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There are 9 objects for which Shape_description contains "elongated"
13.10.23 Elongated ovoid body, tapering at the bottom to a convex but nearly flat base and at the top, more gradually, to a very short neck with concave sides, then a broad rim, slightly concave on upper and lower sides, with a narrow mouth; two lugs (with wavy ridges), parallel to eachother, on either side of the vase, approximately 1/3 below the rim. 2008.03.0042.jpg
13.10.9 Slightly tapered body, straight neck, elongated lip. 2008.99.0069.jpg
2016.5.3 Flaring mouth, wide elongated conical neck, separated from a large ovoid body by a moulded groove. Small round foot. Handle is missing. 2016.01.0031.jpg
34.10.15 Gourd-shaped vessel, with an elongated ovoid body tapering into a cylindrical handle that finally terminates in elongated, rounded tip. Pierced in the bottom of the ovoid part, and ca. 2 cm from the tip. Use as a rattle is indicated by the sound of a pebble inside. 2004.95.0115.jpg
45.3.1 Everted rim below which is attached a pinched handle with a string hole; elongated piniform body. 2003.97.0266.jpg
L.2016.3.13 Bronze figurine of a dog or cow, with geometric body shape: Elongated back/belly, pin-like legs (standing wide apart), short pointy muzzle, slightly outwards pointed ears or horns, downwards sloping tail.
L.2016.3.19 Elongated microblade, serrated on one side and slightly rounded edge in section of bulbus. Triangular elevated dorsal surface and flat ventral surface.
REDMG:1964.1610.1 Ovoid body, convex shoulder, medium rounded filling hole in the centre at the highest point. Nozzle is part of the body and is the most acute angle, elongated oval wick hole piercing the body. Irregular flat lateral pinched handle, base is a slightly raised ring mirroring the ovoid shape of the body. 2005.01.0257.jpg
REDMG:1964.1624 Short, baggy oinochoe with pinched, flaring trefoil lip from the back of which rose a (high swung) vertical strap handle, broad neck and a globular body, slightly elongated at the back where the handle reattaches; rounded base. 2004.99.0139.jpg
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