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There are 4 objects for which Shape_description contains "corner"
2007.9.7 Four-sided, almost rectangular except for one side which slopes down more genlty, resulting in a noticeably acute point at one corner.
48.12.13 Short straight tapering neck; shoulder meets the body at a corner point; two small handles are attached to the upper body; the body is bulbous and has no foot. 2008.99.0242.jpg
E.62.44 Lid is oval with a central circular knob and traces of an incised band on top. (Lid is missing!) Body has a flat rim, same shape and size as lid so they sit together, but with a central circular opening. Thin neck leading to shoulders. Four oblong feet at each 'corner' and the base between is flat. Flat rim on top of body is reserved. The inside is a cylindrical well, not matching the contours or shape of the outside. Heavy object.
E.63.1 Fragment has four sides and shows the top right hand corner of the tablet. 2002.98.0163.jpg
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