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There are 58 objects for which Shape_description contains "edge" Ovoid in shape with a hole through the centre on the smallest axis, and an edge around the widest part of the bead. Ovoid in shape with a hole through the centre on the smallest axis and an edge around the widest part of the bead. Ovoid in shape with a hole through the centre on the smallest axis, and an edge around the widest part of the bead.
13.10.4A-B Two slightly concave disks, not joined (although they sit together well). The lid is thinner than the base with no significant rim, but a beveled edge. The mirror itself has a rim on the underside, and an offset edge on the upper part. These are clearly two parts of a Hellenistic mirror with lid, typical of Hellenistic cyprus. A pair of bronze plates could be locked together because one mirror had a low cylindrical rim into which the other, with a flanged edge, could be fitted. The inside mirror is decorated on the recessed side and polished on the flat side. The outside mirror is polished on the recessed side and sometimes decorated on the flat side. The two polished sides would then lie together, sometimes plated with silver (as in the case of an example in Amathus tomb 62, published in Excavations in Cyprus). For the Greek prototypes see See A. Schwarzmaier, Griechische Klappspiegel: Untersuchungen zu Typologie und Stil (Berlin 1997). 2010.99.0120.jpg
14.9.107 Projecting rim, sloping out on the upper edge, rounded at the outside, and curving on the exterior to the concave wall. Slightly convex underside and thickened base. 2003.92.0139.jpg
14.9.111 Thin loomweight, pierced with two holes of equal size, 0.5 cm apart, near the edge. 2002.97.0605.jpg
14.9.60 Fragment including curved outer edge, underside has distinct curved ridge halfway in. Whole piece sloped higher towards middle. 2006.20.0321.jpg
14.9.62 Small ridge on underside near outer edge of fragment and slight curve along top. 2006.20.0326.jpg
14.9.63 Ridge near outer edge on underside. 2006.20.0328.jpg
2004.10.4 Wide circular rim, inner surface is vertical, outer edge tapers inward.
2006.12.108 Fragment of lid ? of vessel with three spurts over edge; presumably there was once a fourth. 2007.03.1014.jpg
2007.9.4 Both long edges are curved, one more greatly so, resulting in the width of fragment being much wider at one end, meetimg the horizontal edge at a small point.
2007.9.5 One long, straightish edge, the other edge in a convex curve, over all forming the vague shape of a semi-circle.
2007.9.8 Four-sided, rim edge slightly curved, one side edge curves concavely, creating a long point.
2007.9.9 Two straightish sides meet at an almost right-angle. Depending whether one looks at the outside or the inside of the fragment, there are a further one or two sides, due to the very uneven nature of the edge.
2008.7.127 Trapezoidal fragment, one edge curves to a rim.
2008.7.130 Long rim fragment, slightly curving but steeply angular on exterior of fragment. Almost a long pyramid in shape, with a curved base.Small rounded handle on one broken edge.
2008.7.5 Single fragment, concave flared base with flat edge concave in profile
2008.7.69 Trapezoidal fragment, one curved edge.
2008.9.34 Rim fragment with bluntly serrated edge.
2008.9.5 Trapezoidal base fragment with one curved edge.
2008.9.6 Trapezoidal fragment with one curved edge.
26.12.29 Moulded rings around top of stem and outer edge of top of body. Sharp ridge at top of incurved rim. 2003.35.0094.jpg
26.4.2 The handles are almost a rectangle shape, and are shaped to angle straight out from the edge of the Kylix, turning up slightly at the end. 2002.97.0264.jpg
34.10.8 Short cylindrical knob, with grooved flat top, grooved profile, and conical stem broadening to the slightly domed top of the lid. At the midpoint of the lid, beyond a gentle groove and a ridge, the lid flares to a rounded edge, the underside of which narrows to a tapering straight sided walls that would have sat inside the vase to which it belonged (perhaps a stamnos). The underside of the lid is hollowed, rounded, and smooth. 2008.98.0476.jpg
45.6.70 Circular shallow body with flat shoulder and a concave discus with small filling hole towards the right edge of the discus. Body shallower at the front end and the widest part of the body has a raised band around it. Short rounded nozzle and circular smoke hole. Vertical handle with a circular hole which runs down towards the base. Base demarcated but not raised and slightly off centre. There are two small shoulder lugs on opposing sides. 2005.01.0008.jpg
47.2.11 Saltcellar with concave wall and recessed underside. Projecting rim, sloping out on the upper edge, slightly overhanging the concave wall, which is thickened at the base. 2008.10.0010.jpg
47.2.21 Bell, with a rounded lower edge, narrowing sharply and then tapering slowly to a rounded shoulder, where it is attached to a round knob, hollowed on one side, thickened on the other, pierced with a hole; there is another hole in the top of the bell, just below the hollowed part of the knob. A hand-modeled striking ball is attached, with a thin piece of jute string, knotted through the top hole and lowered through the bottom hole. 2010.99.0080.jpg
48.12.10 Long tall neck from the top of which handle loops up and then down to join edge of broad shoulder, curning slightly upwards. Straight body; sturdy, flat foot; concave base. Cf. Smith 2003, BSA 98, p349, footnote 24, pl. 58 d-f (see also 'comments'). 2005.89.0029.jpg
49.12.1 Everted, nearly flat rim, with round lip, curves sharply to a cylindrical upper body, somewhat concave, separated from the lower body by a ridge above a flange. The lower body is comprised of four horizontal ribs, above a shallow bowl that narrows to a thin, short stem, that curves continuously into a conical foot, finishing with a broad groove above a rounded edge. The underside is hollowed. Two strap handles, which flare on either side, rise up above the rim and then descend to rejoin the body at the flange. A spur projects from the lower part of each handle, approximately in the middle of the upper body. 2008.98.0387.jpg
51.4.11 Moulded rim, grooved, with flat upper surface and sharp lip, on a short cylindrical neck, with attaches, at a ridge, to an ovoid body, attached below, also at a ridge, to a slightly flaring stand, with splaying foot, slightly ridged on upper edge, bevelled on exterior, hollow on the interior. From the shoulder, on either side, rises an m-shaped handle (half of one chipped off) with short projections in the middle. Three holes (to enable air flow) are drilled into the upper part of the stand, just below the join. 2002.97.0369.jpg
51.7.15 A small mouth, with flaring lip, on a short concave stem, is joined smoothly to a ring aryballos, rectangular in section, approximating a sharp-edged donut, with beveled edges on the inside. A short strap handle rises slightly from the rim and curves smoothly to adhere to the exterior surface of the aryballos. Ure 57: 'Rectangular in section, as is normal in Boeotia'; cf. P.N. Ure, Hesperia 15 (1946) 45-50. Small mouth and handle. Angular shape with side and edge flat 2010.98.0234.jpg
51.7.2 Lid: slightly convex top with circular groove (1.9 cm diam.) at the centre, overhanging a cylindrical body, with straight sides, terminating in a rounded rim at bottom. Pyxis: high cylindrical body with straight sides and simple rounded rim sits atop a flanged element, with rounded edges, that slopes sharply to a foot ring with tapered interior edge and rounded resting surface. 2003.92.0198.jpg
52.3.4 Slightly convex, slanted, overhanging lip, rounded at the edge, on a slightly concave tapering rim, slightly offset from the lower bowl that curves sharply to a tall conical foot, rounded at the edge, with flat resting surface and a slightly convex underside. On either side of the rim is attached a horizontal, u-shaped ribbon handle, between a pair of lugs (handle and lugs broken off on one side). 2007.99.0153.jpg
53.8.1 Mesomphalos phiale with a thickened rounded lip, with a slight carination on the inside edge, with convex walls, sloping down to a flat plate, at the centre of which is an omphalos (raised central boss), decorated in relief all around. 2003.92.0274.jpg
56.8.5 Conical, almost acorn shaped knob sits on rounded ring; lid curves down to a ridge; broad, flat edge 2003.92.0217.jpg
61.6.5 Lid: Short button knob, with flat band, beveled interior edge, and slightly convex top, curving smoothly to a nearly flat underside that smoothly joins a short, slightly concave stem, that again smoothly joins a flat, tapering smoothly to a short vertical rim, rounded at both edges. The underside is hollowed under the knob. One-handler: shallow bowl with a short nearly vertical flange, rounded at the lip, straight but tapering walls curving into a convex lower portion then a very short stem, on a rounded disk foot, with a flat resting surface, beveled on the interior, and slightly convex on the underside. A single, recurved horizontal handle, round in section, rises above the rim. 2002.97.0677.jpg
68.12.3 Pomegranate shaped knob, with small hole in the recess at the top, smoothly attached to a short stem, slightly concave, that spreads to a short domed lid, which in turn spreads to a flat rim with sharp beveled edge, slightly thicker underside, smoothly turned to a tapered flange with a rounded edge. Hollowed, round, smooth underside. 2008.99.0609.jpg
78.12.5 Shallow circular body, slight shoulder leading to a large concave discus with a filling hole on the central axis, but further forward. Medium nozzle with concave sides leading to a rounded tip with a circular wick hole. Delineated base, slightly concave. Vertical band around the edge of the whole lamp, probably from joining. 2008.99.0037.jpg
79.1.16 Mainly circular body, nozzle is moulded with body disturbing the circular edge back half of body is deeper than the front. Shoulders are convex, discus is concave with a small circular filling hole in the centre. Long deep nozzle, sides follow smoothly on from the body, elongating the circular shape, slightly concave top marked with a ridge on either side, rounded tip and slightly irregular circular wick hole. Remains of small vertical handle attached to the shoulder. Small circular base, slightly concave not lineated. 2005.01.0042.jpg
91.12.2 Roughly circular, with two holes pierced through near top edge. 2006.20.0028.jpg
E.23.16 Fish shaped, handle is tail, mouth is detailed, possibly a detailed eye, and a whole at the top edge for threading, but this could also be a whale's breathing hole(?). Possibly used for rubing malachite for eye make up.
E.62.8 Deep sided bowl with curved sides and no significant base meaning bowl is slightly unsteady. There are two incised bands on the outer surface around the rim and a more significant ridge on the inside where bronze has been folded over to make a smooth and safe edge. 2005.88.0070.jpg
L.2011.1.13 Central circular knob, with a round tip and a sort of carination in the edge, hollow in the underneath; rounded rim, hollow inside, connected to the knob by a quite sloping lid. 2011.97.0183.jpg
L.2011.1.41 Fragment of one body and of central discus. On the edge of the body a hand-grip. 2011.97.0297.jpg
L.2016.3.16 Characteristic wedge-shaped lithic flake with one short and two long sides, linked with a rounded edge. Triangular elevated dorsal surface and flat ventral surface.
L.2016.3.19 Elongated microblade, serrated on one side and slightly rounded edge in section of bulbus. Triangular elevated dorsal surface and flat ventral surface.
REDMG:1951.131.1 Slim alabastron with narrow mouth, projecting rim, slightly convex on the upper surface, and beveled at the edge, flat on the underside; tall, slightly concave neck, offset from a tall ovoid body, with two small lug handles on the upper 1/4 of the body; molded pedestal foot is comprised of a tapering upper element broadening into a disk foot, with a diagonal outer surface, with three ridges, a flat resting surface, and a conical indentation on the underside. 2003.94.0080.jpg
REDMG:1951.140.1 Broad rim, slightly convex on upper surface, ridged at the outside edge, with overhanging lip; neck, concave in profile, broadens to a nearly flat shoulder that curves sharply to an ovoid body, which narrows sharply at the bottom, where it is joined to a moulded pedestal foot with a splayed base and concave underside; upper part of foot has tapering straight sides; the profile of the base is decorated with two ridges. Two incurving horizontal handles, round in sectiona, are attached to the upper third of the body; a vertical handle, also round in section, emerges from the top of the neck and curves down to the lower part of the shoulder. 2004.99.0808.jpg
REDMG:1951.145 Cylindrical lid with inset flat top and raised edge, stepping down in three ridges, broader than the width of the walls; slightly tapering walls terminating in offset flanged rim.
REDMG:1953.25.26 Cup mouth with flat lip, slightly offset from narrow neck, which broadens to a nearly flat shoulder; thin strap handle rises from under the cup mouth and rejoins at the lower part of the shoulder; below carination is a conical body, with concave side walls, tapering down, and straightening out towards the small disk foot, flaring on its upper edge, rounded on its vertical edge, and with a broad, flat resting surface; nipple at the centre of the underside. 2003.93.0394.jpg
REDMG:1953.25.27 Narrow cylindrical neck, broadens to a nearly flat shoulder; thin strap handle rises from the top of the neck and rejoins at the lower part of the shoulder; below carination is a conical body, tapering and then straightening out towards the small disk foot, flaring on its upper edge, rounded on its vertical edge, and with a broad, flat resting surface; nipple at the centre of the underside. 2005.99.0085.jpg
REDMG:1953.25.64 Narrow neck, nearly flat shoulder, curving to a broad body, tapering slightly down, to a slightly raised base, concave at the centre; two pinched triangular round handles rise from the edge of the shoulder, on opposite sides of the bottle. 2003.93.0227.jpg
REDMG:1953.25.65 Flaring broad lip with flat upper surface and a short rim curving into a cylindrical neck above a moulded ring, from which descends the conical body, narrowing slightly to a flat base, with a slightly bevelled edge.
REDMG:1964.1606 Small circular body with wick hole almost in the shoulder, just protruding slightly to form a lip. Large circular filling hole, small oval wick hole. raised circular foot with rough edge. At the bottom of the reservoir is a lump, probably from the patrix ? 2005.01.0324.jpg
REDMG:1964.1649 White-ground lekythos, group iii. Tall cylindrical neck broadening to a diagonal shoulder. Vertical strap handle rises from top of neck to bottom of the shoulder, where it broadens. Below the handle attachment a carination marks the join with the straight body, which narrows at the base to a molded pedestal foot with a slightly concave outer edge, convex underside, indented in the centre.
REDMG:1964.1660 Thick rounded rim, slightly overhanging, above a baggy bowl that narrows sharply to a tapering, slightly concave pedestal foot, with a flat base. The interior of the bowl is concave at the centre. Some irregularities such as uneven edge of base.
REDMG:2004.96.1 Palmette. Rounded rim on a concave lip, above shallow bowl; just below lip are attached two round horizontal handles, rectangular in shape, canted and slightly incurved, rising to just below the height of the rim. A short stem, slightly concave, attaches the bowl to a thick disk foot, with a groove at the outer edge of the vertical surface; broad, convex resting surface; hollowed through the middle of the stem. 2004.99.0960.jpg
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