Ure Museum Database

There are 731 objects for which Shape_description contains "fragment"
11.10.13 Fragment of shallow cup. 2002.97.0363.jpg
11.10.19 Fragment 2003.12.0002.jpg
12.10.1 Fragment 2004.03.0014.jpg
13.10.10 Fragment. Neck and handle of vase. 2008.03.0032.jpg
13.10.37 Fragment of female (?), handmade head, with distinctive pointed nose. 2005.02.0194.jpg
13.10.5 Hexagonal fragment perhaps broken at both ends. Dagger with angular shoulder and straight butt; ogival outline, lower end flattened. 2010.99.0128.jpg
14.9.103 Single fragment of an open shape, perhaps a stamnos 2007.08.0009.jpg
14.9.114BIS Fragment 2003.30.0099.jpg
14.9.12 Fragment 2005.88.0002.jpg
14.9.120 Fragment 2006.20.0020.jpg
14.9.13 Fragment 2007.03.1260.jpg
14.9.14 Fragment 2007.03.1262.jpg
14.9.15 Fragment
14.9.16 Fragment 2007.03.1282.jpg
14.9.17 Fragment 2006.20.0019.jpg
14.9.18 Fragment 2007.03.1277.jpg
14.9.19 Fragment 2007.03.1283.jpg
14.9.20 Fragment 2007.03.1286.jpg
14.9.21 Fragment 2007.03.1279.jpg
14.9.22 Fragment 2007.03.1266.jpg
14.9.23 Fragment 2007.03.1271.jpg
14.9.24 Fragment 2007.03.1270.jpg
14.9.25 Fragment
14.9.26 Fragment 2007.03.1276.jpg
14.9.28 Fragment 2007.03.1273.jpg
14.9.29 Fragment 2007.03.1267.jpg
14.9.30 Fragment 2007.03.1254.jpg
14.9.31 Fragment 2007.03.1287.jpg
14.9.32 Fragment 2007.03.1239.jpg
14.9.33 Fragment 2007.03.1235.jpg
14.9.37 Fragment 2003.01.0008.jpg
14.9.38 Fragment with long section of rim attached. Clay becomes thicker at rim because it is slighlty offset. 2003.01.0093.jpg
14.9.39 Fragment with rim attached which is sharply offset. 2003.01.0094.jpg
14.9.40 Fragment with part of rim attached. Rim is slightly offset. 2003.01.0095.jpg
14.9.41 Fragment with rim attached. The rim is offset a little and the clay bends halfway down the fragment to lead to the base of the cup. 2003.01.0096.jpg
14.9.42 Fragment. Quite steeply curved. 2003.01.0097.jpg
14.9.43 Fragment with section of rim attached. The walls thin slightly to the rim. 2003.01.0098.jpg
14.9.44 Fragment with part of a sharply offset rim attached. 2003.01.0099.jpg
14.9.46 Fragment of stirrup jar consisting of handles and false neck. 2003.01.0091.jpg
14.9.48 Fragment from neckless krater with flat projecting rim. 2005.88.0003.jpg
14.9.49 Fragment from a neckless krater with a flat projecting rim. 2003.01.0084.jpg
14.9.50 Fragment. Flat-topped projecting rim, flaring outwards. Clay is thick at the point where the rim begins to flare outwards. 2003.01.0085.jpg
14.9.51 Fragment. Middle fragment with no finished edges. 2003.01.0086.jpg
14.9.54 Three-handled. Fragment, probably from the shoulder. 2005.02.0438.jpg
14.9.55 Fragment 2005.02.0443.jpg
14.9.56 Fragment, possibly from shoulder of jug 2003.01.0081.jpg
14.9.6 Tankard (?) or one-handled jug (?) fragment, preserving section of lip, neck and upper body. 2004.13.0093.jpg
14.9.60 Fragment including curved outer edge, underside has distinct curved ridge halfway in. Whole piece sloped higher towards middle. 2006.20.0321.jpg
14.9.61 Small curved rim fragment. Underside has small ridge about halfway into the fragment to the inside of which the fragment has a pronounced change of angle. 2006.20.0320.jpg
14.9.62 Small ridge on underside near outer edge of fragment and slight curve along top. 2006.20.0327.jpg
14.9.7 Fragment 2007.03.1255.jpg
14.9.70 Fragment 2006.20.0340.jpg
14.9.73 Fragment 2013.04.0004.jpg
14.9.74 Fragment 2013.04.0005.jpg
14.9.75 Fragment 2013.04.0008.jpg
14.9.76 Fragment; perhaps start of handle at left. 2003.20.0087.jpg
14.9.79 Fragment from a closed vase (probably amphora) 2003.46.0066.jpg
14.9.8 Fragment
14.9.80 Fragment 2013.04.0018.jpg
14.9.82 Fragment 2003.08.0096.jpg
14.9.83 Rim/bowl fragment 2003.08.0099.jpg
14.9.84 Fragment. Ground yellowish-buff clay with no finished edges to the fragment. 2013.04.0020.jpg
14.9.85 Fragment 2004.76.0002.jpg
14.9.86 Fragment 2003.65.0007.jpg
14.9.87 Fragment 2003.97.0792.jpg
14.9.9 Fragment 2007.03.1263.jpg
14.9.90 Single fragment preserving segment of rim
14.9.91 Single fragment preserving section of rim
19.53.86 Fragment
2003.3.37 fragment of bird kylix rim and part of body
2003.6.19 Single fragment from near the attachment of a handle. 2007.03.1216.jpg
2003.6.20 Rim fragment 2005.88.0063.jpg
2003.7.21 Rim fragment 2007.03.1206.jpg
2003.7.28 Small triangular fragment 2007.03.1199.jpg
2003.7.77 Close to rectangular with curving surface. Fragment progressively becomes thicker. 2006.20.0556.jpg
2003.8.51 Rim fragment 2006.20.0616.jpg
2003.8.56 Fragment 2006.20.0619.jpg
2003.8.62 Fragment 2006.20.0615.jpg
2003.8.63 Single fragment 2006.20.0612.jpg
2004.8.1 Fragment from the bowl of a Skyphos. 2006.20.0564.jpg
2004.8.2A Small fragment of kylix, class D
2004.8.4 Large skyphos fragment 2006.20.0566.jpg
2005.3.10 Fragment of aryballos mouth 2005.05.0067.jpg
2005.3.11 Fragment of mouth and rim of aryballos 2005.05.0065.jpg
2005.3.12 Fragment from body of aryballos, part of same vessel as 2005.3.8 2005.05.0064.jpg
2005.3.14 fragment of foot 2006.20.0359.jpg
2005.3.25A-C Fragments of a kylix, A: base, foot, stem and section of body, B: rim (joins up with fragment A), C: rim 2006.20.0368.jpg
2005.3.26 Fragment of lekythoi - foot and small part of the body 2006.20.0401.jpg
2005.3.27 Fragment of lekythoi - part of neck, mouth and rim preserved 2006.20.0405.jpg
2005.3.29 Fragment of a bird kylix 2006.20.0385.jpg
2005.3.31 Fragment of a bird kylix rim 2006.20.0380.jpg
2005.3.32 fragment of a bird kylix 2006.20.0378.jpg
2005.3.33 Fragment of bird kylix - base of the bowl and join of stem 2006.20.0370.jpg
2005.3.34 Fragment of bird kylix
2005.3.35 Fragment of bird kylix rim and handle
2005.3.36 Fragment of a bird kylix handle and rim 2006.20.0391.jpg
2005.3.39 Fragment of bird kylix rim 2006.20.0395.jpg
2005.3.40 Fragment of bird kylix 2006.20.0398.jpg
2005.3.7 Fragment of aryballos 2005.05.0066.jpg
2005.3.9 Fragment of aryballos mouth 2005.05.0072.jpg
2005.5.99 Fragment 2003.65.0090.jpg
2005.6.1 Fragment; shoulder, neck and mouth section of aryballos
2005.6.2 Fragment; rectangular in shape from below inflection point/ mid-section
2005.7.1 Square textile fragment 2005.95.0012.jpg
2005.7.10 Sub-rectilinear textile fragment 2005.95.0019.jpg
2005.7.11 Sub-rectlinear textile fragment 2012.97.0014.jpg
2005.7.12 Sub-rectilinear textile fragment 2012.97.0015.jpg
2005.7.13 Sub-rectilinear textile fragment 2008.07.0024.jpg
2005.7.14 Sub-rectilinear textile fragment 2013.03.0016.jpg
2005.7.15 Sub-rectilinear textile fragment 2008.07.0008.jpg
2005.7.16 Rectilinear textile fragment 2008.07.0026.jpg
2005.7.17 Sub-rectilinear textile fragment 2013.03.0048.jpg
2005.7.18 Rectilinear textile fragment 2013.03.0010.jpg
2005.7.3 Fragment of leaf-shaped textile 2013.03.0006.jpg
2005.7.4 Rectilinear textile fragment 2005.95.0003.jpg
2005.7.5 Rectilinear textile fragment 2008.07.0028.jpg
2005.7.6 Rectilinear textile fragment 2013.03.0037.jpg
2005.7.7 Fragment of a medallion-shaped textile 2012.97.0010.jpg
2005.7.8 Sub-rectlinear textile fragment 2013.01.0005.jpg
2005.7.9 Sub-rectlinear textile fragment 2013.02.0005.jpg
2006.12.104 Fragment of small vessel with base, body and one handle.
2006.12.105 Fragment of rim with part of a handle 2007.03.1006.jpg
2006.12.108 Fragment of lid ? of vessel with three spurts over edge; presumably there was once a fourth. 2007.03.1014.jpg
2006.12.109 Fragment of rim and neck of vessel 2007.03.1067.jpg
2006.12.110 Fragment of lid 2007.03.1057.jpg
2006.12.111 Fragment of rim
2006.12.112 Fragment of base or stand of vessel, with handle attached
2006.12.113 Fragment with part of handle
2006.12.114 Fragment of base
2006.12.115 Fragment with part of broken handle 2007.03.1059.jpg
2006.12.119 Fragment of rim
2006.12.120 Fragment of rim
2006.12.122 Fragment with stub of handle
2006.12.123 Fragment of rim
2006.12.125 Fragment possibly of handle; long thin shap which branches into two thinner broken, curved projections.
2006.12.126 Fragment of figurine? heavily worn, but head shape visible
2006.12.13 Fragment of rim 2007.03.0845.jpg
2006.12.14 Fragment of rim 2007.03.0442.jpg
2006.12.15 Ridge inside fragment and change in decoration suggests fragment is from neck of vessel 2007.30.0050.jpg
2006.12.16 Fragment of handle 2006.78.0028.jpg
2006.12.17 Fragment of rim with part of neck 2005.02.0330.jpg
2006.12.18 Fragment of rim; with handle previously attached 2007.03.0899.jpg
2006.12.19 Fragment of handle 2005.02.0359.jpg
2006.12.2 Fragment of rim 2007.03.0461.jpg
2006.12.20 Fragment of rim or lid with part of handle 2007.03.0887.jpg
2006.12.21 Fragment of rim 2007.03.0529.jpg
2006.12.28 Fragment of rim 2007.03.0966.jpg
2006.12.4 Fragment of rim 2007.03.0445.jpg
2006.12.51 Fragment of rim 2007.03.1115.jpg
2006.12.56 Fragment of rim 2007.03.1138.jpg
2006.12.58 Fragment of rim or possibly lid 2007.03.1109.jpg
2006.12.59 Fragment most likely of lid 2007.03.1110.jpg
2006.12.65 Fragment of rim 2007.03.1078.jpg
2006.12.66 Fragment with handle attached
2006.12.67 Fragment with handle 2007.03.1098.jpg
2006.12.68 Fragment of rim 2007.03.1102.jpg
2006.12.7 Fragment of rim, possibly with broken off handle 2007.03.0861.jpg
2006.12.76 Fragment of rim 2007.03.1122.jpg
2006.12.78 Rim fragment 2007.03.1145.jpg
2006.12.79 Fragment of rim 2007.03.1070.jpg
2006.12.8 Fragment of Rim 2007.03.0922.jpg
2006.12.80 Fragment of Rim 2007.03.1081.jpg
2006.12.82 Fragment with rim and part of base (?) 2007.03.1073.jpg
2006.12.83 Fragment of figurine 2007.03.1084.jpg
2006.12.84 Fragment of rim 2007.03.1086.jpg
2006.12.87 Fragment of pipe? 2007.03.1079.jpg
2006.12.88 Fragment of Figurine 2007.03.1100.jpg
2006.12.89 Fragment of figurine 2007.03.1088.jpg
2006.12.90 Fragment possibly of figurine 2007.03.1089.jpg
2007.1.165 Fragment from base
2007.4.102 Fragment of rim 2007.03.0634.jpg
2007.4.103 Fragment of handle 2007.03.0605.jpg
2007.4.106 Fragment is possibly part of a handle 2007.30.0022.jpg
2007.4.109 Fragment is semi-circle, perhaps part of small bowl. 2007.30.0024.jpg
2007.4.11 Fragment is approximately rectangular shaped, but with a triangular addition to one side. 2007.03.0775.jpg
2007.4.110 Fragment is approximately in the shape of a pentagon.
2007.4.111 Fragment is an aryballos. 2007.30.0005.jpg
2007.4.112 Fragment is approximately pentagon shaped. 2007.30.0011.jpg
2007.4.113 Fragment is approximately hexagon shaped. 2007.30.0027.jpg
2007.4.114 Fragment is rim part of object. 2007.30.0008.jpg
2007.4.116 Fragment of rim with part of handle attached 2007.30.0014.jpg
2007.4.117 Shape suggests fragment of rim with part of handle still attached 2007.30.0029.jpg
2007.4.118 Fragment of rim 2007.30.0001.jpg
2007.4.119 Fragment of rim 2007.30.0017.jpg
2007.4.12 Fragment of rim 2007.03.0786.jpg
2007.4.121 Fragment possibly with part of a pouring spout 2007.30.0019.jpg
2007.4.123 Fragment of rim 2007.30.0040.jpg
2007.4.124 Fragment with part of broken handle 2007.30.0047.jpg
2007.4.125 Fragment of rim 2007.30.0034.jpg
2007.4.129 Fragment of rim 2007.30.0048.jpg
2007.4.131 Fragment of rim
2007.4.132 Fragment from handle 2006.78.0040.jpg
2007.4.134 Fragment of base
2007.4.136 Fragment from base 2006.78.0041.jpg
2007.4.137 Fragment of rim 2006.78.0042.jpg
2007.4.138 Fragment from base
2007.4.139 Fragment from rim
2007.4.142 Fragment from rim
2007.4.148 Fragment of handle
2007.4.149 Fragment from base
2007.4.151 Fragment from base, stem between base and main bowl of pot
2007.4.156 Very small fragment of rim
2007.4.157 Fragment from rim
2007.4.158 Fragment, possibly from base
2007.4.160 Fragment of rim
2007.4.161 Fragment from rim
2007.4.164 Fragment of rim
2007.4.171 flat pot fragment
2007.4.173 curved pot fragment
2007.4.179 Flat pot fragment with part of base
2007.4.196 Fragment with base of vessel
2007.4.197 Fragment of corded handle
2007.4.200 Fragment of rim
2007.4.201 Fragment with small part of rim and broken handle attached
2007.4.202 Curved fragment with neck of vessel
2007.4.203 Fragment of rim
2007.4.205 Fragment of rim
2007.4.209 Fragment of rim
2007.4.212 Fragment of rim
2007.4.215 Fragment from side of pot, but with very end of handle attached
2007.4.221 Fragment from rim
2007.4.228 Fragment of rim
2007.4.24 Fragment of rim 2007.03.0124.jpg
2007.4.25 Fragment of handle 2007.03.0128.jpg
2007.4.26 Fragment from handle 2007.03.0118.jpg
2007.4.30 Fragment from rim 2007.03.0160.jpg
2007.4.32 Fragment from rim 2007.03.0126.jpg
2007.4.33 Fragment, possibly rim 2007.03.0132.jpg
2007.4.34 Fragment, possibly handle 2007.03.0190.jpg
2007.4.35 Fragment from rim 2007.03.0176.jpg
2007.4.36 Fragment, possibly rim 2007.03.0203.jpg
2007.4.38 Fragment from rim 2007.03.0144.jpg
2007.4.42 Fragment from handle 2007.03.0116.jpg
2007.4.43 Fragment, possibly from rim 2007.03.0146.jpg
2007.4.44 Fragment from handle 2007.03.0149.jpg
2007.4.45 Fragment from rim 2007.03.0181.jpg
2007.4.46 Fragment from rim 2007.03.0136.jpg
2007.4.48 Fragment from rim 2007.03.0157.jpg
2007.4.49 Fragment from rim 2007.03.0180.jpg
2007.4.50 Fragment from rim, possibly used to have handle attached 2007.03.0183.jpg
2007.4.51 Fragment from rim 2007.03.0178.jpg
2007.4.52 Fragment from base of handle 2007.03.0188.jpg
2007.4.55 Fragment from rim 2007.03.0191.jpg
2007.4.57 Fragment, possibly from rim 2007.03.0140.jpg
2007.4.63 Fragment from rim 2007.03.0155.jpg
2007.4.65 Fragment from rim 2007.03.0154.jpg
2007.4.66 Fragment of rim 2007.03.0722.jpg
2007.4.67 Fragment of lid 2007.03.0675.jpg
2007.4.70 Fragment is shaped like a trapezium. 2007.03.0735.jpg
2007.4.71 Fragment of handle with bit of rim 2007.03.0669.jpg
2007.4.74 Fragment with part of handle 2007.03.0726.jpg
2007.4.76 Fragment of base 2007.03.0678.jpg
2007.4.81 Fragment with part of handle 2007.03.0618.jpg
2007.4.82 Fragment of handle 2007.03.0652.jpg
2007.4.83 Fragment of a handle
2007.4.85 Curve of fragment suggests neck of vessel 2007.03.0710.jpg
2007.4.86 Fragment of base 2007.03.0714.jpg
2007.4.88 Fragment of handle 2007.03.0640.jpg
2007.4.92 Fragment of base 2007.03.0665.jpg
2007.4.93 Fragment of rim 2007.03.0610.jpg
2007.4.95 Fragment of base 2007.03.0660.jpg
2007.9.11 Four-sided, large curved ridge on outer surface, fragment depth much deeper at two edges than at remaining two.
2007.9.4 Both long edges are curved, one more greatly so, resulting in the width of fragment being much wider at one end, meetimg the horizontal edge at a small point.
2007.9.9 Two straightish sides meet at an almost right-angle. Depending whether one looks at the outside or the inside of the fragment, there are a further one or two sides, due to the very uneven nature of the edge.
2008.7.1 U-shaped strap handle attached to a rim fragment
2008.7.10 Conical base fragment half missing
2008.7.100 Spout fragment with very narrow opening, fragment only extant down to shoulder of vessel.
2008.7.102 Triangular fragment
2008.7.103 Trapezoidal fragment
2008.7.104 Trapezoidal fragment
2008.7.105 Trapezoidal fragment
2008.7.106 Triangular fragment
2008.7.107 rectangular fragment
2008.7.108 Trapezoidal fragment
2008.7.109 Rectangular fragment with possible rim ridge
2008.7.11 Trapezium shaped body fragment
2008.7.110 Rectangular rim fragment
2008.7.111 Squarish fragment
2008.7.112 Rectangular fragment
2008.7.114 Hexagonal rim fragment
2008.7.115 Pentagonal rim fragment, possibly from bowl/dish/tile
2008.7.116 Hexagonal shaped fragment with remnants of rim; remnants of handle base on exterior
2008.7.117 Reactangular fragment
2008.7.119 Trapedoidal fragment, curves upwards from centre into a semi-circular peak.
2008.7.12 Trapezium shaped body fragment
2008.7.120 Triangular fragment
2008.7.121 Triangular shaped handle fragment
2008.7.123 Trapzoidal fragment with a small pierced cylindrical handle on the rim (for string?)
2008.7.125 Oval shaped spout fragment
2008.7.126 Trapezoidal fragment
2008.7.127 Trapezoidal fragment, one edge curves to a rim.
2008.7.128 Trapezoidal rim fragment
2008.7.129 Trapezoidal fragment
2008.7.13 Body fragment roughly diamond in shape
2008.7.130 Long rim fragment, slightly curving but steeply angular on exterior of fragment. Almost a long pyramid in shape, with a curved base.Small rounded handle on one broken edge.
2008.7.131 Rectangular rim fragment
2008.7.133 Hammer-head shaped fragment, with one semi-circular face. Slopes up to a rim.
2008.7.134 Trapedoidal rim fragment
2008.7.135 Rim fragment with handle; exterior has a handle with a hole through it, possibly to put string through
2008.7.136 Rectangular fragment. Getle dip in the middle curving upwards either side to create a waved shape.
2008.7.137 Rectangular fragment
2008.7.138 Reactangular fragment, curves upwards towards rim.
2008.7.139 Trapezoidal fragment
2008.7.14 Round base fragment
2008.7.140 Trapezoidal fragment, curves upwards towards rim.
2008.7.141 Trapezoidal fragment
2008.7.142 Triangular Fragment
2008.7.143 Reactangular Fragment
2008.7.144 Rectangular fragment, curves almost 90 degrees at centre towards flat rim.
2008.7.145 Reactangular fragment
2008.7.146 Trapezoidal fragment
2008.7.147 Trapezoidal fragment
2008.7.149 Trapezoidal fragment
2008.7.15 Base fragment roughly trapezium in shape
2008.7.150 Rectangular fragment
2008.7.151 Trapezoidal fragment
2008.7.152 Trapezoidal fragment
2008.7.153 Reactangular fragment, curves gently upwards at one end.
2008.7.154 Cuboidal fragment
2008.7.155 Cuboidal fragment
2008.7.156 Cuboidal fragment
2008.7.157 Triangular fragment, curves gently upwards at one end.
2008.7.158 Trapezoidal curved handle fragment.
2008.7.159 Triangular fragment
2008.7.16 Body fragment roughly square
2008.7.160 Handle fragment
2008.7.161 Triangular plate fragment
2008.7.162 Square fragment
2008.7.163 Square fragment; vertical curvature
2008.7.164 Triangular fragment
2008.7.166 Pentagonal rim fragment
2008.7.167 Triangular rim fragment
2008.7.168 Roughly triangular shaped fragment
2008.7.169 Rectangular fragment (rim?)
2008.7.17 Rectangular fragment
2008.7.170 Rectangular fragment (with one large chip missing)
2008.7.171 Triangular fragment
2008.7.172 Triangular fragment
2008.7.173 Pentagonal fragment
2008.7.174 Pentagonal fragment
2008.7.175 Squarish fragment
2008.7.176 Triangular fragment with one curved side
2008.7.177 Rectangular fragment
2008.7.178 Trapezoidal fragment
2008.7.179 Trapezoidal fragment
2008.7.18 Trapezoidal fragment
2008.7.180 Triangular fragment
2008.7.181 Triangular fragment
2008.7.182 Rectangular fragment
2008.7.183 Triangular fragment
2008.7.184 Triangular fragment
2008.7.185 Triangular fragment
2008.7.186 Pentagonal base(?) fragment
2008.7.187 Pentagonal fragment
2008.7.188 Triangular fragment
2008.7.189 Irregularly shaped base fragment
2008.7.19 Rectangular fragment
2008.7.190 Rectangular Fragment
2008.7.191 Pentagonal shaped fragment
2008.7.192 Rectangular rim fragment, horizontal curvature
2008.7.193 Rectangular rim fragment
2008.7.194 Quadrangular rim fragment
2008.7.195 Pentagonal rim fragment; horizontal curvature
2008.7.196 Pentagonal shaped fragment; horizontal curvature
2008.7.197 Rectangular fragment
2008.7.198 Pentagonal shaped fragment, possibly from a rim
2008.7.199 Quadrangular fragment
2008.7.2 Single fragment preserves base and part of curved side.
2008.7.20 Pentagonal rim fragment
2008.7.200 Triangular fragment
2008.7.21 Pentagonal fragment
2008.7.22 Rectangular fragment
2008.7.23 Rectangular fragment
2008.7.24 Pentagonal fragment
2008.7.25 Rectangular fragment
2008.7.26 Hexagonal fragment
2008.7.27 Four-sided fragment; three straight, one curved.
2008.7.28 Pentagonal rim fragment
2008.7.29 Narrow thin handle fragment.
2008.7.3 Rectangular fragment thicker at one end and curved sharply at the other. Possibly a handle fragment.
2008.7.30 Triangular fragment
2008.7.31 Triangular base fragment with part of side.
2008.7.32 Square fragment
2008.7.33 Pentagonal fragment
2008.7.34 Triangular fragment
2008.7.35 Irregularly shaped rim fragment; fragment is narrowest up near the rim, then broadens down towards the shoulder, and has broken off near the transition from shoulder to body. Possible point where handle was attached
2008.7.36 Irregularly shaped rim fragment; from rim down to just past the join of neck and shoulder.
2008.7.38 Triangular (base?) fragment
2008.7.39 Pentagonal fragment
2008.7.4 An almost pentagon shaped fragment preserving some of base and a steeply curved side.
2008.7.40 Triangular fragment
2008.7.41 Rim fragment with 4 broken edges; Exterior: LH side has a ridge toward base of fragment
2008.7.42 Handle fragment from possibly near the base of handle
2008.7.43 Rectangular fragment
2008.7.44 Triangular shaped rim fragment
2008.7.45 Rectangular rim fragment
2008.7.46 Rectangular fragment
2008.7.47 Triangular shaped fragment
2008.7.48 Rectangular fragment
2008.7.49 Small base fragment broken on 5 sides with part of the stand broken on one side
2008.7.5 Single fragment, concave flared base with flat edge concave in profile
2008.7.50 Triangular fragment
2008.7.51 Pentagonal fragment
2008.7.52 Triangular fragment, curves upwards towards the mouth.
2008.7.53 Squarish shaped fragment
2008.7.54 Hexagonal fragment from possibly neck of a pot as the exterior top of the fragment curves out into what could be a lip; exterior base of fragment also begins to curve outwards; horizontal curvature to the fragment
2008.7.55 Rectangular Fragment
2008.7.56 Trapezoidal fragment
2008.7.57 Triangular rim fragment with a ridge around the rim
2008.7.58 Triangular rim fragment
2008.7.59 Rectangular fragment, curved.
2008.7.6 Pentagon shaped fragment, preserving part of a very slightly curved body.
2008.7.60 Triangular fragment
2008.7.61 Trapezoidal fragment
2008.7.62 Trapezoidal fragment
2008.7.63 Triangular Fragment
2008.7.64 Rectangular fragment of rim, curves upwards.
2008.7.65 Trapezoidal Fragment, curves upwards.
2008.7.66 Trapezoidal Fragment
2008.7.67 Rectangular Fragment
2008.7.68 Triangular Fragment
2008.7.69 Trapezoidal fragment, one curved edge.
2008.7.7 Rectangular fragment, slightly curved.
2008.7.70 Trapezoidal fragment
2008.7.71 Triangular fragment
2008.7.72 Rectangular fragment
2008.7.73 Rectanglar fragment with horizontal curvature
2008.7.74 Hexagonal fragment; horizontal curvature; slight vertical curvature at one end of the fragment
2008.7.75 Quadrangular fragment with lip still attached
2008.7.76 Pentagonal fragment; horizontal curvature; slight vertical curvature at one end of fragment
2008.7.77 Rectangular fragment
2008.7.78 Rectangular fragment
2008.7.79 Rectangular base fragment
2008.7.8 Triangular fragment preserving part of the body of a vessel.
2008.7.80 Triangular fragment
2008.7.81 Rectangular fragment
2008.7.82 Trapezoidal curved fragment.
2008.7.83 Trapezoidal fragment, curved, with rim.
2008.7.84 Triangular fragment of plate. Flat base, curves up to fairly wide rim.
2008.7.85 Trapezoidal fragment
2008.7.86 Trapezoidal fragment
2008.7.87 Heart-shaped fragment
2008.7.88 Pentagonal fragment with small lip.
2008.7.89 Rectangular fragment
2008.7.9 Rim Fragment triangular in shape
2008.7.90 Trapezoidal fragment
2008.7.91 Rectangular fragment
2008.7.92 Trapezoidal fragment
2008.7.93 Rectangular fragment
2008.7.94 Trapezoidal fragment
2008.7.95 Rectangular fragment
2008.7.96 Trapezoidal fragment
2008.7.97 Triangular fragment
2008.7.98 Triangular fragment
2008.7.99 Gently curving rectangular handle fragment.
2008.8.2 Trapezoidal fragment with 2 parallel curved edges.
2008.9.1 Trapezoidal fragment
2008.9.13 Trapezoidal curved fragment
2008.9.14 Trapezoidal fragment
2008.9.15 Trapezoidal fragment
2008.9.16 Trapezoidal fragment
2008.9.17 Trapezoidal fragment
2008.9.18 Trapezoidal fragment
2008.9.19 Triangular fragment
2008.9.20 Triangular fragment
2008.9.21 Trapezoidal fragment
2008.9.22 Triangular rim fragment
2008.9.23 Trapezoidal fragment
2008.9.24 Trapezoidal curved rim fragment.
2008.9.25 Trapezoidal fragment
2008.9.26 Rectangular fragment
2008.9.27 Trapezoidal fragment
2008.9.28 Trapezoidal fragment
2008.9.3 Irregularly shaped fragment
2008.9.34 Rim fragment with bluntly serrated edge.
2008.9.35 Long narrow handle fragment
2008.9.4 Spear-shaped fragment
2008.9.49 Roughly rectangular shaped rim fragment.
2008.9.5 Trapezoidal base fragment with one curved edge.
2008.9.51 Irregularly-shaped rim fragment.
2008.9.6 Trapezoidal fragment with one curved edge.
2008.9.7 Trapezoidal curved fragment
2008.9.8 Circular base fragment.
2008.9.9 Reactangular fragment
2009.7.99 Gently curving rectangular handle fragment.
21.2.27 Fragment
22.3.11 Krater fragment 2003.39.0090.jpg
22.3.12 Fragment; two joining pieces 2003.74.0095.jpg
22.3.13 Jagged square fragment 2003.28.0003.jpg
22.3.14 Fragment 2003.39.0005.jpg
22.3.15 Fragment 2007.03.1155.jpg
22.3.16 Fragment 2004.73.0097.jpg
22.3.16BIS Fragment 2004.73.0096.jpg
22.3.17 Fragment 2003.74.0096.jpg
22.3.18 Fragment; two pieces joined. 2004.74.0097.jpg
22.3.19 Fragment. Offset rim. 2003.21.0003.jpg
22.3.20 Moulded overhanging rim in three sections, reaching to the point of attachment of the handle on the front of the fragment. 2007.03.1169.jpg
22.3.21 Single fragment 2003.24.0004.jpg
22.3.22 Rim fragment of a bell krater 2006.20.0110.jpg
22.3.28 Triangular fragment 2003.39.0094.jpg
22.3.29 Fragment 2003.39.0091.jpg
22.3.32 Single triangular fragment 2003.74.0005.jpg
22.3.33 Body fragment 2004.11.0009.jpg
22.3.39 Fragment 2003.98.0138.jpg
22.3.41 Single triangular fragment preserves part of the base of a closed shape, perhaps a jug, with a flat bottom. 2004.99.0530.jpg
23.11.31NNNN Single fragment consisting of the head and shoulders of a figure facing right. Wearing a large knobbed headdress which is decorated with tall vertical loops with a central line, over long styled hair
26.12.12 Fragment. Offset rim. 2004.51.0003.jpg
26.12.16 Fragment 2007.03.1181.jpg
26.2.1 Fragment 2003.20.0008.jpg
26.2.100 Fragment from neck 2013.04.0026.jpg
26.2.11 Fragment including part of rim of a very small bowl. 2013.04.0028.jpg
26.2.17 Fragment 2003.45.0073.jpg
26.2.19 Fragment with rim attached. 2003.45.0076.jpg
26.2.2 Fragment 2013.04.0046.jpg
26.2.25 Fragment from a large bowl 2003.45.0092.jpg
26.2.26 Stemmed, fragment with rim attached. 2013.04.0061.jpg
26.2.27 Fragment 2013.04.0064.jpg
26.2.28 Stemmed, fragment 2003.45.0081.jpg
26.2.29 Stemmed; fragment 2005.02.0433.jpg
26.2.3 Fragment 2013.04.0070.jpg
26.2.31 Fragment with part of ring foot attached. 2013.04.0075.jpg
26.2.32 Fragment 2003.46.0007.jpg
26.2.34 Fragment 2004.46.0062.jpg
26.2.35 Stemmed, fragment 2013.04.0083.jpg
26.2.36 Fragment 2013.04.0085.jpg
26.2.39 Fragment 2004.46.0059.jpg
26.2.4 Fragment 2013.04.0092.jpg
26.2.41 Fragment 2003.46.0004.jpg
26.2.42 Fragment from lower part of base 2013.04.0099.jpg
26.2.43 Fragment 2003.46.0078.jpg
26.2.44 Shoulder fragment 2003.46.0081.jpg
26.2.45 Fragment, probably from shoulder 2013.04.0105.jpg
26.2.46 Shoulder fragment 2005.02.0407.jpg
26.2.47 Fragment 2003.46.0076.jpg
26.2.48 Fragment 2003.46.0057.jpg
26.2.49 Fragment 2005.02.0483.jpg
26.2.50 Fragment 2003.46.0056.jpg
26.2.51 Fragment 2004.46.0090.jpg
26.2.52 Fragment 2005.02.0494.jpg
26.2.54 Fragment 2013.04.0121.jpg
26.2.55 Fragment 2005.02.0404.jpg
26.2.56 Rim fragment 2003.46.0062.jpg
26.2.57 Fragment: Handle plate and top of handle 2005.02.0480.jpg
26.2.59 Fragment 2013.04.0132.jpg
26.2.60 Rim fragment 2013.04.0144.jpg
26.2.63 Fragment bulging at handle zone.
26.2.64 Fragment 2013.04.0152.jpg
26.2.65 Pentagonal fragment 2013.04.0153.jpg
26.2.66 Fragment 2007.03.1187.jpg
26.2.67 Fragment 2003.20.0003.jpg
26.2.68 Fragment of the bottom part of the cup of a chalice(?)or bowl(?). Single, hexagonal fragment from the floor of the bowl. 2007.03.1175.jpg
26.2.69 Fragment 2007.03.1173.jpg
26.2.70 Fragment 2013.04.0166.jpg
26.2.71 Fragment 2013.04.0167.jpg
26.2.72 Fragment 2005.02.0384.jpg
26.2.73 Fragment 2005.88.0006.jpg
26.2.76 Fragment from shoulder 2003.20.0093.jpg
26.2.77 Fragment from shoulder 2003.20.0092.jpg
26.2.78 Fragment 2013.04.0180.jpg
26.2.79 Rim fragment; underside concave. 2003.20.0004.jpg
26.2.80 Fragment 2013.04.0185.jpg
26.2.81 Fragment from shoulder of vase 2003.20.0071.jpg
26.2.83 Fragment 2003.20.0078.jpg
26.2.84 Large fragment preserving a complete handle and partial shoulder of a vase. 2005.02.0453.jpg
26.2.85 Fragment; probably from a broad-bottomed jug 2003.43.0095.jpg
26.2.86 Fragment 2005.02.0389.jpg
26.2.88 Fragment; mouth of aryballos with flanged rim. 2013.04.0204.jpg
26.2.89 Fragment of handle plate 2005.02.0445.jpg
26.2.90 Rim fragment; underside concave 2013.04.0211.jpg
26.2.91 Fragment 2013.04.0213.jpg
26.2.92 Fragment 2013.04.0216.jpg
26.2.93 Fragment; originally large 2005.02.0387.jpg
26.2.94 Fragment 2003.20.0091.jpg
26.2.95 Fragment from the bowl. 2013.04.0221.jpg
26.2.96 Fragment 2003.20.0002.jpg
26.2.97 Fragment 2013.04.0226.jpg
26.7.14 Fragment 2003.17.0012.jpg
34.10.26 Fragment of head and neck of large figuring (female). Inside is completely hollow. 2002.97.0426.jpg
35.5.10 Fragment 2003.21.0006.jpg
39.8.2 Fragment; central part of kylix with short stem, foot lost. 2003.21.0014.jpg
39.8.3 Fragment 2003.21.0009.jpg
39.8.4 Fragment 2003.99.0023.jpg
39.8.5 Fragment 2003.61.0005.jpg Fragment
45.6.20 Round knob, fragment from lid of lekanis or pyxis, with stem. Knob formed of flat top, with inset circle, depressed centre; profile in two parts, convex on upper part, flat and vertical below; flat underside, offset from short cylindrical stem. 2006.20.0029.jpg
50.12.1 Fragment of rim of krater with part of root of one handle. 2006.20.0161.jpg
50.12.11 Jar fragment with part of handle 2003.98.0112.jpg
50.12.12 Fragment of neck 2003.98.0250.jpg
50.12.13 Rim fragment from a cup. 2003.98.0108.jpg
50.12.14 Fragment of rim of cup. 2003.98.0230.jpg
50.12.15 Fragment of rim 2003.98.0088.jpg
50.12.16 Fragment 2003.98.0164.jpg
50.12.18 Fragment 2007.03.1243.jpg
50.12.19 Fragment 2003.98.0240.jpg
50.12.20 Fragment of closed shape 2003.98.0169.jpg
50.12.21 Fragment of bottom of cup or bowl. 2007.01.0147.jpg
50.12.24 Rim fragment of a deep cup 2003.98.0171.jpg
50.12.25 Fragment of large closed vessel 2003.98.0132.jpg
50.12.26 Base fragment, preserving part of foot 2003.98.0100.jpg
50.12.27 Fragment 2003.98.0120.jpg
50.12.29 Fragment of rim from an open vessel with slightly everted rim. 2003.98.0090.jpg
50.12.3 Fragment of a bowl with vertical handle. 2003.98.0221.jpg
50.12.30 Fragment of a cup 2003.98.0229.jpg
50.12.32 Single fragment 2003.98.0246.jpg
50.12.33 Fragment of a small jar, handmade, with broken stump of handle 2006.20.0154.jpg
50.12.34 Fragment of cup with base of handle. 2003.98.0095.jpg
50.12.35 Fragment of open vase. 2003.98.0097.jpg
50.12.36 Fragment 2003.98.0217.jpg
50.12.38 Fragment from the rim of an open vase. 2003.98.0248.jpg
50.12.39 Fragment of a closed shape 2003.98.0085.jpg
50.12.4 Fragment of open vase. 2003.98.0133.jpg
50.12.41 A slightly curved fragment of a large jar. 2003.98.0219.jpg
50.12.42 Fragment
50.12.43 Fragment of large closed vessel. 2003.98.0111.jpg
50.12.45 Fragment of closed vase 2003.98.0239.jpg
50.12.47 Fragment of cup with nearly straight sides (like a Corinthian skyphos) 2003.98.0177.jpg
50.12.5 Fragment 2003.98.0110.jpg
50.12.51 Fragment almost cylindrical, but pointed at both ends.
50.12.6 Fragment 2003.98.0096.jpg
50.12.7 Fragment 2003.98.0214.jpg
50.12.9 Fragment 2003.98.0129.jpg
50.5.4 Triangular fragment, preserves section of rim 2003.63.0001.jpg
51.4.1 Fragment of the rim and neck, around the surface of the handle. 2005.90.0010.jpg
51.4.2 Fragment of the rim, neck and body (preserved only on the right termination). 2007.01.0153.jpg
51.4.3 Fragment from a the rim (very little preserved), neck and body of a column krater. 2007.99.0094.jpg
51.4.4 Fragment (two parts, joined together) of the rim, neck and body. 2007.99.0097.jpg
51.4.6 Siana cup fragment 2003.99.0022.jpg
51.4.7 Fragment of a Little Master band cup 2006.77.0007.jpg
54.2.1 Fragment 2008.98.0432.jpg
57.3.11 Fragment of a female head from large figurine, hollow inside. 2003.98.0069.jpg
57.3.15 Fragment 2006.20.0267.jpg
57.3.16 Fragment
57.3.6 Fragment of lip of deep cup. 2003.98.0176.jpg Fragment Fragment of a large jar. 2006.20.0160.jpg
65.6.2 Fragment
73.6.4 Fragment 2002.97.0210.jpg
73.9.1 Fragment 2002.97.0182.jpg
73.9.2 Fragment 2002.97.0212.jpg
73.9.23 Fragment 2002.97.0191.jpg
73.9.3 Fragment 2002.97.0215.jpg
73.9.4 Fragment from near stem of a kylix. 2002.97.0214.jpg
73.9.5 Fragment 2002.97.0196.jpg
73.9.6 Fragment 2002.97.0193.jpg
73.9.7 Fragment 2002.97.0189.jpg
73.9.8 Fragment 2002.97.0185.jpg
77.9.1 Fragment
79.1.15 Fragment of a lamp handle, 2005.01.0091.jpg
83.11.1 Fragment 2006.08.0175.jpg
83.11.10 Fragment 2006.20.0421.jpg
83.11.2 Fragment
83.11.3 Fragment
83.11.4 Fragment
83.11.5 Fragment
83.11.6 Fragment 2005.02.0235.jpg
83.11.7 Fragment 2005.02.0503.jpg
83.11.8 Fragment 2005.02.0228.jpg
83.11.9 Fragment 2006.20.0425.jpg
83.5.2 Fragment
83.9.23 Fragment 2006.20.0917.jpg
83.9.34 Fragment of base 2006.20.0054.jpg
84.8.2 Fragment, where stamp is situated. 2002.97.0611.jpg
84.8.3 Fragment 2002.97.0614.jpg
84.8.4 Fragment 2002.97.0619.jpg
91.11.5 handle fragment 2005.02.0232.jpg
E.23.29 Fragment which takes the shape of cylinder that flares to a flat base with inscription. It is thought that objects like this were part of the facade of 18th Dynasty Theban tomb chapels. Inscriptions on objects of this type normally include the name and title of owner, although the hieroglyphs on this piece are confused. 2007.01.0076.jpg
E.62.15 Curved rim fragment, probably from a bowl 2006.20.0687.jpg
E.62.47 This could be part of a pot as the top of the fragment appears to form a lip and the fragment ins curved. 2002.98.0165.jpg
E.62.48 The fragment is wider at the top than the bottom and there is a cylindrical hole that goes right through the object. 2007.01.0070.jpg
E.62.49 Fragment 2007.99.0004.jpg
E.63.1 Fragment has four sides and shows the top right hand corner of the tablet. 2002.98.0163.jpg
L.2011.1.10 Circular pot fragment, maybe a knob, broken at the junction with the lid. 2011.97.0107.jpg
L.2011.1.37 Lamp fragment, with part of one shoulder and of the nozzle; filling-hole in central discus almost complete. 2011.97.0263.jpg
L.2011.1.38 Front fragment of a lamp, with part of the central discus with filling-hole, part of the shoulders and nozzle. General shape rounded. 2011.97.0274.jpg
L.2011.1.4 Lamp fragment, with a shoulder and one handle. Quite circular shape. The handle is narrower on the top, and it has a triangular section. 2011.97.0350.jpg
L.2011.1.41 Fragment of one body and of central discus. On the edge of the body a hand-grip. 2011.97.0303.jpg
L.2011.1.42 Lamp fragment, with one shoulder and part of the central discus, with filling-hole. 2011.97.0249.jpg
L.2011.1.43 Fragment of shoulder and central discus. 2011.97.0236.jpg
L.2011.1.44 Fragment of shoulder with a hand-grip, and of central discus. 2011.97.0278.jpg
L.2011.1.49 Lid fragment, with a flat circular knob, a cylindrical stem, and steep lid. 2011.97.0382.jpg
L.2011.1.50 Fragment of body of a vessel, with a part of rim, rounded. On the lower part, the body slightly narrows, with a slight carination. Fragment of a big open vessel. 2011.96.0080.jpg
L.2011.1.51 Fragment of rim and one handle, evidence of the connection of the second handle. Vertical short handle with the right side more protruding, extended from the lower part of the rim to the shoulder. Short cylindrical neck, flaring in a quite horizontal shoulder. 2011.97.0332.jpg
L.2011.1.71 Fragment of a glass cylindrical stem, that narrows in the upper part, at the junction with the bowl, clearly separated. 2011.97.0151.jpg
L.2016.3.12 Thin, fan-shaped fragment of ostrich egg shell.
L.2016.3.15 Flat pot fragment, decorated on exterior.
L.2016.3.9 Base fragment of a flat bowl, with a part of the ring-shaped foot.
REDMG:1953.25.101 Fragment 2006.20.0450.jpg
REDMG:1953.25.105 Fragment 2006.20.0434.jpg
REDMG:1953.25.106 Fragment 2003.93.0140.jpg
REDMG:1953.25.85 Frieze fragment 2005.90.0042.jpg
REDMG:1953.25.86 Fragment. Head of woman. Hair centrally parted, waves and ringlets hanging over and below ears. Stephane and veil. Neck with Venus rings. Large eyes. 2002.97.0581.jpg
REDMG:1953.25.88 Fragment 2003.93.0104.jpg
REDMG:1953.25.90 Fragment 2003.93.0202.jpg
REDMG:1953.25.96 Fragment 2006.20.0675.jpg
REDMG:1953.25.97 Fragment
REDMG:1964.1635.1 Fragment 2003.93.0236.jpg
REDMG:1964.1637.1 Fragment 2006.20.0521.jpg
REDMG:1964.1639.1 Fragment 2006.20.0289.jpg
REDMG:1964.1642.1 Fragment. 2003.93.0371.jpg
REDMG:1964.1643.1 Fragment 2003.93.0370.jpg
REDMG:1964.1644.1 Fragment 2006.20.0278.jpg
REDMG:1964.1645.1 Fragment 2006.20.0508.jpg
REDMG:1964.1650.1B Fragment 2006.20.0045.jpg
REDMG:1964.1680.1 Fragment
REDMG:1964.1681.1 Fragment 2003.93.0270.jpg
REDMG:1964.1682.1 Fragment 2006.20.0292.jpg
REDMG:1964.1683.1 Fragment 2006.20.0525.jpg
REDMG:1964.1686.1 Fragment 2006.20.0287.jpg
REDMG:1964.1687.1 Fragment of handle and adjacent part of rim.
REDMG:1964.1688.1 Fragment 2006.20.0502.jpg
REDMG:1964.1689.1 Fragment 2006.20.0274.jpg
REDMG:1964.1690.1 Fragment 2006.20.0523.jpg
REDMG:1964.1693.1 Fragment 2003.93.0283.jpg
REDMG:1964.1695.1 Fragment 2006.20.0516.jpg
REDMG:1964.1696.1 Fragment 2006.20.0283.jpg
REDMG:1964.1719.1 Fragment 2006.20.0107.jpg
TEMP.2002.9.26 Fragment
TEMP.2002.9.27 Fragment 2007.03.1230.jpg
TEMP.2002.9.28 Fragment 2007.03.1228.jpg
TEMP.2002.9.29 Fragment 2007.03.1226.jpg
TEMP.2002.9.3 Fragment
TEMP.2002.9.30 Fragment
TEMP.2003.6.13 Fragment of the double handle of an oinochoe. 2006.20.0629.jpg
TEMP.2003.6.26 Six sided fragment
TEMP.2003.7.41 Base fragment 2006.20.0413.jpg
TEMP.2003.7.42 Large curved fragment 2006.20.0411.jpg
TEMP.2005.8.1 Fragment of an opened vessel, form 'Dragendorff 29' (according to M. Fulford) 2007.03.1160.jpg
TEMP.2005.9.1 Fragment 2007.03.1170.jpg
TEMP.2007.2 29 Fragment of rim
TEMP.2007.2.43 Fragment of a handle from a cup-mouth 2007.10.0035.jpg
TEMP.2007.2.45 Fragment of a mouth and neck 2007.10.0040.jpg
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