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There are 5 objects for which Shape_description contains "folded"
13.10.27 'Cocked hat'; open lamp consisting of a shallow circular bowl; two folded in edges which form a wick rest; small rim visible at back; small central circular foot. 2005.01.0001.jpg
50.4.20 Outward facing lip on a rim folded into a grape leaf shape, shape continues down neck. Neck joins a plain convex shoulder. Tapering lower body joining slightly taurus foot with slightly concave base. Curved vertical handle attached to the lip and the shoulder 2005.02.0003.jpg
78.12.17 'Cocked hat' lamp, Shallow bowl with one half of its rim folded in and pinched to form an open wick rest. Wide rim, base is uneven making lamp sit to left hand side. 2005.01.0099.jpg
78.12.18 'Cocked hat' lamp, shallow open lamp fashioned from a bowl with two sides folded in to provide a wick rest. The rim is thick and very pronounced leading on to a vertical sided shallow reservoir. the base is flat but there is no foot. 2005.01.0281.jpg
E.62.8 Deep sided bowl with curved sides and no significant base meaning bowl is slightly unsteady. There are two incised bands on the outer surface around the rim and a more significant ridge on the inside where bronze has been folded over to make a smooth and safe edge. 2005.88.0070.jpg
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