broad as the rim around the shoulder. 2004.99.0028.jpg
45.10.4 Central, circular knob handle, with flat top and inset rim. 2007.01.0017.jpg
45.6.16 Flared cup mouth. Strap Handle descending from top of neck to sloping shoulder. Base has a central concave section. Cf. "Sixth and Fifth Century Pottery", P.N.Ure (ed.), p49 shape class K, pl. 15 no. 80.249 2003.97.0442.jpg
45.6.17 Flared mouth with flat lip. Handle starts halfway down neck, curves up and then down to join shoulder. Long, narrow body. Broad foot. Central concave section on base. 2003.12.0081.jpg
45.6.26 Shallow with incurved rim, round body on a high stem and a ring in centre of stem. Convex foot with a central groove and flat resting surface except for central concave circle. 2010.98.0276.jpg
45.6.66 Circular deep body with small lip leading to a large filling hole. At the centre of the reservoir is a central circular hollow which is no taller then the rim of the lamp and widens towards the base of the lamp. The nozzle is flat but at a slight incline, the tip of the nozzle is irregular, one side is rounded, the other is angular, the wick hole is oval. Base is a slightly concave ring with parallel circumferences. 2005.01.0072.jpg
46.9.1 'Little lion' shape. Shallow, flaring mouth; thin neck from the top of which a single strap thin handle curves down to the flat shoulder; slight ridge between neck and shoulder; body tapers down to disk foot; base flat with central concave circle. Cf. Agora 12 part 2, no. 1115, pl. 38 2003.92.0149.jpg
49.4.1 The mouth is conical, with a large aperture, the handle is banded and the foot is two-stepped and disk-shaped, with a small central concave dot underneath. 2005.88.0081.jpg
49.8.12 Flaring mouth, flat rim on the top; single strap handle curves down from top of neck to shoulder; body tapers to thick disk foot; flat base except for concave central circle. Cf. "Sixth and Fifth Century Pottery", P.N.Ure (ed.), p48, pl. 16 nos. 18.52 & especially 18.62 (feet missing so cannot be compared) 2008.99.0528.jpg
49.8.8 Trefoil lip; large handle with high sides making central channel curves up from rim, then down to top of body; bulbous body; small, flat base with central sunken disk 2003.97.0621.jpg
50.10.6 Deep bowl; two horizontal handles emerge from just below the rim; vertical walls taper down to small disk foot; concave underside with central convex circle. 2003.98.0143.jpg
51.1.2 The vertical handle is of ellipsoid cross-section with a banded back. The horizontal handles are riddled, circular and slightly curving upwards. The foot is conical, with a ring-shaped termination and the base has a concave, conical surface with an inflated semi-spherical central part. 2010.98.0180.jpg
52.3.1 Wide mouth with flat, reserved rim. Two strap handles, one on each side, curve up from top of neck then down to shoulder. Body is inverted pear shape, tapering to very small foot with groove in middle.Ring on the junction of the body and the foot. Underside almost conical up to small, central, convex circle 2007.02.0023.jpg
53.8.1 Mesomphalos phiale with a thickened rounded lip, with a slight carination on the inside edge, with convex walls, sloping down to a flat plate, at the centre of which is an omphalos (raised central boss), decorated in relief all around. 2003.92.0274.jpg
59.6.3 Single but ornate handle that has pointed oval at bottom, two moulded lines towards top and a piece that curves up separate to the main handle in a 'cobra-like' strike pose. The main piece of the handle extends along rim of vessel in a leaf-like shape with notches in the edges. Mouth is wide and has small rim. Outside body is marked with 4 pairs of incised bands around its sides. Small curve at side of foot. Base is flat but has 6 incised concentric circles and a central sunken dot.
60.8.3A-B Lid: three tiered round knob with central, nearly conical well; short concave stem curving above and below into knob and lid; nearly flat lid tapering gently to a short vertical rim, rounded at both edges. The underside is slightly hollowed under the knob. Lekanis: shallow bowl with a short nearly vertical flange, rounded at the lip, straight but tapering walls, slightly carinated and narrowing, with convex lower portion, to a very short stem, on a rounded disk foot, with a flat resting surface, curved on the underside, with a rounded point at the centre. A wishbone handle rises from the top of the wall, on either side; a lug protrudes from either side of each handle. Ure 1960, 216 notes that what remains of the one handle indicates that it was pointed (wish-bone shaped) at the centre as well as rounded in section. 2010.98.0344.jpg
78.12.12 Shallow circular body with large concave discus, filling hole is small and off centre on the discus. Medium nozzle has concave sided with a rounded tip, wick hole is circular and central at the end of the nozzle. Base is flat and delineated 2005.01.0110.jpg
78.12.13 Deep circular body , concave discus with a central filling hole. Medium, flat nozzle with concave sides, a splayed, rounded tip, large circular wick hole, just off centre. Flat circular delineated base. 2008.99.0245.jpg
78.12.3 Circular body, small rounded nozzle with an oval wick hole, Small filing hole on the central axis but not in the centre of the discus. Small single volutes, concave moulded discus. Vertical handle with hole through. No foot, slightly concave base. 2005.01.0306.jpg
78.12.5 Shallow circular body, slight shoulder leading to a large concave discus with a filling hole on the central axis, but further forward. Medium nozzle with concave sides leading to a rounded tip with a circular wick hole. Delineated base, slightly concave. Vertical band around the edge of the whole lamp, probably from joining. 2008.99.0037.jpg
78.12.7 Shallow circular body, small shoulder with concave discus with a small filling hole just off the centre of the discus. Medium nozzle, flat with concave sides, rounded tip and central circular wick hole. Base is unmarked, circular and slightly concave. Right hand stands slightly taller than the left. 2008.99.0808.jpg
78.12.8 Circular body, small convex shoulder with a slightly concave discus, two small holes on the discus, one on the central axis, the other just slightly off to the left. The nozzle is small and flat with a rounded tip and a circular wick hole, just off centre. Vertical handle extending towards the base at the back with a small hole though the centre. Demarcated base is flat except for a small depression. 2008.99.0064.jpg
E.23.45 Small tweezers with a loop on one end, originally loose in the hinge for hanging. Tweezers are made from three pieces, a central straight but shorter section and two longer but curved inwards sections which would have been the pieces that would have bent together to hold the hair or splinter.
E.23.46 Lightweight hair ring comprised of a circle that is incomplete, to allow hair to be put into the ring. The top and bottom slope into the central hole and the body widens so there is a ridge around centre.
E.62.40 Three pieces. Lid is circular and flat with a central knob handle, also circular. Second piece is the ring which sits between lid and base and is circular with a central hole cut out and a rim on the underside so it sits in the base. Base is wide at shoulder and tapers to the bottom with smooth walls. At top is a slighlty raised rim to receive ring. Inside is a hollowed out cylinder, not to the contours of the outer wall. 2002.98.0008.jpg
E.62.44 Lid is oval with a central circular knob and traces of an incised band on top. (Lid is missing!) Body has a flat rim, same shape and size as lid so they sit together, but with a central circular opening. Thin neck leading to shoulders. Four oblong feet at each 'corner' and the base between is flat. Flat rim on top of body is reserved. The inside is a cylindrical well, not matching the contours or shape of the outside. Heavy object.
L.2011.1.13 Central circular knob, with a round tip and a sort of carination in the edge, hollow in the underneath; rounded rim, hollow inside, connected to the knob by a quite sloping lid. 2011.97.0183.jpg
L.2011.1.14 Round. Slightly convex surface, with a central stem protruding in the middle of the inner part, with a wider slightly convex tip. 2011.97.0195.jpg
L.2011.1.37 Lamp fragment, with part of one shoulder and of the nozzle; filling-hole in central discus almost complete. 2011.97.0258.jpg
L.2011.1.38 Front fragment of a lamp, with part of the central discus with filling-hole, part of the shoulders and nozzle. General shape rounded. 2011.97.0274.jpg
L.2011.1.41 Fragment of one body and of central discus. On the edge of the body a hand-grip. 2011.97.0297.jpg
L.2011.1.42 Lamp fragment, with one shoulder and part of the central discus, with filling-hole. 2011.96.0044.jpg
L.2011.1.43 Fragment of shoulder and central discus. 2011.97.0236.jpg
L.2011.1.44 Fragment of shoulder with a hand-grip, and of central discus. 2011.97.0278.jpg
REDMG:1942.5.6.2 Small trefoil oinochoe, group iii. Pinched trefoil mouth from which rises at the back a high swung strap handle that rejoins the body above the middle; small indentation on lower part of handle; short, wide neck that curves continuously into the baggy body; short, plain ring foot, slightly concave on underside, with central nipple.
REDMG:1951.144.1 Central well, surrounded by a ridge, rising to broad rim with overhanging vertical lip, tapering slightly in; on the underside the plate curves to a short, thick stem that broadens to a moulded foot, concave and flaring on the exterior surface, hollowed on the interior, with a flat resting surface, pointed at centre of plate. 2005.99.0120.jpg
REDMG:1953.25.33 Central well, surrounded by a ridge and groove; walls rising to broad rim, just beyond a groove on the upper surface, with overhanging vertical lip, tapering slightly out; on the underside the plate is slightly convex and joins a short, thick, angled ring foot, with a tapering resting surface and a slightly convex, pointed underside. 2005.89.0008.jpg
REDMG:1953.25.79 Small Circular body, convex shoulder, rim of large central filling hole is concave. Large slightly raised nozzle, rounded tip with a large oval wick hole, slightly irregular underside to nozzle. Small straight sided circular foot with a flat base. Slight anomaly at the bottom of the reservoir in the centre. 2005.01.0248.jpg
REDMG:1964.1605.1 Small Circular body, convex shoulder, rim of large central filling hole is concave. Large flat nozzle, rounded tip with a large oval wick hole. Small slightly splayed circular foot. Slight anomaly at the bottom of the reservoir. 2003.93.0130.jpg
REDMG:1964.1608.1 Small circular body, convex shoulder, concave rim leading to a large circular, central filling hole. Flat long nozzle with slightly down-turned oval wick hole and a rounded tip. Small circular strait sided foot with flat base. 2005.01.0205.jpg
REDMG:1964.1609.1 Ovoid body with handle and nozzle included in the shape. Flat shoulder, raised rim of discus and slightly sunken discus with filling hole just off the central axis to the front right. Small straight sided nozzle, rounded tip with large, slightly oval wick hole. Small pinched vertical handle attaching from the discus down towards the base. Small unmarked circular base, slightly concave. joining marks still distinguishable. 2005.01.0235.jpg
REDMG:1964.1613.1 Circular shallow body with rounded convex shoulder leading to a concave discus with two small filling/air holes along a central axis. Nozzle is of an average length with a rounded wick hole. large un-pierced pinched vertical handle, small circular, slightly concave demarcated base. 2005.01.0262.jpg
REDMG:1964.1615.1 Circular deep body, convex shoulder, small circular concave discus with reasonably large central filling hole. Small rounded nozzle with a medium sized flat, circular wick hole, at base of nozzle there appears to be a small air hole. Flat vertical handle with circular piercing through it. Handle is high above the body and reaches down towards the base. Base is circular and flat, it is delineated by two moulded bands. 2005.01.0139.jpg
REDMG:1964.1616.1 Ovoid body with handle and nozzle included in the shape. Flat shoulder, raised rim of discus and slightly sunken discus with filling hole just off the central axis to the front right. Small straight sided nozzle, rounded tip with large, slightly oval wick hole. Small pinched vertical handle attaching from the discus down towards the base. Small unmarked circular base, slightly concave. joining marks still distinguishable. 2005.01.0217.jpg
REDMG:1964.1675.1 Rounded rim surrounded bya slight ridge from which rises the shoulder of a squat ovoid body, tapering to a short angled ring base, concave on central part of underside. On interior of rim five evenly spaced notches are gouged into the inside of the mouth.
TEMP.2003.6.11 Skyphos or Kantharos? The rim is torus-shaped and sloping and the handle is vertical with a central rib.
TEMP.2003.6.3 (a) Part of a triple handle and part of the area of the body where it was joined. (b) Part of lower body area and ring-shaped base with a concave area, whose central, inflated part is pointed.
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