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There are 96 objects for which Shape_description contains "curved"
13.10.6 Flat bronze heart-shape piece, flaring at the pointed end, with a spool-shaped element (reel-shaped, according to Catling, as recorded in the Ure archives), horizontally arranged and attached at the centre of the upper part; Each end of the spool comprises a flat disk, while at the centre the surface is curved and narrower, so that a vertical space is revealed between the heart and the spool. 2010.99.0112.jpg
14.9.42 Fragment. Quite steeply curved. 2003.01.0097.jpg
14.9.59 Irregular curved shape with small flat part at right angles (bottom of vessel?) 2006.20.0333.jpg
14.9.60 Fragment including curved outer edge, underside has distinct curved ridge halfway in. Whole piece sloped higher towards middle. 2006.20.0321.jpg
14.9.61 Small curved rim fragment. Underside has small ridge about halfway into the fragment to the inside of which the fragment has a pronounced change of angle. 2006.20.0320.jpg
2006.12.107 Curved pot shard with part of base attached 2007.03.0989.jpg
2006.12.125 Fragment possibly of handle; long thin shap which branches into two thinner broken, curved projections.
2007.10.2.110 Squashed oval - the left side is far less curved than the right.
2007.10.2.63 Triangle with curved corners
2007.4.166 Shard of a pot handle: curved
2007.4.167 Curved shard of the side of a container
2007.4.169 Curved pot shard
2007.4.172 Curved pot shard
2007.4.173 curved pot fragment
2007.4.175 Curved pot shard- part of handle coming off
2007.4.176 Curved pot shard with part of flat base
2007.4.177 Pot shard comprising of part of pot base and part of the curved side
2007.4.178 Curved pot shard with part of rim
2007.4.180 curved piece of shard
2007.4.181 Curved pot shard with a handle
2007.4.182 Curved pot shard
2007.4.184 Curved pot shard
2007.4.186 Curved pot shard
2007.4.188 Curved shard
2007.4.189 Curved pot shard
2007.4.190 Curved pot shard
2007.4.191 curved pot shard
2007.4.192 curved rim of pot shard
2007.4.202 Curved fragment with neck of vessel
2007.9.11 Four-sided, large curved ridge on outer surface, fragment depth much deeper at two edges than at remaining two.
2007.9.4 Both long edges are curved, one more greatly so, resulting in the width of fragment being much wider at one end, meetimg the horizontal edge at a small point.
2007.9.8 Four-sided, rim edge slightly curved, one side edge curves concavely, creating a long point.
2008.7.130 Long rim fragment, slightly curving but steeply angular on exterior of fragment. Almost a long pyramid in shape, with a curved base.Small rounded handle on one broken edge.
2008.7.158 Trapezoidal curved handle fragment.
2008.7.176 Triangular fragment with one curved side
2008.7.2 Single fragment preserves base and part of curved side.
2008.7.27 Four-sided fragment; three straight, one curved.
2008.7.3 Rectangular fragment thicker at one end and curved sharply at the other. Possibly a handle fragment.
2008.7.4 An almost pentagon shaped fragment preserving some of base and a steeply curved side.
2008.7.59 Rectangular fragment, curved.
2008.7.6 Pentagon shaped fragment, preserving part of a very slightly curved body.
2008.7.69 Trapezoidal fragment, one curved edge.
2008.7.7 Rectangular fragment, slightly curved.
2008.7.82 Trapezoidal curved fragment.
2008.7.83 Trapezoidal fragment, curved, with rim.
2008.8.2 Trapezoidal fragment with 2 parallel curved edges.
2008.9.12 Trapezoidal curved fragement
2008.9.13 Trapezoidal curved fragment
2008.9.24 Trapezoidal curved rim fragment.
2008.9.5 Trapezoidal base fragment with one curved edge.
2008.9.6 Trapezoidal fragment with one curved edge.
2008.9.7 Trapezoidal curved fragment
22.3.42 Open lamp with wide, shallow, circular body, with curved shoulder and a down turned rim. covered flat nozzle with a large oval wick hole. Horizontal band handle which follows the back of the body. Foot is shallow and slightly concave 2004.95.0093.jpg
23.11.31IIII Female facing left, wearing a pointed headdress over long styled hair. One hand appears to be held up to the face. There is a thin spike projecting upwards at the back. The skirt is belted at the waist, and is patterned with vertical bands containing zigzags or chevrons which terminate at a shin-length curved hem. The left shin and foot appear angled back to the other foot, giving the figure the appearance of walking. 2005.06.0062.jpg
23.11.7 Flat base; rounded lower body to which are attached two small triangular handles, circular in cross-section, which rise slightly; sharply curved join to upper body, which flares broadly to a plain, rounded rim. 2004.98.0022.jpg
25.6.3 Chimney mouth with flat rim; single curved handle; base has central concave section; foot double stepped. 2011.98.0106.jpg
26.12.19 Single curved handle. Foot in two degrees, top; base has central concave section. 2003.12.0082.jpg
26.7.12 Curved, semi-circular then pinched horizontal section form back of pin. Ridge runs down back.
28.6.1 Flat, trefoil mouth with single curved handle. 2011.98.0057.jpg
34.10.13 Squat lekythos. Flared mouth with flat rim. Thin neck with single curved handle attached at top and finishing at shoulder. Ridge separates the neck from the shoulder. Cf. Agora 12 part 2, no. 1138, pl. 38 2003.97.0473.jpg
34.8.3 Flared cup mouth. Single curved handle. Base is slightly concave. 2003.97.0421.jpg
37.11.7 Flaring mouth and wide neck separated from body by a moulded groove. Single curved handle starting at groove and bending to lip. Small foot, base slightly concave. 2003.98.0059.jpg
39.9.3 Two oblong curved handles on opposite sides; very short stem. 2013.99.0050.jpg
45.10.1 High, curved, thick, black handle which bends back on itself to attach to mouth and at the back to the lower part of the shoulder. At the mouth attachment are two moulded heads; spout has central channel and two ridges at moulded rim. The cylindrical neck becomes bell shaped in its lower part, and a ridge marks its attachment to the shoulder, which is slightly concave. Beyond the handle attachment is a flat rim, offset from the shoulder and, more sharply, from the body beneath it, which is upright but slightly convex. The very short ring foot, with broad resting surface, is as broad as the rim around the shoulder. 2004.99.0028.jpg
45.6.13 Two curved handles attached to shoulder and just below mouth. Neckhas a moulded ridge at base. The resting surface is wide and the base is concave. 2003.97.0643.jpg
45.6.68 Small circular body with convex shoulder and reservoir meeting at the widest point to form an angular girth. Large filling hole in the center of the body, encircled by a small depression of the discus. Nozzle is flat with slightly curved sides. The tip of the nozzle is flat with rounded, but unequal sides with an oval wick hole. Small shallow circular foot in the center of the body. 2005.01.0074.jpg
48.12.7 Flaring neck; upper part of body slopes sharply out to junction with bottom of single curved vertical circular handle. Widest part of body is towards base making a 'squat' shape. Flat base. 2003.97.0296.jpg
50.12.41 A slightly curved fragment of a large jar. 2003.98.0219.jpg
50.4.15 Rim curved slightly outwards. Inclining neck of roughly equal depth and diameter as bowl. Small vertical handles curving from rim to mid-section. Convex bowl. Torus (tyre shaped) foot with no stem. 2005.02.0060.jpg
50.4.20 Outward facing lip on a rim folded into a grape leaf shape, shape continues down neck. Neck joins a plain convex shoulder. Tapering lower body joining slightly taurus foot with slightly concave base. Curved vertical handle attached to the lip and the shoulder 2005.02.0003.jpg
50.5.1 Trefoil lipped oinochoe with rounded protrusions either side of neck-handle join. Single curved handle that reaches over into mouth, appears to have had an oblong pattern, and is flanked by moulded protrusions at the top and bottom. Wide neck with a groove at juncture with bulbous body. Ring foot reserved and base raised. 2006.20.0092.jpg
51.7.13 Small pseudo-panathenaic amphora with downturned rim (and skewed mouth), offset neck divided from the sloping shoulder by a ridge, vertical strap handles curving up from the bottom of the neck to the bottom of the shoulder, ovoid body tapering to a thick stem, and a curved pedestal foot that is highly concave on the interior. 2003.95.0062.jpg
51.7.3 Flaring lip with rounded rim, sharply joined to ovoid body; single round, curved vertical handle rises up from alongside the lip and rejoins at the shoulder; lower part of body sharply joins to a short, flaring foot, concave on the underside, with a pointed underside. 2008.98.0370.jpg
60.8.3A-B Lid: three tiered round knob with central, nearly conical well; short concave stem curving above and below into knob and lid; nearly flat lid tapering gently to a short vertical rim, rounded at both edges. The underside is slightly hollowed under the knob. Lekanis: shallow bowl with a short nearly vertical flange, rounded at the lip, straight but tapering walls, slightly carinated and narrowing, with convex lower portion, to a very short stem, on a rounded disk foot, with a flat resting surface, curved on the underside, with a rounded point at the centre. A wishbone handle rises from the top of the wall, on either side; a lug protrudes from either side of each handle. Ure 1960, 216 notes that what remains of the one handle indicates that it was pointed (wish-bone shaped) at the centre as well as rounded in section. 2010.98.0344.jpg
71.12.5 Long, thin strigil steeply curved. The handle is thicker at the front and thinner at the back where it bends over to form an oblong. The thinner piece is not attached to the body but curves back on itself and end is a flat circle. 2004.95.0150.jpg
71.12.6 Wide strigil curved in a tight arc. Handle is square and thinner on the back than the front as it bends over to make an oblong shape. The handle adjoins the strigil in a long triangular point with an incised line acting as a border. 2011.98.0027.jpg
E.23.14 Slate palette, flat and smooth in the shape of a birds head (?). More recognisable in the shape of a 'boomerang'. The palette thins towards the edges. Hole in the arc for suspension. Edges are not sharp but curved. 2006.20.0111.jpg
E.23.45 Small tweezers with a loop on one end, originally loose in the hinge for hanging. Tweezers are made from three pieces, a central straight but shorter section and two longer but curved inwards sections which would have been the pieces that would have bent together to hold the hair or splinter.
E.47.1 Circular body with small sunken discus with small filing hole, large raised sholder. Long flat nozzle with a splayed end and a curved tip and oval smoke hole. Small ring base. 2005.01.0328.jpg
E.62.15 Curved rim fragment, probably from a bowl 2006.20.0687.jpg
E.62.19 Hammer shaped handle with a slit where the mirror sat in the top. The top parts are curved over. The handle is rounded and wider at the end.
E.62.47 This could be part of a pot as the top of the fragment appears to form a lip and the fragment ins curved. 2002.98.0165.jpg
E.62.8 Deep sided bowl with curved sides and no significant base meaning bowl is slightly unsteady. There are two incised bands on the outer surface around the rim and a more significant ridge on the inside where bronze has been folded over to make a smooth and safe edge. 2005.88.0070.jpg
E.63.23 Thin lip, narrow neck, curved shoulders and pointed base. 2002.98.0034.jpg
L.2011.1.3 Slightly curved 2011.97.0105.jpg
L.2016.3.10 Miniature dimension. Round, outwards bulged ceramic disc, with very slightly everted, rounded rim and a moulded face at centre of the exterior. A small curved handle, running in a straight line, is attached to the rim and ends at the back side of the left forehead area and the right chin area.
L.2016.3.32 Small, relatively heavy metal horn; hollow inside. Moulded bulges line up along the curved body, probably to sketch the natural form, and lead to the rounded tip. Four holes surround the upper part of the horn (actually the end attached to the head). The horn ends with a flat rim.
REDMG:1935.87.15 Plain rim with flat lip, just below which is attached a horseshoe shaped horizontal handle, slightly canted and rising to just above the rim;.flattened hemispherical body attached to a ring foot, rounded on the outer surface, with a flat resting surface, and curved interior wall, offset from pointed underside. 2003.93.0012.jpg
REDMG:1935.87.18A Trefoil-lipped oinochoe with lid tricorn lid (RM.87.35.18B). Wide-bodied, with a tall curved handle, trefoil mouth, and tricorn lid. Body contracting to foot-ring. Cf. Payne NC fig. 10 A-H, esp G. 2003.93.0247.jpg
REDMG:1935.87.20 Trefoil lip oinochoe with lid; shallow sloping shoulder and wide body with wide base; curved handle.
REDMG:1951.113.3 Rounded rim, slightly incurving, below which are attached two nearly triangular horizontal strap handles and ring base, canted slightly up; rounded body broadens slightly and then narrows to an angled ring foot, curved on the resting surface, and offset from the slightly convex underside. Body broader than standard Apulian shape, so that it can't fit easily into the sequence of Gnathian skyphoi.
REDMG:1951.135.1-2 Pyxis: Flanged rim widening to sharply curved shoulder, rounded below, and tapering to a flat base; round horizontal handles on either side pressed up against rim to form lugs. Lid: cylindrical knob attached to a disk. 2004.99.0432.jpg
REDMG:1951.147.1 Tall cylindrical neck offset from a squat body, with a curved shoulder, flange below the shoulder, concave side walls (offset at top and bottom), and a broader ring base, curved on the upper surface, with a broad resting surface, offset, slightly concave underside. From the front of the neck extends diagonally a tubular spout, squared at the end. From the back of the spout rises a high curving strap handle, rounded on the outside, which arches in a rectangular form, and descends sharply towards the lower part of the shoulder; which bends back on itself to attach to mouth and at the back to the lower part of the shoulder. Two moulded male heads, bearded, are found on either side of the upper handle attachment. 2005.99.0048.jpg
REDMG:1953.25.15 Trefoil lip attached at the the back to a broad, high curved strap handle that curves in slightly to the middle of the shoulder; short cylindrical neck joining stepped shoulder in a continuous curve; globular body curves into a short ring foot with diagonal resting surface and slightly concave underside.
REDMG:1953.25.4 Plain rim, below which are attached two horizontal round handles; curved sides, nearly vertical at the top and tapering more sharply towards the angled ring foot. Shape corresponds to Corinth black-glazed skyphoi, group iii, although the pattern on this skyphos is quite different. 2003.93.0325.jpg
TEMP.2003.7.42 Large curved fragment 2006.20.0411.jpg
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