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There are 67 objects for which Shape_description contains "cup"
11.10.13 Fragment of shallow cup. 2002.97.0363.jpg
11.10.2 Flared cup mouth. Base concave in centre. 2003.97.0444.jpg
14.10.103 Cup mouth. For shape compare to CVA Cracow Mus. Arch. 4.13 2006.20.0597.jpg
14.9.110A Ionian cup 2006.20.0263.jpg
14.9.41 Fragment with rim attached. The rim is offset a little and the clay bends halfway down the fragment to lead to the base of the cup. 2003.01.0096.jpg
2007.4.107 Fragement perhaps part of a bowl or cup. 2007.30.0015.jpg
22.9.4 Deep drinking cup with base and side handles. Underside concave. 2003.29.0088.jpg
22.9.5 Sphere with base and one side handle still present. Only half intact with one side handle. Other handle and some other pieces with it but just fragments. Base of cup badly chipped. Underside of cup's base is inverted. 2003.29.0010.jpg
25.8.1 Lekythos of the 'Phanyllis Class' shape, with a cup mouth 2003.97.0874.jpg
25.8.6 Handle is small and joined from shoulder to neck. Shallow cup mouth. 2011.98.0056.jpg
26.2.68 Fragment of the bottom part of the cup of a chalice(?)or bowl(?). Single, hexagonal fragment from the floor of the bowl. 2007.03.1175.jpg
29.11.2 Cup mouth. The top of the rim slightly curving upwards. Cylindrical neck. Strap single handle connecting the beginning of the neck with the shoulder. Shoulder curves slightly down to straight body. Broad torus ring foot. Underside flat except conical center. Cf. Smith 2003, BSA 98, p.360, footnote 26, pl. 59 a-b (see also 'Comments'). 2003.97.0743.jpg
29.11.8 Flaring, slightly convex rim with rounded lip, smoothly joins a short, straight-sided cup that curves sharply to a slightly offset resting surface, slightly concave. A single strap handle curves arches between the walls of the basket on the inside. 2008.99.0398.jpg
31.6.1 Droop cup 2016.99.0301.jpg
34.8.1 Squat lekythos. Flared cup mouth. 2003.97.0691.jpg
34.8.3 Flared cup mouth. Single curved handle. Base is slightly concave. 2003.97.0421.jpg
34.8.7 Flared cup mouth. Base has central concave circle. 2003.13.0007.jpg
35.4.1 Droop cup. Slight ridge at top of stem. 2003.97.0802.jpg
35.5.20-22 Four fragments probably from the same cup 2003.61.0096.jpg
35.5.23-26 Four fragments possibly from one cup 2003.21.0078.jpg
35.5.27-29 Fragments, 1 consisting of seven pieces joined, 2 of two, 3 of three, probably all from one cup. 2004.10.0098.jpg
38.4.8 Shallow cup mouth 2013.99.0017.jpg
45.6.14 Shallow cup mouth 2003.97.0614.jpg
45.6.16 Flared cup mouth. Strap Handle descending from top of neck to sloping shoulder. Base has a central concave section. Cf. "Sixth and Fifth Century Pottery", P.N.Ure (ed.), p49 shape class K, pl. 15 no. 80.249 2003.97.0442.jpg
45.6.41 Shallow cup with thick rim, no handles, and a small foot. Flat resting surface and conical base. 2006.20.0166.jpg
47.2.3 Castulo cup: large stemless cup with inset lip. Slightly outturned rim with concave lip, inset on interior and exterior, below which are attached two horizontal round handles, oblong in shape, incurved and rising slightly over the rim. Shallow bowl divided from a spreading, lipped torus ring foot by a broad groove. 2001.99.0135.jpg
47.2.4 Rheneia cup: stemless cup with riddled handles of ellipsoid cross-section that curve upwards and ring-shaped base. 2010.99.0177.jpg
50.10.4 Cup mouth, a vertical, banded handle and a disk-shaped base. 2013.99.0031.jpg
50.12.13 Rim fragment from a cup. 2003.98.0108.jpg
50.12.14 Fragment of rim of cup. 2003.98.0230.jpg
50.12.21 Fragment of bottom of cup or bowl. 2007.01.0147.jpg
50.12.24 Rim fragment of a deep cup 2003.98.0171.jpg
50.12.30 Fragment of a cup 2003.98.0229.jpg
50.12.34 Fragment of cup with base of handle. 2003.98.0095.jpg
50.12.47 Fragment of cup with nearly straight sides (like a Corinthian skyphos) 2003.98.0177.jpg
50.3.3 'Ionic' cup shape; offset rim, narrowing handles and cushioning foot. 2005.88.0042.jpg
50.4.10 Type C cup. Slightly everted rim with thickened concave lip, from below which emerge two horizontal rounded handles in an oblong shape, that curve up to just below the rim. Shallow bowl flows uninterrupted into a thick stem, which tapers out until a ridge, below which it is cylindrical; thick torus ring foot with slightly sloping upper side and conical underside. 2008.99.0771.jpg
50.4.11 Castulo cup. Cf. Agora 12, 101-2 2010.98.0312.jpg
50.4.12 Castulo cup': large stemless cup. Slightly outturned rim with concave lip, inset on interior and exterior, below which are attached two horizontal round handles, oblong in shape, incurved and rising to the height of the rim. Shallow bowl divided from a spreading, lipped torus ring foot by a broad groove. 2001.99.0131.jpg
50.4.16 Plain, rounded, thickened rim; shallow cup; ridge at junction of bowl and stem; tall stem curving continuously to the upper surface of the foot, which has a slightly concave outer surface, and rises to a small underside. Classed by Gill as a 'plain rim' type; he further notes 'Acrocup type foot and fillet'. 2003.92.0176.jpg
51.4.6 Siana cup fragment 2003.99.0022.jpg
51.4.7 Fragment of a Little Master band cup 2003.97.0864.jpg
51.7.16 Wide cup mouth with a reserved, flat rim. Two tripartite strap handles rise up from the neck and join the body at the shoulders. Ovoid body tapers to a thick disk foot, beneath a short (restored) stem. Base is concave 2001.99.0160.jpg
51.7.8 Cup mouth with slightly concave upper surface, tubular neck offset from mouth and shoulder; ridged vertical strap handle loops up from top of neck and descends directly to the shoulder; squat body; broad torus ring foot. 2003.97.0735.jpg
56.8.6 Rounded cup with sharply incurving rim and shallow bowl, on a short hollow stem which broadens to a disk foot with a grooved foot, and deeply concave underside. 2010.98.0102.jpg
57.3.6 Fragment of lip of deep cup. 2003.98.0175.jpg
60.1.3 Stemless cup with a plain rounded rim. Two horizontal round handles, oblong in shape, incurved and rising over the rim. Handles rise from half-way down the shallow bowl, which is divided from spreading, lipped torus ring foot by a broad groove. 2003.94.0022.jpg
60.8.1 Cup of Ionian type. Tall, slightly outturned rim; ridge between rim and deep body; two small, rounded handles emerge horizontally from the top of the body; conical footring; concave base. 2002.97.0506.jpg
62.5.1 FS (='Furumark shape') 220. Shallow cup with flaring rounded rim, one vertical round handle, slightly concave sides that taper sharply below the handle to a raised base that is slightly concave on the underside. 2003.94.0035.jpg
E.23.22 Tumbler shaped cup, mouth is wide with no neck. Tapering to a pronounced, flat step-like foot. 2006.20.0100.jpg
REDMG:1926.99.60 Cup mouth, cylindrical neck, to which inside of handle is attached and rises, rejoining at the shoulder; body with straight sides descending from carination at bottom of shoulder; lower body curves in to join molded pedestal foot, with slightly sloping upper surface, scotia above torus on vertical surface, and flat underside. 2004.99.0940.jpg
REDMG:1934.26.1 Small cup with rounded rim on a flaring lip that sharply joins a shallow bowl with bulging profile; two horizontal round handles, canted up, join at the broadest part of the bowl. The bowl has almost no stem but attaches directly to a raised ring base with diagonal profile, slightly convex resting surface, and slightly pointed underside. 2004.99.0896.jpg
REDMG:1935.87.11 The base is raised to provide a foot on which to support the weight of the cup.
REDMG:1935.87.9 Little Master band cup
REDMG:1951.151.1 According to Trendall and Cambitoglou, RFVA 1.278.149, this is a special lekythos shape. Cup mouth, slightly flaring at the top, with a broad rim, convex on the upper surface; the mouth is offset from a short cylindrical neck that broadens toward the bulbous squat body; short ring base, rounded in profile, with narrow, flat resting surface and recessed underside; strap handle rises from the upper part of the shoulder, along the side of the neck and curves to rejoins at the lowest part of the shoulder.
REDMG:1951.157.1 Cup mouth, flaring at the top, with a broad rim, convex on the upper surface; the mouth is offset from a short cylindrical neck that broadens toward the squat, high shouldered body, from which it is offset; tall but narrow ring base with rounded resting surface and slightly convex underside; strap handle rises from the side of the neck and rejoins at the lowest part of the shoulder.
REDMG:1953.25.26 Cup mouth with flat lip, slightly offset from narrow neck, which broadens to a nearly flat shoulder; thin strap handle rises from under the cup mouth and rejoins at the lower part of the shoulder; below carination is a conical body, with concave side walls, tapering down, and straightening out towards the small disk foot, flaring on its upper edge, rounded on its vertical edge, and with a broad, flat resting surface; nipple at the centre of the underside. 2003.93.0394.jpg
REDMG:1953.25.32 Kalathos-shaped body, with a flaring rounded rim, to the top of which are attached the looped ends of a pair of strap handles, concave on their exterior surfaces; the tubular ends of the loops rejoin the middle of each handle, and below the bottom of each handle, attached at the bottom of the cup, is a spur. Below a carination, the bottom of the cup narrows to a nearly cylindrical stem, ridged at the center, below which it widens, and smoothly curves into the top of a moulded foot, with three ridges, of increasing diameter, on the exterior surface. Within the narrow resting surface is a concave underside, with a conical hollow at centre. 2005.89.0006.jpg
REDMG:1953.25.57 Cup mouth with slighted everted, rounded rim, concave lip, narrows to neck, which flares to a top-heavy body; round vertical extends horizontally from the rim and descends in slight s-curve to the shoulder; slightly raised base with flat underside, worked with spiral pattern grooved in.
REDMG:1953.25.8 Plain rim on nearly hemispherical cup with concave sides, short foot with flat base.
REDMG:1958.111.1 Slightly flaring cup mouth, with a slightly convex upper surface; strap handle (lopsided) rises from the top of the neck and rejoins at the middle of the shoulder; cylindrical neck, broadening at the bottom, offset from the globular body, above a broad ring base, convex in profile, with a thin resting surface and slightly concave underside. 2004.99.0928.jpg
REDMG:1958.112.1 Cup mouth with flat rim, tall cylindrical neck, slightly widening at the top, curving into a diagonal shoulder, below which (from a carination) the body tapers slightly, and then curves sharply to join a tall moulded base, with straight sides, slightly concave on the underside, with a cylindrical depression; a vertical strap handle extends from the middle of the neck to the bottom of the shoulder, just above the carination. 2004.99.0934.jpg
REDMG:1962.184.33.21 Cup mouth on cylindrical neck, slightly narrowing and then curving to a slightly diagonal shoulder; narrow strap handle extends from the middle of the neck to the bottom of the shoulder, just above a carination, from which descends the nearly straight side walls; body narrow sharply at the bottom to a short stem attached to a tall moulded base, which tapers down. 2004.99.0872.jpg
REDMG:1964.1622 Cup mouth with rounded rim, narrowing to a short neck, at the top of which is attached a small vertical strap handle that extends the lower part of the shoulder; wall curves continuously from neck, broadening to a slim ovoid body joined to a broad raised foot that is diagonal in profile; flat underside. 2004.99.0150.jpg
REDMG:1997.209.4 Cup mouth; exterior surface of foot, slightly convex, broadens towards the base, with has a flat underside except for a conical indentation at the centre. 2004.99.0919.jpg
REDMG:2004.95.1 Phanyllis shape: Cup mouth with flat lip, cylindrical neck broadening to a diagonal shoulder; strap handle extends from the middle of the neck to the bottom of the shoulder, just above the carination, from which descends an ovoid body that narrows at the bottom to a flat disk foot, with a conical depression at the centre of the underside. 2004.99.0868.jpg
REDMG:2004.98.1 Cup mouth, with a slightly convex upper surface; tall cylindrical neck, from which rises a thin vertical strap handle, that rejoins the diagonal shoulder just above the carination; straight sides, taper gently towards the base, to which is attached a molded pedestal foot, slightly concave on the underside, with a cylindrical depression at centre. 2004.99.0926.jpg
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