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There are 8 objects for which Shape_description contains "clay"
13.10.17 Barrel-shaped jug, deep-spreading lip, half has broken away. One handle, with a raised area along the middle. Clay on body rounded into a point in the middle of either side. 2003.92.0048.jpg
13.10.26 Shallow bowl; horizontal rim with two holes for suspension at one side, one of the holes has a thin piece of rope in it (modern?)and clay; the base is slightly bulbous (the shape is slightly irregular leading to an incline of the rim to one side); interior smooth; 'ridges' can be felt on the exterior where the clay was turned on the potter's wheel; short, wide resting surface. 2003.92.0071.jpg
14.9.38 Fragment with long section of rim attached. Clay becomes thicker at rim because it is slighlty offset. 2003.01.0093.jpg
14.9.41 Fragment with rim attached. The rim is offset a little and the clay bends halfway down the fragment to lead to the base of the cup. 2003.01.0096.jpg
14.9.50 Fragment. Flat-topped projecting rim, flaring outwards. Clay is thick at the point where the rim begins to flare outwards. 2003.01.0085.jpg
14.9.84 Fragment. Ground yellowish-buff clay with no finished edges to the fragment. 2013.04.0020.jpg
22.9.1 Pappas figurine consisting of a rectangular body, ovoid in cross-section, flaring at the base, with a concave resting surface. At the top of the body or trunk, two rudimentary 'arms' extend in triangular forms that terminate in rounded stumps; above, the neck rises in a cylinder from which (on the front) extends a protrusion that suggests a nose, above which is a flat piece of clay coiled back on itself, resting against a widening cylindrical 'polos' crown, which is concave at the top. 2004.08.0002.jpg
26.7.11 There is a single strap-handle at the top. There is a small ball of clay, on the interior, which appears to plug up a hole at the top of the bell. Cf. especially Wolters-Bruns pl. 43.13 2002.97.0314.jpg
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