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There are 8 objects for which Shape_description contains "descending"
14.9.5 Broad necked amphora with wide mouth; two handles descending from rim to rounded body; small, flat base 2003.92.0236.jpg
29.11.6 Two u-shaped horizontal handles placed slightly above the lip, slightly angled upwards. Deep body descending to a groove above the ring base. 2004.05.0024.jpg
45.6.16 Flared cup mouth. Strap Handle descending from top of neck to sloping shoulder. Base has a central concave section. Cf. "Sixth and Fifth Century Pottery", P.N.Ure (ed.), p49 shape class K, pl. 15 no. 80.249 2003.12.0079.jpg
47.2.10 Rounded, thickened, out turned rim, broader than base; convex wall descending directly to a flat base, grooved on the underside. 2003.97.0489.jpg
50.5.3 Rounded mouth, thin lip. Thick strap handle curves up from bottom of neck before descending to shoulder. Ring at the junction between neck and shoulder. Curivng shoulder towards the neck. Body inverted pear shape. Thin foot. Base convex underneath. 2007.01.0012.jpg
REDMG:1926.99.60 Cup mouth, cylindrical neck, to which inside of handle is attached and rises, rejoining at the shoulder; body with straight sides descending from carination at bottom of shoulder; lower body curves in to join molded pedestal foot, with slightly sloping upper surface, scotia above torus on vertical surface, and flat underside. 2004.99.0943.jpg
REDMG:1935.87.29 Stemless. Two handles, one either side from well below the rim are bent up at the ends. Shallow body descending to a groove and then a rounded footring.
REDMG:1953.25.13 Globular oinochoe of Archaic shape. Trefoil lip attached at the back to a broad strap handle, high swung and descending vertically to the middle of the shoulder; slight step at top of shoulder, below sharp join with cylindrical neck; squat body; broad, angled ring foot, with flat resting surface; slightly convex underside.
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