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There are 31 objects for which Shape_description contains "circle"
14.9.58 Conical with narrower neck at one end and widening to a lip at the other like a miniature vase. End with lip slopes inwards to a raised central circle. 2006.20.0325.jpg
2007.10.2.126 circle
2007.10.2.314 Circle
2007.10.2.316 Circle
2007.10.2.318 Circle
2007.10.2.320 Circle
2007.10.2.322 Circle
2007.10.2.323 Circle
2007.10.2.335 Circle
2007.10.2.339 Circle and Concave
2009.10.2.89 Circle
26.8.3 Chimney mouth. Base has central concave circle. 2007.01.0092.jpg
28.9.1 Mouth flares out and rim is flat. High vertical handle joined to rim with surs either side. Body has two horizontal handles. Base has central convex circle. 2005.90.0004.jpg
34.8.4 Flared mouth with flat lip. Base is flat with concave central circle. 2003.12.0077.jpg
34.8.7 Flared cup mouth. Base has central concave circle. 2003.13.0007.jpg
45.6.20 Round knob, fragment from lid of lekanis or pyxis, with stem. Knob formed of flat top, with inset circle, depressed centre; profile in two parts, convex on upper part, flat and vertical below; flat underside, offset from short cylindrical stem. 2006.20.0029.jpg
45.6.26 Shallow with incurved rim, round body on a high stem and a ring in centre of stem. Convex foot with a central groove and flat resting surface except for central concave circle. 2010.98.0276.jpg
50.10.6 Deep bowl; two horizontal handles emerge from just below the rim; vertical walls taper down to small disk foot; concave underside with central convex circle. 2003.98.0143.jpg
52.3.1 Wide mouth with flat, reserved rim. Two strap handles, one on each side, curve up from top of neck then down to shoulder. Body is inverted pear shape, tapering to very small foot with groove in middle.Ring on the junction of the body and the foot. Underside almost conical up to small, central, convex circle 2007.02.0023.jpg
64.7.1 Stemless (of a late type). Thin inturned rim; shallow bowl; one remaining rounded handle curves up slightly higher than the rim from just below the rim; round footring; flat underside with slight moulded circle on base. 2007.01.0170.jpg
71.12.5 Long, thin strigil steeply curved. The handle is thicker at the front and thinner at the back where it bends over to form an oblong. The thinner piece is not attached to the body but curves back on itself and end is a flat circle. 2004.95.0150.jpg
79.1.3 Circular deep body with slightly concave discus, large filling hole and a shoulder lug on the right hand side. Flat nozzle, small oval wick hole. Shallow circular foot, slightly concave with a smaller circle within the foot. 2005.01.0342.jpg
79.1.8 Small circular body with a convex shoulder and a small concave discus with an irregular filling hole at the centre. Nozzle is slightly arched and splayed at the tip with concave edges and an obtuse tip. Wick hole is oval. base is a concave small demarcated circle with a circle within. 2005.01.0029.jpg
E.23.42.1-4 Group of four red beads, unattached but found together. Two are long and thin, one is a shallow but complete circle and the fourth is an incomplete circle and thick.
E.23.46 Lightweight hair ring comprised of a circle that is incomplete, to allow hair to be put into the ring. The top and bottom slope into the central hole and the body widens so there is a ridge around centre.
REDMG:1951.136.1 Moulded knob, topped by an offset beveled element with inset circle on upper surface; concave stem curves into a diagonal lid, with a slightly incurving lip, with a rounded rim. 2004.99.0633.jpg
REDMG:1951.137.1 Moulded knob, topped by beveled element with inset circle on upper surface; concave stem, attached to a nearly flat lid, with a moulded flange on the underside, slightly concave at centre. 2004.73.0004.jpg
REDMG:1951.138.1 Moulded rounded (‘mushroom’) knob, topped by beveled disk with inset circle, conical indentation on upper surface, surrounded by a groove; cylindrical stem offset from a to a slightly diagonal lid, with a moulded flange on the underside, concave at centre.
REDMG:1951.139.1 Moulded knob, topped by a slightly rounded element with inset circle and conical indentation, on upper surface; lower part of knob curves into a nearly cylindrical stem offset from a diagonal lid, with a tapered lip, with a plain rim. 2004.99.0643.jpg
REDMG:1953.25.69-70 Moulded knob, topped by an offset beveled element with inset circle on upper surface, with a two-part profile, convex on the upper part; concave stem curves into a diagonal lid, with a slightly incurving convex lip that terminates in a rounded rim. 2007.02.0002.jpg
REDMG:1953.25.75 Incurving rounded rim; interior surface curves smoothly; exterior upper part offset from a lower concave element, curving out at the bottom to flat base, marked by a ridge on the exterior; nipple surrounded by a grooved circle at centre of underside. 2005.99.0110.jpg
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