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There are 5 objects for which Shape_description contains "filing"
50.4.23 Circular deep body with a small convex shoulder. Discus is concave with a small filing hole off centre and a small protruding nodule also off centre; this is probably the remains of a suspension lug. Long flat nozzle with a rounded tip and a large wick hole off centre at the end. Base is flat and demarcated with a line. 2005.01.0017.jpg
78.12.3 Circular body, small rounded nozzle with an oval wick hole, Small filing hole on the central axis but not in the centre of the discus. Small single volutes, concave moulded discus. Vertical handle with hole through. No foot, slightly concave base. 2005.01.0306.jpg
E.47.1 Circular body with small sunken discus with small filing hole, large raised sholder. Long flat nozzle with a splayed end and a curved tip and oval smoke hole. Small ring base. 2005.01.0328.jpg
REDMG:1964.1601 Circular deep body with small shallow nozzle which is slightly up turned at the tip. Large oval wick hole, filing hole is wide and circular, there is no discus. Ribbon handle around the back of the lamp, attaching to the shoulder in two places. Small, slightly uneven foot with a flat base slighitly carrinated. 2003.93.0124.jpg
REDMG:1964.1619.1 Rough oval shape, straight sides, slightly upward sloping shoulder, raised rim that runs from the wick hole, around an almost circular discus area and then returns to the wick hole, this rim forms a slight rim for the wick hole too. In the centre of the discus area is small filing hole, the nozzle is deep and in the same form as the body with a large wick hole. Small circular ring base with slight depression. Lamp leans towards the left on the base. 2003.93.0121.jpg
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