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There are 24 objects for which Shape_description contains "facing"
23.11.31A Warrior facing left, holding shield, spear, and crested helmet. 2005.06.0003.jpg
23.11.31A2 Winged female facing forwards, wearing a long patterned skirt, and holding a sickle in her right hand. 2005.06.0109.jpg
23.11.31B1 Goddess facing left, wearing a tiered headdress over long, styled hair, and a long skirt marked with vertical stripes/drapes? The right arm terminates with a small crescent. 2005.06.0009.jpg
23.11.31B2 Winged female facing front, wearing a long patterned skirt 2005.06.0012.jpg
23.11.31BB Warrior facing right, holding a round shield with a design of spokes radiating from a central boss, and a diagonally-hefted spear. 2005.06.0013.jpg
23.11.31C2 Winged female facing front, wearing a long waisted shirt.
23.11.31E Profile figure facing left wearing a helmet and holding a shield with bike spokes formation. Appears to have once held a spear. Two prominent wide legs emerge from underneath the shield. Lead is an off-colour brown-grey. 2005.06.0030.jpg
23.11.31IIII Female facing left, wearing a pointed headdress over long styled hair. One hand appears to be held up to the face. There is a thin spike projecting upwards at the back. The skirt is belted at the waist, and is patterned with vertical bands containing zigzags or chevrons which terminate at a shin-length curved hem. The left shin and foot appear angled back to the other foot, giving the figure the appearance of walking. 2005.06.0062.jpg
23.11.31K1 Male facing right 2005.06.0198.jpg
23.11.31KK Male facing left, playing pipes. Wearing only a short cloak, which is wound about the shoulders and draped to fall forward over both arms. The left hand holds the pipes to the lips, and the right hand is clenched to grip an incomplete object. 2003.96.0036.jpg
23.11.31N Profile figure facing left with a flat helmet revealing the face. Only a stump of the spear remains. Holding a complete circular shield with a pattern visible. Thin legs emerge from underneath the shield. Lead is an off-colour white-grey. 2005.06.0093.jpg
23.11.31NNNN Single fragment consisting of the head and shoulders of a figure facing right. Wearing a large knobbed headdress which is decorated with tall vertical loops with a central line, over long styled hair
23.11.31Q Warrior facing right, holding a round shield with a wavy "sun" design. 2005.06.0107.jpg
23.11.31QQQQ Warrior facing right, wearing a crested helmet and carrying a round "bicycle-spoke" shield. 2005.06.0112.jpg
23.11.31RR Female figure facing left with arms held away from the sides of the body. Wearing a headdress and a long garment marked across at the chest, waist, and hem levels. 2005.06.0116.jpg
23.11.31RRRR Crested figure facing right holding a shield and a spear. The shield is decorated with a rosette and boss design, and a straight but separate element runs down from the left of the shield and across near the base. 2005.06.0119.jpg
23.11.31T Striding male facing right, with round "rosette" shield 2005.06.0125.jpg
23.11.31V Warrior facing right, with crested helmet and round shield decorated with "bicycle-spoke" design. There is an also area of square grid-marking on the neck, below the back of the helmet.
23.11.31X1 Winged female facing right, wearing a tiered headdress over long, styled hair. 2005.06.0148.jpg
23.11.31Y Warrior facing left, with round spoke-design shield and crested helmet. 2005.06.0154.jpg
23.11.31Z Striding male facing left, holding a spear and a round shield with "bicycle-spoke" design 2005.06.0194.jpg
23.11.31ZZ Female facing right, wearing a long skirt marked with horizontal bands. The straight line of the back projects above the head. One arm is raised in front of the body, and the other is held at waist level. 2005.06.0161.jpg
50.4.20 Outward facing lip on a rim folded into a grape leaf shape, shape continues down neck. Neck joins a plain convex shoulder. Tapering lower body joining slightly taurus foot with slightly concave base. Curved vertical handle attached to the lip and the shoulder 2005.02.0003.jpg
REDMG:1935.87.14 Two shallow handles, facing upwards. 2003.06.0094.jpg
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