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There are 64 objects for which Shape_description contains "deep"
13.10.16 Rounded rim; deep bowl; two small ribbon handles on rim; thin ring foot. 2008.99.0169.jpg
13.10.18 Two pinched handles; deep bowl;concave circular foot. 2003.98.0278.jpg
14.9.1 Deep bowl with slightly pinched in, uneven rim; wishbone handle; body tapers to flat base. Typical Late Middle II-Cypriot I shape (perhaps near carination suggests something earlier). 2002.98.0197.jpg
14.9.109 Deep Acrocup (belongs to the Acropolis Group of Bloesch, Formen, 161 ff.); slightly offset rim with heavy moulding at the top of rim; ridge at the top of the low stem. Base is concave. 2003.97.0495.jpg
22.3.7 Stemless. Inside, deep concave rim, sharply marked off although the outside is an unbroken curve and does not follow contours of the inside. Groove separates the body from the short foot. 2003.30.0003.jpg
22.9.4 Deep drinking cup with base and side handles. Underside concave. 2003.29.0088.jpg
26.12.13 Trefoil lip from which a handle curves down to the top of the bulbous body. Deep groove separates body from wide foot. Resting surface slightly concave. 2003.97.0873.jpg
27.4.1 Deep ovoid bowl with concave rim and rounded lip, narrowing to a disk foot, rounded on the exterior, sharply beveled on the interior, with a flat resting surface and a slightly convex underside. On either side a u-shaped handle, round in cross-section, rises up from just below the rim, top the height of the lip. There is a slight groove at the join of body and foot. 2010.98.0197.jpg
27.4.5 Rim turns sharply out, broad and flat on top. Handles rounded at far end and with upward twist. In centre of bowl a well 1.5 cm deep occupies the space interior of the stem. The foot appears in three stages, the first ridge being the narrowest, and the other two getting bigger in sequence. 2003.19.0007.jpg
29.11.6 Two u-shaped horizontal handles placed slightly above the lip, slightly angled upwards. Deep body descending to a groove above the ring base. 2004.05.0024.jpg
34.10.6 Two rounded, horizontal handles at rim on opposite sides; deep, straight sided body; groove; small base 2003.02.0010.jpg
34.8.11 Rounded, deep fat body with a small down turning discus and a large filling hole in the centre, small 'kick' at the bottom of the reservoir. Straight sided flat long nozzle with a slightly oval wick hole. Small foot with a slightly concave base. 2005.01.0128.jpg
37.11.5 Straight sided, fairly deep, rimless bowl; two horseshoe-shaped horizontal handles attached just below the thin rim; thin groove before base. Flaring ring foot. 2003.97.0555.jpg
45.6.66 Circular deep body with small lip leading to a large filling hole. At the centre of the reservoir is a central circular hollow which is no taller then the rim of the lamp and widens towards the base of the lamp. The nozzle is flat but at a slight incline, the tip of the nozzle is irregular, one side is rounded, the other is angular, the wick hole is oval. Base is a slightly concave ring with parallel circumferences. 2005.01.0072.jpg
47.10.3A-B Lid: tall, conical, flat-topped knob on a sharply sloping conical lid, with plain rim, vertical profile, flat underside, leading to a short flange (0.3) to sit within lekanis. Lekanis: slightly everted, rounded rim with flat lip, on a deep bowl with straight walls in two parts, separated by a sharp carination near the bottom, attached to a short disk foot, angled on inside and out, with a slightly convex underside. From either side of the rim extends a semicircular horizontal handle, round in section, that rises very slightly, flanked by short pointed spurs or lugs on either side of the handle. 2010.98.0012.jpg
48.12.1 Deep bowl; almost vertical sides; two rounded handles progress straight upwards from the middle of the body; slight groove before small foot; concave base 2003.92.0249.jpg
48.12.2 Deep bowl (corresponds to FS [='Furumark Shape'] 285). The shape seems somewhat less deep than most published deep bowls. The best comparison to be found is in Mountjoy 1999, 1.189 Argolid no. 447, from Asine, House I, room 46. Bowl of pinkish fabric with flaring lipless rim, concave sides, tapering in lower part to a high ring base (is it conical?). Two horizontal round handles are attached to the side walls. 2003.98.0127.jpg
48.12.3 Tall, slightly out turned rim; small rounded horizontal handles at the beginning of the body, rising upwards, fairly deep body; thick conical footring; conical underside. 2002.97.0519.jpg
50.10.5 Incurving, rounded on the top rim; fairly deep bowl curves into thick low stem; two tiny grooves at join of stem and base; broad, flat foot; conical underside.
50.10.6 Deep bowl; two horizontal handles emerge from just below the rim; vertical walls taper down to small disk foot; concave underside with central convex circle. 2004.07.0006.jpg
50.12.24 Rim fragment of a deep cup 2003.98.0171.jpg
50.4.13 Attic type skyphos (cf. Agora 12, no. 341) except for plain underside, size (somewhat smaller than Attic examples), and perhaps breadth of handles. Rounded rim, below which are two horizontal round handles, horseshoe shaped. Walls continuously curve into a deep bowl, divided from the short torus ring foot by a groove. 2003.97.0646.jpg
50.4.23 Circular deep body with a small convex shoulder. Discus is concave with a small filing hole off centre and a small protruding nodule also off centre; this is probably the remains of a suspension lug. Long flat nozzle with a rounded tip and a large wick hole off centre at the end. Base is flat and demarcated with a line. 2005.01.0017.jpg
51.1.4 Slightly everted lip with rounded rim, on a deep plate that is convex at the upper part and then curves, with a near carination to become concave in the lower part, on a flat base that is beveled on the outer part. A single suspension hole is on the lip. 2004.02.0009.jpg
51.7.10 Body projects from tall rim; two oblong handles with side projections; deep bowl; conical footring; concave base. 2003.97.0333.jpg
51.7.7 Sessile kantharos, traditionally thought to be an imitation of the 'Saint-Valentin' class of ceramics (Beazley 1947, 219), although Robinson 1997 now says that it is derived from a metallic prototype. Quite standard among its class (Xenon Group kantharoi) in shape (and decoration). Rounded outturned rim, below which are attached two vertical strap handles, rejoined at a slight ledge between upper body and lower body; upper body near cylindrical, whereas lower body is a deep bowl; low flaring ring-foot, ridged on the exterior, with concave face on the interior continuously curving through the resting surface. 2003.93.0234.jpg
56.8.3 Deep body tapers sharply towards foot; circular handles curve slightly upwards without reaching the height of the rim; conical footring. 2004.03.0017.jpg
57.3.6 Fragment of lip of deep cup. 2003.98.0176.jpg
58.2.6 One-handled bowl. Rim is slightly concave. Handle is in wishbone shape. A deep well is in the centre, of a greatly smaller diameter than the rest of the bowl. For general shape cf. Sydney, Nicholson Museum 55.18 (Base-ring wheel-made Ware, Late Cypriot III). 2003.92.0112.jpg
60.8.1 Cup of Ionian type. Tall, slightly outturned rim; ridge between rim and deep body; two small, rounded handles emerge horizontally from the top of the body; conical footring; concave base. 2009.07.0004.jpg Deep; rounded groove between body and broad foot 2008.99.0491.jpg
61.6.3 Everted lip with rounded rim, curving out to a short shoulder, then tapering to a conical, deep bowl, with short stem that broadens to a flat, disk foot, with tapering, slightly rounded exterior, gougedresting surface, slightly concave interior, and slightly convex underside. From either side, just below the rim, a u-shaped handle, round in section, rises up to just above the top of the rim. 2010.98.0337.jpg
61.6.4 Deep skyphos with thickened round rim, groove just below, straight walls of unusually deep body that narrows, with a sharp cuve at the bottom, to a short concave stem, and a thick disk foot, rounded on the exterior and angled on the interior, with a flat resting surface and a slightly concave underside. Two u-shaped handles, round in cross section, rise from the upper part of the body to the height of the rim. 2010.98.0213.jpg
71.12.1 Ovaloid shape. Slightly deep rounded mouth. Strap handle connecting the neck to the shoulder. 2002.97.0702.jpg
78.12.1 Deep circular body, almost flat shoulder, leading to a deep concave discus with two small holes, the frontal one is slightly off centre. Very small rounded nozzle with a large circular wick hole. Vertical handle opposite the nozzle, flat base with no delineation. 2008.99.0677.jpg
78.12.13 Deep circular body , concave discus with a central filling hole. Medium, flat nozzle with concave sides, a splayed, rounded tip, large circular wick hole, just off centre. Flat circular delineated base. 2010.99.0095.jpg
78.12.16 Deep circular body with a rounded shoulder terminating in a large filling hole. Long rounded nozzle titling slightly upwards, irregular rounded tip and an oval wick hole. Large splayed foot. Small vertical lug on the right hand side. 2008.99.0799.jpg
78.12.9 Large, deep, circular body, small convex shoulder, concave discus with a small filling hole at the center. Medium flat nozzle (broken) concave sides with a small air hole at the base of the nozzle, the start of a rounded tip with a circular wick hole. Space for handle. Circular flat delineated base. 2005.01.0115.jpg
78.7.1 Deep skyphos; two rounded, horizontal handles emerging from just below the rim; tall, rounded foot 2008.98.0440.jpg
79.1.1 Deep Circular body, concave discus with a wide filling hole. Flat nozzle with an oval wick hole. Small pierced lug on the right hand side of the lamp. Circular foot. 2005.01.0021.jpg
79.1.13 Large open lamp, deep circular body with a rounded open nozzle. Vertical ring handle at the back, small moulded ring foot. 2005.01.0038.jpg
79.1.16 Mainly circular body, nozzle is moulded with body disturbing the circular edge back half of body is deeper than the front. Shoulders are convex, discus is concave with a small circular filling hole in the centre. Long deep nozzle, sides follow smoothly on from the body, elongating the circular shape, slightly concave top marked with a ridge on either side, rounded tip and slightly irregular circular wick hole. Remains of small vertical handle attached to the shoulder. Small circular base, slightly concave not lineated. 2005.01.0041.jpg
79.1.2 Deep circular body with a large circular filling hole in the centre of the discus. Flat long nozzle with a small circular wick hole and a rounded tip. Circular raised foot, slightly concave with a ring in the middle. "Kick" on the inside at the bottom of the reservoir. 2005.01.0024.jpg
79.1.3 Circular deep body with slightly concave discus, large filling hole and a shoulder lug on the right hand side. Flat nozzle, small oval wick hole. Shallow circular foot, slightly concave with a smaller circle within the foot. 2005.01.0320.jpg
79.1.9 Deep circular body, small concave shoulder leading to large filling hole. Flat long nozzle with concave sides, a splayed tip and an irregular oval shaped wick hole. Large circular straight sided foot with a concave base. 2005.01.0060.jpg
E.62.8 Deep sided bowl with curved sides and no significant base meaning bowl is slightly unsteady. There are two incised bands on the outer surface around the rim and a more significant ridge on the inside where bronze has been folded over to make a smooth and safe edge. 2005.88.0070.jpg
REDMG:1951.133.1 Shallow ellipsoid bowl with rounded rim, underneath which are attached two horizontal round sections, curving up above the rim, rectangular in shape, and bent in at the tops. Deep angled ring foot, with a narrow, rounded resting surface, convex on the interior vertical surface, and flat on the underside.
REDMG:1951.134.1 Plain rounded rim, body nearly vertical at top and curving into a deep bowl, which narrows to a short stem attached to a disk foot with a rounded resting surface, small underside pointed at centre. Two horseshoe-shaped horizontal round handles, attached slightly below the rim. 2004.99.0768.jpg
REDMG:1953.25.38 Lekanis: slightly everted rim with diagonal flange, curves in to a shallow bowl; two flanged ribbon handles, attached horizontally just below rim; pronounced ring foot with vertical sides and raised underside. Lid: Moulded knob with deep circular depression; in centre of sloping lid, which steps down with three fasciae and then a convex lower part decorated with two incised bands; rounded rim. 2003.93.0102.jpg
REDMG:1953.25.45 Rounded rim, slightly incurved, on concave lip, below which are attached two horizontal round handles, oblong in shape, incurved and rising to the height of the rim; deep bowl joins a spreading, lipped torus ring foot.
REDMG:1953.25.46 Rounded rim, slightly incurved, on concave lip, below which are attached two horizontal round handles, oblong in shape, incurved and rising to the height of the rim; deep bowl joins a spreading, lipped torus ring foot. 2004.99.0631.jpg
REDMG:1953.25.47 Rounded everted rim on concave lip, below which are attached two horizontal round handles, oblong in shape, canted and slightly incurved, rising to just below the rim; deep bowl joins a spreading, lipped torus ring foot with a sloping resting surface.
REDMG:1953.25.48 Deep round mouth with concave lip, slightly overhanging, attached to a high swung vertical strap handle, which reattaches at the shoulder. Below the mouth is a short neck with a ridge, a globular body, slightly flattened, and a low, sharply angled ring foot. Corinth round-mouthed oinochoe, type A, group i: see Corinth 13, 131 fig. 14, 134.
REDMG:1953.25.50 Deep round mouth with concave lip, slightly overhanging attached to a high swung vertical ribbed handle, which reattaches at the shoulder. Below the mouth is a short neck with a ridge, a globular body, slightly flattened, and a low, sharply angled foot, with a flat base. Corinth round-mouthed oinochoe, type A, group i: see Corinth 13, 131 fig. 14, 134. 2004.95.0164.jpg
REDMG:1953.25.59 Deep round mouth with rounded rim, concave, slightly overhanging lip, attached to a high swung vertical strap handle, which reattaches at the shoulder. Below the mouth is a short neck with a ridge at the attachment to the globular body, slightly flattened, and a low, sharply angled foot with a flat base.Corinth round-mouthed oinochoe, type A, group i: see Corinth 13, 131 fig. 14, 134.
REDMG:1953.25.67 Nearly flat lid, with rounded rim, curving into a deep thin flange, whereby lid would have sat probably within the pyxis; button knob at centre.
REDMG:1953.25.77 Large circular, deep body, flat shoulder, slightly raised, concave discus with a small filling hole in the centre. the beginnings of two nozzles, both sided are concave with large decorative features protruding from either side. Base of handle remains with half of the hole left. Ring base, slightly concave. 2005.01.0270.jpg
REDMG:1964.1601 Circular deep body with small shallow nozzle which is slightly up turned at the tip. Large oval wick hole, filing hole is wide and circular, there is no discus. Ribbon handle around the back of the lamp, attaching to the shoulder in two places. Small, slightly uneven foot with a flat base slighitly carrinated. 2003.93.0124.jpg
REDMG:1964.1603.1 Circular deep body with lower body wider than the upper. Flat , slightly concave rim to a large circular filling hole. nozzle is long and flat with small oval wick hole at the tip and a small depression at the end of the tip. Base is flat and circular, wheel or wire marks still exist on the base. Band handle is attached across the back of the lamp. 2003.93.0122.jpg
REDMG:1964.1611.1 Circular body with convex shoulder and small concave discus (filling hole is destroyed). Small deep nozzle rounded tip and sides, medium size circular wick hole. Small vertical handle with piercing, attached to the shoulder and to the body, extending towards the base. Single ring base. 2005.01.0258.jpg
REDMG:1964.1614.1 Deep circular body, nearly straight convex shoulder and a deep concave discus with a small filling hole at the centre. Nozzle was flat and had a small round wick hole and probably a rounded tip. high vertical handle reaching down towards the base, circular piercing through the handle. Circular base is demarcated with a single line and is very slightly concave. 2005.01.0193.jpg
REDMG:1964.1615.1 Circular deep body, convex shoulder, small circular concave discus with reasonably large central filling hole. Small rounded nozzle with a medium sized flat, circular wick hole, at base of nozzle there appears to be a small air hole. Flat vertical handle with circular piercing through it. Handle is high above the body and reaches down towards the base. Base is circular and flat, it is delineated by two moulded bands. 2005.01.0139.jpg
REDMG:1964.1619.1 Rough oval shape, straight sides, slightly upward sloping shoulder, raised rim that runs from the wick hole, around an almost circular discus area and then returns to the wick hole, this rim forms a slight rim for the wick hole too. In the centre of the discus area is small filing hole, the nozzle is deep and in the same form as the body with a large wick hole. Small circular ring base with slight depression. Lamp leans towards the left on the base. 2003.93.0121.jpg
REDMG:1964.1632.1 Deep skyphos. Thin rim, slightly averted, below which u-shaped round horizontal handles are attached, and rise slightly to just above the height of the walls. The sides, tapering down, are slightly convex at the top and concave below, terminating in a groove, just above the short raised base with a flat underside, grooved on the outside. 2006.20.0246.jpg
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