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There are 11 objects for which Shape_description contains "delineated"
14.9.3 Alabastron-shaped jug with one handle that joins the rim to the upper body and a delineated flat base. 2008.99.0106.jpg
78.12.11 Circular body, flat moulded shoulder, small concave discus with a small off center filling hole. Short flat nozzle, rounded tip with a slightly irregular wick hole that cuts into the shoulder area. Vertical handle which reaches down towards the base and attaches around the shoulder. Circular delineated base, slightly concave. 2008.09.0020.jpg
78.12.12 Shallow circular body with large concave discus, filling hole is small and off centre on the discus. Medium nozzle has concave sided with a rounded tip, wick hole is circular and central at the end of the nozzle. Base is flat and delineated 2005.01.0110.jpg
78.12.13 Deep circular body , concave discus with a central filling hole. Medium, flat nozzle with concave sides, a splayed, rounded tip, large circular wick hole, just off centre. Flat circular delineated base. 2010.99.0095.jpg
78.12.15 Circular shallow body , small shoulder, concave discus with a small filling hole in the centre. Medium flat nozzle with concave sides and a rounded tip with circular wick hole in the centre. Circular delineated base, very slightly concave. 2008.99.0063.jpg
78.12.21 Shallow circular body , small convex shoulder, concave discus with a small filling hole in the centre. Flat nozzle with concave sides, rounded tip and circular wick hole. Circular delineated base, slightly concave. 2008.01.0038.jpg
78.12.5 Shallow circular body, slight shoulder leading to a large concave discus with a filling hole on the central axis, but further forward. Medium nozzle with concave sides leading to a rounded tip with a circular wick hole. Delineated base, slightly concave. Vertical band around the edge of the whole lamp, probably from joining. 2008.99.0037.jpg
78.12.9 Large, deep, circular body, small convex shoulder, concave discus with a small filling hole at the center. Medium flat nozzle (broken) concave sides with a small air hole at the base of the nozzle, the start of a rounded tip with a circular wick hole. Space for handle. Circular flat delineated base. 2005.01.0115.jpg
REDMG:1958.33.1 Jug with bulbous body with delineated flat base. Single strap handle joins the upper body to the centre of the long neck with a funnel-shaped mouth ending with an everted rim.
REDMG:1964.1615.1 Circular deep body, convex shoulder, small circular concave discus with reasonably large central filling hole. Small rounded nozzle with a medium sized flat, circular wick hole, at base of nozzle there appears to be a small air hole. Flat vertical handle with circular piercing through it. Handle is high above the body and reaches down towards the base. Base is circular and flat, it is delineated by two moulded bands. 2005.01.0139.jpg
REDMG:2003.84.1 Amphora with a wide neck tapering towards an outward rim. Two handles attached horizontally to the shoulder. Wide body tapers towards the delineated, slightly concave base.
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