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There are 16 objects for which Shape_description contains "footring"
35.4.5 Wide overhung rim; handles come up to beneath the overhang in a right-angle shape; body tapers to small thin stem; very thick footring; underside recedes in almost conical shape. 2001.99.0031.jpg
44.6.1 Donut shaped body; rim turns in gradually; the remains of a ribbon handle protrude from one side of the rim; diagonal footring. 2003.35.0091.jpg
45.10.5 Shallow bowl with wide interior, short stem and thick footring. 2011.98.0041.jpg
47.2.15 Wide, flat rim; shallow bowl; thin footring; concave base. 2008.99.0110.jpg
48.12.3 Tall, slightly out turned rim; small rounded horizontal handles at the beginning of the body, rising upwards, fairly deep body; thick conical footring; conical underside. 2004.12.0005.jpg
49.1.1 Inturned rim with straight sides; ribbon handle; shoulder slopes down to vertical wall, then sharply recedes to vertical footring and sloping underside of the base. 2003.92.0300.jpg
49.8.10 Trefoil lip; short neck; Ring in the junction of neck and body; thick rounded handle curves up from top portion of bulbous body to back of neck; outturned conical footring; convex underside. 2003.93.0309.jpg
49.8.4 Flat-bottomed aryballos. Broad, flat rim; tall thin neck; vertical strap handle; rounded body; small footring; slightly convex base. 2008.99.0371.jpg
50.4.9 Trefoil lipped; rounded handle curves up from the rim to the upper part of the body; short neck curves sharply into shoulder and bulbous body; small footring; flat underside. 2008.10.0031.jpg
51.7.10 Body projects from tall rim; two oblong handles with side projections; deep bowl; conical footring; concave base. 2003.97.0333.jpg
51.7.12 Offset rim; origionally two handles of which only one remains, protruding horizontally from just below the rim; body initially rounded but then tapers fairly sharply to very narrow, raised footring; base flat 2003.93.0368.jpg
52.3.3 Broad flat rim; short thick neck; handles are comprised of two vertical bars joined at the rim by an overhanging horizontal bar with downward protrusions at either end; body tapers to conical footring; flat base. 2003.95.0050.jpg
56.8.3 Deep body tapers sharply towards foot; circular handles curve slightly upwards without reaching the height of the rim; conical footring. 2004.03.0017.jpg
60.8.1 Cup of Ionian type. Tall, slightly outturned rim; ridge between rim and deep body; two small, rounded handles emerge horizontally from the top of the body; conical footring; concave base. 2002.97.0506.jpg
64.7.1 Stemless (of a late type). Thin inturned rim; shallow bowl; one remaining rounded handle curves up slightly higher than the rim from just below the rim; round footring; flat underside with slight moulded circle on base. 2007.01.0170.jpg
REDMG:1935.87.29 Stemless. Two handles, one either side from well below the rim are bent up at the ends. Shallow body descending to a groove and then a rounded footring.
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