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There are 6 objects for which Shape_description contains "domed"
23.11.31HH Circular shield with raised rim and large domed central boss. 2003.96.0014.jpg
34.10.8 Short cylindrical knob, with grooved flat top, grooved profile, and conical stem broadening to the slightly domed top of the lid. At the midpoint of the lid, beyond a gentle groove and a ridge, the lid flares to a rounded edge, the underside of which narrows to a tapering straight sided walls that would have sat inside the vase to which it belonged (perhaps a stamnos). The underside of the lid is hollowed, rounded, and smooth. 2008.98.0478.jpg
39.1.2 Strongly moulded rim, curving into a roughly cylindrical upper body that bulges out into the shallow bowl. Two vertical handles, roughly square in section, with horizontal pointed spurs, level with the rim, rejoin the body at the upper part of the bowl. Two-part moulded foot, with a domed underside. 2010.98.0301.jpg
58.2.3B Lid: flat rim, domed interior, surmounted by cylindrical knob with two ridges and concave upper surface. Belongs to pyxis, 58.2.3A 2003.98.0008.jpg
68.12.2 Short cylindrical knob, flat-topped and double-recessed in centre. The short concave stem connects the cylinder to the short domed lid, in a continuous curve. Beyond a gouge the outer 1.8 cm of the lid becomes slightly concave and after two ridges terminates in a slightly rounded edge.The underside is hollowed just below the knob, and has a short flange intended to sits inside the rim of the pyxis to which it would have belonged. 2002.97.0272.jpg
68.12.3 Pomegranate shaped knob, with small hole in the recess at the top, smoothly attached to a short stem, slightly concave, that spreads to a short domed lid, which in turn spreads to a flat rim with sharp beveled edge, slightly thicker underside, smoothly turned to a tapered flange with a rounded edge. Hollowed, round, smooth underside. 2008.99.0609.jpg
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