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There are 10 objects for which Shape_description contains "closed"
14.9.79 Fragment from a closed vase (probably amphora) 2003.46.0066.jpg
22.3.41 Single triangular fragment preserves part of the base of a closed shape, perhaps a jug, with a flat bottom. 2004.99.0530.jpg
34.10.12 Top closed, perforated with two concentric rings of holes (six inner, nine outer) around pointed knob. 2002.97.0598.jpg
50.12.20 Fragment of closed shape 2003.98.0169.jpg
50.12.25 Fragment of large closed vessel 2003.98.0132.jpg
50.12.39 Fragment of a closed shape 2003.98.0085.jpg
50.12.43 Fragment of large closed vessel. 2003.98.0111.jpg
50.12.45 Fragment of closed vase 2003.98.0239.jpg
57.3.4 Flat piece, perhaps from the shoulder of a closed vase. 2004.12.0097.jpg
L.2016.3.31 Ceramic figure of a camel, with raised head and straight posture. He is slightly craning his straightened head upwards, so that his broad neck is a little bent backwards. His eyes appear to be triangular but the iris is round. The mouth is slightly open. The saddle is just schematically depicted with a broad band surrounding the humps, both slightly tapering; the back hump is bent to the left, the front hump to the right. The tail leads down closed to his left leg. His legs are long and thin. There is a hole at the bottom of his rounded belly.
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