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There are 14 objects for which Shape_description contains "demarcated"
45.6.70 Circular shallow body with flat shoulder and a concave discus with small filling hole towards the right edge of the discus. Body shallower at the front end and the widest part of the body has a raised band around it. Short rounded nozzle and circular smoke hole. Vertical handle with a circular hole which runs down towards the base. Base demarcated but not raised and slightly off centre. There are two small shoulder lugs on opposing sides. 2005.01.0007.jpg
45.6.71 Circular body with a flat bad around the widest part. Slightly convex shoulder and a concave discus with a small irregular filling hole roughly in the centre. Short nozzle with a rounded tip and circular smoke hole. Vertical handle extends towards base and has a small hole. Base is demarcated but not raised. 2005.01.0010.jpg
49.10.2 'Cocked hat' open lamp with pinched in sided that form an unbridged nozzle. Slightly out turned rim. Base is not demarcated and is not completly flat. 2005.01.0015.jpg
50.4.23 Circular deep body with a small convex shoulder. Discus is concave with a small filing hole off centre and a small protruding nodule also off centre; this is probably the remains of a suspension lug. Long flat nozzle with a rounded tip and a large wick hole off centre at the end. Base is flat and demarcated with a line. 2005.01.0017.jpg
50.4.24 Shallow circular body with convex shoulder and a small concave discus; small filling hole at centre. Nozzle is short and has a flat surface at the tip into which a wick hole has been made, slightly off centre. Small vertical ring handle at the back of the lamp. Base is demarcated but flat. 2005.01.0054.jpg
50.4.25 Circular body, concave discus with a circular filling hole to the frontal left hand side. Flat nozzle with concave sides and single ended volutes, the tip is splayed and ends in an obtuse angle, the wick hole is circular. There is a base demarcated but not raised, the base is slightly concave. 2001.99.0018.jpg
78.12.22 Circular body, short flat spout with circular wick hole and rounded tip. Slightly sunken discus with filling hole on the same axis as the wick hole, but not in the centre of the discus. Demarcated base, slightly concave. 2008.99.0754.jpg
78.12.4 Shallow circular body (back deeper than the front), small convex shoulder, concave discus with a very small filling hole in the centre. Nozzle is flat with concave sides , a rounded tip and a circular wick hole that is just off centre. Base is demarcated and slightly concave. 2008.01.0050.jpg
78.12.8 Circular body, small convex shoulder with a slightly concave discus, two small holes on the discus, one on the central axis, the other just slightly off to the left. The nozzle is small and flat with a rounded tip and a circular wick hole, just off centre. Vertical handle extending towards the base at the back with a small hole though the centre. Demarcated base is flat except for a small depression. 2008.99.0064.jpg
79.1.12 Circular shallow body, concave discus with a small circular filling hole in the center. Small demarcated base, slightly concave. Long nozzle with concave sides and a rounded tip with a circular wick hole in the center of the tip. Two lines run down either side of the nozzle at the termination of volutes. 2005.01.0036.jpg
79.1.6 Circular body with slightly convex shoulder and a slightly concave discus, two holes of differing size are in the discus. The nozzle is small and rounded with an oval wick hole just off center. Vertical handle which reaches to the base which is demarcated with two concentric circles. 2005.01.0083.jpg
79.1.8 Small circular body with a convex shoulder and a small concave discus with an irregular filling hole at the centre. Nozzle is slightly arched and splayed at the tip with concave edges and an obtuse tip. Wick hole is oval. base is a concave small demarcated circle with a circle within. 2005.01.0029.jpg
REDMG:1964.1613.1 Circular shallow body with rounded convex shoulder leading to a concave discus with two small filling/air holes along a central axis. Nozzle is of an average length with a rounded wick hole. large un-pierced pinched vertical handle, small circular, slightly concave demarcated base. 2005.01.0262.jpg
REDMG:1964.1614.1 Deep circular body, nearly straight convex shoulder and a deep concave discus with a small filling hole at the centre. Nozzle was flat and had a small round wick hole and probably a rounded tip. high vertical handle reaching down towards the base, circular piercing through the handle. Circular base is demarcated with a single line and is very slightly concave. 2005.01.0193.jpg
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