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There are 2 objects for which Shape_description contains "circlecf"
46.9.1 'Little lion' shape. Shallow, flaring mouth; thin neck from the top of which a single strap thin handle curves down to the flat shoulder; slight ridge between neck and shoulder; body tapers down to disk foot; base flat with central concave circle. Cf. Agora 12 part 2, no. 1115, pl. 38 2003.92.0149.jpg
49.8.12 Flaring mouth, flat rim on the top; single strap handle curves down from top of neck to shoulder; body tapers to thick disk foot; flat base except for concave central circle. Cf. "Sixth and Fifth Century Pottery", P.N.Ure (ed.), p48, pl. 16 nos. 18.52 & especially 18.62 (feet missing so cannot be compared) 2008.99.0528.jpg
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