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There are 11 objects for which Shape_description contains "comprised"
23.11.31K2 Hand holding a wreath comprised of triangular shaped elements 2003.96.0025.jpg
35.5.34A-Q Eighteen fragments of one piece, some fragments joined (a and f each comprised of three fragments joined together, i comprised of two fragments joined. 2004.10.0001.jpg
39.8.1 Stemless cup-skyphos with an offset lip terminating in a rounded everted rim; moulded foot comprised of concave element above convex element, interrupted by a ridge at the top. 2003.93.0335.jpg
49.12.1 Everted, nearly flat rim, with round lip, curves sharply to a cylindrical upper body, somewhat concave, separated from the lower body by a ridge above a flange. The lower body is comprised of four horizontal ribs, above a shallow bowl that narrows to a thin, short stem, that curves continuously into a conical foot, finishing with a broad groove above a rounded edge. The underside is hollowed. Two strap handles, which flare on either side, rise up above the rim and then descend to rejoin the body at the flange. A spur projects from the lower part of each handle, approximately in the middle of the upper body. 2008.98.0387.jpg
52.3.3 Broad flat rim; short thick neck; handles are comprised of two vertical bars joined at the rim by an overhanging horizontal bar with downward protrusions at either end; body tapers to conical footring; flat base. 2003.95.0050.jpg
56.8.2 Tall inslanting rim with plain round lip, sharply turning to a short shoulder that broadens to an ovoid body, which tapers to a tall moulded foot, comprised of a beveled top, two concave elements, a carination, below which a scotia above a torus. The resting surface is ridged and the underside consists of a pointed convex centre, within a tapering concave part. Two u-shaped handles, round in section, rise from the bottom of the shoulder to high above the rim. On either side of each handle is a pointed lug. 2002.97.0579.jpg
62.10.1 Tall vertical rim, with plain round lip, that turns into a barrel-shaped body on a short, broad foot ring, with flat resting surface and underside, with exterior wall comprised of a slanting element above a rounded element, and interior wall slanted . Two u-shaped handles, round in section, rise from the bottom of the shoulder to high above the rim. 2008.98.0333.jpg
E.23.46 Lightweight hair ring comprised of a circle that is incomplete, to allow hair to be put into the ring. The top and bottom slope into the central hole and the body widens so there is a ridge around centre.
REDMG:1951.131.1 Slim alabastron with narrow mouth, projecting rim, slightly convex on the upper surface, and beveled at the edge, flat on the underside; tall, slightly concave neck, offset from a tall ovoid body, with two small lug handles on the upper 1/4 of the body; molded pedestal foot is comprised of a tapering upper element broadening into a disk foot, with a diagonal outer surface, with three ridges, a flat resting surface, and a conical indentation on the underside. 2003.94.0080.jpg
REDMG:1953.25.22 Chimney mouth with everted lip, slightly concave on the upper surface, and ridged on the lower surface, offset from a tall cylindrical neck, which broadens to a flat shoulder. Small strap handle arches up from alongside the neck and rejoins at the bottom of the shoulder; below a carination at shoulder is a cylindrical body, slightly flaring at the shoulder, tapering towards the base, and then sharply narrowing to a short stem, attached to a moulded pedestal foot, comprised of a scotia above a torus; the flat base has a conical indentation at centre. 2005.99.0074.jpg
REDMG:1964.1669 Rounded everted rim; sides comprised of two concave parts, the upper one larger; flat base. 2003.93.0256.jpg
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