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There are 11 objects for which Shape_description contains "four"
2005.3.41 four handled bird kylix
23.11.31XXX Female wearing a long patterned skirt. The upper, larger section of the skirt is divided into four vertical bands made up of wide plain, narrow plain, wide plain, and single-line zigzag motifs. These are terminated with two horizontal bands running around the hem. 2003.96.0029.jpg
29.11.13 Tortoise with slight protrusion for head and four triangular protrusions at the bottom for legs. Back divided into slight humps to resemble shell 2002.97.0755.jpg
35.5.20-22 Four fragments probably from the same cup 2003.21.0088.jpg
35.5.23-26 Four fragments possibly from one cup 2003.21.0005.jpg
49.12.1 Everted, nearly flat rim, with round lip, curves sharply to a cylindrical upper body, somewhat concave, separated from the lower body by a ridge above a flange. The lower body is comprised of four horizontal ribs, above a shallow bowl that narrows to a thin, short stem, that curves continuously into a conical foot, finishing with a broad groove above a rounded edge. The underside is hollowed. Two strap handles, which flare on either side, rise up above the rim and then descend to rejoin the body at the flange. A spur projects from the lower part of each handle, approximately in the middle of the upper body. 2008.98.0387.jpg
E.23.42.1-4 Group of four red beads, unattached but found together. Two are long and thin, one is a shallow but complete circle and the fourth is an incomplete circle and thick.
E.62.44 Lid is oval with a central circular knob and traces of an incised band on top. (Lid is missing!) Body has a flat rim, same shape and size as lid so they sit together, but with a central circular opening. Thin neck leading to shoulders. Four oblong feet at each 'corner' and the base between is flat. Flat rim on top of body is reserved. The inside is a cylindrical well, not matching the contours or shape of the outside. Heavy object.
E.63.1 Fragment has four sides and shows the top right hand corner of the tablet. 2002.98.0163.jpg
E.63.10 Miniature papyrus sceptre worn as a pendant (suspension hole at top). Zig zags taper to the main body the top of which is decorated with four incised lines. The body swells and then tapers to a pointed base. 2002.98.0952.jpg
L.2016.3.32 Small, relatively heavy metal horn; hollow inside. Moulded bulges line up along the curved body, probably to sketch the natural form, and lead to the rounded tip. Four holes surround the upper part of the horn (actually the end attached to the head). The horn ends with a flat rim.
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