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There are 10 objects for which Shape_description contains "eyes"
13.10.30 Male head, with oval eyes and marked smile. 2008.99.0019.jpg
13.10.31 Male head with oval eyes and slight smile. 2007.12.0027.jpg
13.10.32 Female head with prominent ears, oval eyes and slight smile. 2008.03.0021.jpg
13.10.33 Female head, broken at neck, with oval eyes, prominent ears and slight smile. 2005.02.0173.jpg
13.10.34 Round male head with oval eyes, flat nose and slight smile. 2008.01.0024.jpg
13.10.35 Rectangular male head with flat back. Round eyes, flat nose and no smile. 2007.12.0017.jpg
50.4.4 Female mask (hollowed at back), with gaping mouth, hollowed eyes, hair arranged in thick ridges, at side of head and above brow (fringe). 2004.07.0007.jpg
L.2016.3.31 Ceramic figure of a camel, with raised head and straight posture. He is slightly craning his straightened head upwards, so that his broad neck is a little bent backwards. His eyes appear to be triangular but the iris is round. The mouth is slightly open. The saddle is just schematically depicted with a broad band surrounding the humps, both slightly tapering; the back hump is bent to the left, the front hump to the right. The tail leads down closed to his left leg. His legs are long and thin. There is a hole at the bottom of his rounded belly.
REDMG:1953.25.104 Male head, with oval eyes, large nose and faint smile. 2008.99.0093.jpg
REDMG:1953.25.86 Fragment. Head of woman. Hair centrally parted, waves and ringlets hanging over and below ears. Stephane and veil. Neck with Venus rings. Large eyes. 2002.97.0581.jpg
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