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There are 2 objects for which Shape_description contains "connects"
37.11.8 The vessel has a rope handle at its back with a rotella (connects to the rim with a bit that looks like an anklebone). The other two handles are inclined upwards and of cylindrical shape. They are attached to the upper part of the body in two spots and they are riddled. The foot is quite tall and conical (widening towards the base). 2003.36.0007.jpg
68.12.2 Short cylindrical knob, flat-topped and double-recessed in centre. The short concave stem connects the cylinder to the short domed lid, in a continuous curve. Beyond a gouge the outer 1.8 cm of the lid becomes slightly concave and after two ridges terminates in a slightly rounded edge.The underside is hollowed just below the knob, and has a short flange intended to sits inside the rim of the pyxis to which it would have belonged. 2002.97.0272.jpg
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