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There are 8 objects for which Shape_description contains "continuous"
47.2.5 Rounded thin rim, below which are attached two horizontal round handles, horseshoe-shaped; vertical wall curving into a shallow bowl, on a broad, flaring ring foot with a continuous concave interior surface from the underside through the resting surface. 2008.10.0013.jpg
55.1.1 Rounded outturned rim, narrowing to neck and broadening to baggy body, in a continuous curve down to the angled torus ring foot. Vertical ribbon handle, slightly grooved, loops from just below rim to the upper part of the body. 2008.98.0373.jpg
68.12.2 Short cylindrical knob, flat-topped and double-recessed in centre. The short concave stem connects the cylinder to the short domed lid, in a continuous curve. Beyond a gouge the outer 1.8 cm of the lid becomes slightly concave and after two ridges terminates in a slightly rounded edge.The underside is hollowed just below the knob, and has a short flange intended to sits inside the rim of the pyxis to which it would have belonged. 2002.97.0272.jpg
79.1.14 large circular shape with a short rounded nozzle. Three bisected un-pierced lugs placed on the shoulder of the lamp equidistantly. The discus is sunken and there is a moulded rim to the discus which runs all the way around the wick hole in a continuous form. The wick hole and the filling hole are the same size and are in line with each other, there is also what appears to be an air hole in-between the channel of moulding. There is a ring base. 2005.01.0335.jpg
REDMG:1953.25.15 Trefoil lip attached at the the back to a broad, high curved strap handle that curves in slightly to the middle of the shoulder; short cylindrical neck joining stepped shoulder in a continuous curve; globular body curves into a short ring foot with diagonal resting surface and slightly concave underside.
REDMG:1953.25.16 Trefoil mouth at the back of which is attached a hook-shaped round handle that begins above the height of the mouth and turns back to join the shoulder, with a slight spur; short neck curving into a baggy body in a continuous curve; short ring foot with narrow, rounded resting surface, diagonal inside wall, and pointed underside. Handle attachment is indicative of the Dotted Spray Group 2005.99.0090.jpg
REDMG:1953.25.54 Wide-mouthed mug. Rounded outturned rim, narrowing at the neck and broadening to a baggy body, in a continuous curve down to the thick torus ring foot, with a thin resting surface, diagonal element, and offset underside; a vertical loop ribbon handle is tucked in just below the rim where it adjoins the upper half of the body.
REDMG:1958.117.1 Rounded, slightly incurving rim, which which rise (at slight angles) two high swung strap handles, rejoined at the bottom of the bowl in a continuous curve with the bottom of the bowl; between the handles, the bottom of the bowl is set off from the side walls. A flaring, broad ring foot is convex on the interior; the underside of the bowl is slightly convex. On the interior, the bottom of the bowl is offset from the side walls at a sharp carination. 2004.99.0885.jpg
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