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There are 11 objects for which Shape_description contains "directly"
13.10.22 Fat Body, narrow neck leading to an out turned rim. One handle join the shoulder of the vase to the neck directly beneath the rim. Low ring foot 2003.92.0062.jpg
2016.3.2 Ovoid body with convex shoulders and wide central filling hole. Body tapers directly into the nozzle with rounded tip, ovoid wick hole at centre and convex sides. Flat ring foot on the base. 2016.99.0250.jpg
37.7.4 Vertical ring handles, spurred, starting directly from rim. Moulded foot which is concave underneath with grooved resting surface. 2003.31.0009.jpg
39.1.1 Vertical ring handles, spurred, start directly from rim and finish at the moulded rim around the body, and tilt slightly upwards. Moulded foot, all black, conical inside with narrow, slightly concave, resting surface. 2003.97.0706.jpg
47.2.10 Rounded, thickened, out turned rim, broader than base; convex wall descending directly to a flat base, grooved on the underside. 2008.10.0009.jpg
51.7.8 Cup mouth with slightly concave upper surface, tubular neck offset from mouth and shoulder; ridged vertical strap handle loops up from top of neck and descends directly to the shoulder; squat body; broad torus ring foot. 2003.97.0735.jpg
E.23.33 Lip is unpronounced, long neck flares to shoulder/widest point, which then tapers to pointed foot. The rough handles are directly opposite each other on the widest point. 2002.98.0205.jpg
E.62.55 There is no neck and the body tapers to a flat base. The two handles are directly opposite one another on the mouth. 2002.98.0151.jpg
L.2016.3.8 Wide opened mouth with rounded everted lip. The broad, concave neck curves into an almost diagonal shoulder. The body is slightly angled at mid-section and leads directly to the ovoid base.
REDMG:1934.26.1 Small cup with rounded rim on a flaring lip that sharply joins a shallow bowl with bulging profile; two horizontal round handles, canted up, join at the broadest part of the bowl. The bowl has almost no stem but attaches directly to a raised ring base with diagonal profile, slightly convex resting surface, and slightly pointed underside. 2004.99.0896.jpg
REDMG:1942.5.6.1 Broad projecting rim with flat upper surface, overhanging lip, and concave underside curving into a short narrow neck that broadens to a globular body with rounded base; flat strap handle falls directly from the rim to the middle of the shoulder. 2003.97.0031.jpg
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